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Sonic Colours (Nintendo DS)
Nega-Wisp Armor (DS)
"Nega-Wisp Armor" redirects here. If you were looking for the boss in the Wii version, see here.

Nega-Wisp Armor DS.png
Nega-Wisp Armor
Game: Sonic Colours (Nintendo DS)
Level: Terminal Velocity (DS)

The Nega-Wisp Armor (a.k.a. Anti-Sonic) is Eggman's final machine in Sonic Colours (Nintendo DS). It runs off of the Wisps energy, and its attacks are based on the Color powers from certain Wisps.

After that long run down the station, you fight Eggman on a flat piece of debris from the station.

The Color Powers used in this version are:

  • Burst - The machine fires many purple fire blasts on the stage.
  • Rocket - The machine shoots multiple rockets from under the floor at you.
  • Drill - The machine turns its tail into a drill and swings it onto the arena.
  • Laser - The machine's tail shoots multiple laser blasts at Sonic.
  • Void - The machine's tail tries to suck you in, while the front tries to blast you.

After every attack, there is a short chance to attack the boss, though it varies when with each attack. After Sonic hits the machine enough times on each attack, Sonic gains the Wisp from that attack. Once he grabs all five, the Nega-Wisp begins to charge a point-blank laser blast. The 5 Wisps from the game give Sonic their power, and Sonic uses their power to combat the laser (by quickly hitting Y) and finally destroy the machine.


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