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Sonic Colours (Nintendo DS)
If you were looking for the fourth boss in the Wii version, see Refreshinator.

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Game: Sonic Colours (Nintendo DS)
Level: Planet Wisp (DS)

Drillinator is the boss of Planet Wisp, the fourth level of Sonic Colours (Nintendo DS). Eggman is in the process of mining and developing the Wisps' homeworld to become part of his Amazing Interstellar Amusement Park, and this huge, drill-armed excavation robot serves as the stage's boss.

As in most of the Sonic Rush / Sonic Rush Adventure / Sonic Colours bosses, this fight takes place on a circular 3D platform in contrast to the 2D level. Sonic stands on some sort of rig in the middle of a lake, while the Drillinator - bulbous sphere with two flailing, drill-capped arms - floats high above the center of the arena. It periodically attacks by stabbing its drill bits down into the ground, or firing them off as missiles to chew up the terrain. Hit the backs of the drills with either a Homing Attack or Super Boost to deal the foe damage.

After a certain quantity of punishment has been meted out, the Drillinator will vary its attacks by descending to recharge from the rig, sweeping its arms round in a circular motion while it does so. Now's the time to deploy yellow Wisp drill power, corkscrewing through the water to bash the electrified orbs below that support the machine. Lastly, a final spin jump to the head will see Drillinator defeated.

As with most of the other Colours bosses, Eggman doesn't pilot the machine himself; it is presumably wholly robotic. Drillinator goes nameless in-game, but its designation is found in the art section and in the track titles within Vivid Sound x Hybrid Colors: Sonic Colors Original Soundtrack.


Sonic Colours (DS)
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