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Sonic Colours (Nintendo DS)
Captain Jelly (DS)
If you were looking for the boss in the Wii version, see here.

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Captain Jelly
Game: Sonic Colours (Nintendo DS)
Level: Sweet Mountain (DS)

The Sweet Mountain boss takes place in linear pseudo-3D arena, versus Eggman's robot, Captain Jelly. A lollipop-wielding floating pirate supported by a kind of candy galleon, the boss suggests that Ivo Robotnik may have taken some inspiration from Eggman Nega while in the Sol Dimension...

Having cleared the Sweet Mountain level, Sonic and Tails run into Eggman again, who turns his new mind-control ray on Tails. The machine works, turning fox against hedgehog... for about three seconds, before it runs out of juice. Robotnik consequently falls back on plan B: Captain Jelly.

The boss has a number of attacks. It starts by hovering high up on the top screen, bombarding Sonic with pirate-shaped rockets that wedge in the floor. By Super Boosting into the downed rockets, you can send them roaring back up to hit the Captain, who then crashes down to the ground and can be damaged directly.

Other attacks include the captain ordering his galleon to bombard Sonic directly with cannons, and sending larger volleys of 5 pirate-rockets on course towards the bottom screen. As his health depletes further, the Captain stacks his rockets up as a kind of explosive pogo stick and hops down shake the ground and to crush Sonic. Knock the components off one by one by jumping before he lands and delivering a Homing Attack decrease the pile (kind of like in Sonic Chaos's Dangerous Ball Tower), chipping away at his health further.

For a quick S-rank, try to knock a Red Wisp out of Jelly by Burst Dashing him when he falls to the ground. Then, as fireball-Sonic, just jump up to the top screen and deliver a massive, exploding hit against him.


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