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Special Stage (Sonic CD)
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Special Stage
Special level, Sonic the Hedgehog CD
Number of Acts: 8 (including a hidden one)

The Special Stages in Sonic CD are slightly different from most others in the series, although they are accessed in the same manner of those in Sonic the Hedgehog (16-bit): by collecting at least 50 rings and jumping into the Giant Ring that subsequently appears behind the end-of-stage signpost. In each of these stages, Sonic must attempt to collect one of the seven Time Stones (Sonic CD's equivalent of most other series games' Chaos Emeralds).

These Special Stages use a pseudo Mode 7 effect, and parallax backgrounds. Rather than collect a certain amount of rings or items, Sonic must destroy all of the UFOs flying around in the sky. Each stage has a time limit, from which touching the water or oil will remove 10 seconds. When only 20 seconds remain on the timer, a blue UFO will appear; if Sonic can destroy it, 30 seconds will be added to the timer.

Once all UFOs are destroyed within the given time limit, Sonic will receive a Time Stone. If all of the seven Time Stones are acquired by the end of the game, all Futures automatically become Good, and as such the player will have achieved the good ending on completing the game. (The good ending can also be achieved by destroying Dr. Robotnik's mechanising machines in the past of each regular stage.)

Time Attack Mode

Sonic CD also features a Time Attack mode for Special Stages. To unlock it, simply get a low enough total time in the normal Time Attack, then hit left on the Time Attack screen. In Time Attack mode, the timer counts up, there is no time limit, and touching water has no effect. Complete each stage fast enough to get the top spot!


Three items are available in the Special Stage, each of which are hidden inside UFOs:

  • Rings: Gives you 20 rings, or a multiple of 20 rings if you hit more than one ring UFO in succession. (Identified by yellow stripes.)
  • Speed Shoes: Makes Sonic run faster. (Identified by white stripes.)
  • Time: Extends the time limit. This is only available in a blue UFO that appears in the center of the stage once the time limit drops below 20 seconds, and is not available in Time Attack mode.

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