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Level-specific bugs

Sweet Mountain

Crash the game with a rocket

SonicColours DS Bug SweetMountain RocketCrash.png

If the player takes a certain route near the end of Sweet Mountain Act 1, they can ride a jellybean rocket which can be taken to the Goal Capsule. Ramming the rocket into the Capsule will break it and end the Act normally, but if the player jumps off the rocket just before it hits the Capsule, they will crash the game and corrupt the background.

This happens because when the player breaks the Goal Capsule, the game tries to clear it from memory. The player isn't supposed to bring a rocket, let alone anything else, to this spot, nor is the player even expected to hit the Capsule with anything but themselves. As a result, when the game attempts to clear the Capsule, it also tries to clear the rocket at the same time, consequently causing a memory leak and resulting in the crash.

YouTube video showing the bug in action

Not fixed in any version.

Aquarium Park

Odd jellyfish

SonicColours DS Bug AquariumPark Jellyfish.png

Normally, the jellyfish found in Aquarium Park are supposed to bounce Sonic upward when he touches them from the top or the sides, and bounce him downward if he touches them from underneath. However, some jellyfish found underwater, such as the first one in Act 2, don't follow that rule and instead bounce him directly upward. If the player makes Sonic Boost as he is being bounced upward from underneath, he will be stuck bouncing within the jellyfish for a while.

Not fixed in any version.

Clip through Cyan Laser gates

SonicColours DS Bug AquariumPark CyanLaserGate 1.png
SonicColours DS Bug AquariumPark CyanLaserGate 2.png

A water slide in Act 1 has a Cyan Laser gate section going through it. If the player goes down the water slide and Boosts into the exit gate twice, they will clip through the gate and enter an area they shouldn't be able to go to without Cyan Laser. However, the player will be stuck there unless they have a Cyan Wisp in reserve.

Not fixed in any version.

Endless Cyan Laser

SonicColours DS Bug AquariumPark EndlessCyanLaser 1.png
Position Sonic here...
SonicColours DS Bug AquariumPark EndlessCyanLaser 2.png
...then fire to the right.
SonicColours DS Bug AquariumPark EndlessCyanLaser 3.png
Non-stop bouncing!

At a certain point in Act 2, the player can climb a Homing Attack chain of Spinners to get a Cyan Wisp, and then use Cyan Laser to rebound off of 45-degree slopes to take an alternate path. If the player Boosts to the slope on the left, position themselves at a specific spot shown in the screenshots above, then aims Cyan Laser directly to the right, they will constantly rebound back and forth on the spot. The Wisp Capsule to the right will continuously respawn every time it scrolls off the screen, preventing the Color Power from being depleted and locking the player in an endless Cyan Laser state and forcing them to restart the Act.

Not fixed in any version.


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