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Sonic Colours (Nintendo DS)
Special Stage
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Special Stage
Special level, Sonic Colours (Nintendo DS)
Number of Acts: 7
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The Special Stage in the Nintendo DS version of Sonic Colours is played using a stylus or the player's finger to move along the left or right to guide Sonic in that direction, much like the previous Sonic Rush titles.


As Sonic runs through the half-pipe, the player must collect orbs of a particular color in order to progress. Each Special Stage is assumed to loop around, with the player going around 3 times, each time, having to collect a different colored orb. The first time around, red orbs can only be collected, any other colored orbs are knocked away and unable to be picked up until the special stage is restarted. The following laps of the stage, blue and yellow orbs are to be collected.


Sonic Colours (DS)
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