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The bugs in this list apply specifically to Sonic Origins Plus. Bugs that are known to also occur in the base game should go here.

General bugs

Game Gear audio

Stereo audio is off sync for all of the Game Gear games in the collection, leading to an echoed sound output that doesn't match the original hardware's stereo capabilities. On some systems, such as the Nintendo Switch, it is possible to alleviate the issue by setting the system's sound output settings to mono.

In addition, Sonic the Hedgehog 2's audio in particular seems to fluctuate in volume with sound effects like Ring collection, perhaps as a result of this effect.

Partially fixed in v2.0.1. Stereo audio is still wrong, but a "Mono Audio" option was added to the Options menu[1]. Sonic 2's audio still has its problem.

Sonic the Hedgehog CD

Knuckles/Amy attacking out of being rolled into the air

If Knuckles or Amy rolls into ball form and gets thrown into the air by a slope, they will be able to perform their attack out of it unlike in the other games, though Amy won't be able to perform her Drop Dash from it.

Not fixed in any version.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Erratic Special Stage walking animation for Amy

Amy appears to walk much faster than other characters in Sonic 2's Special Stage as animation frames are skipped. The graphics exist in the game's data and are technically referenced in code, but a mistake in the algorithm means they are not rendered in the correct order.

Fixed in v2.0.1[1].

No "Super Amy" text

The game does not announce that Super Amy has been unlocked when all Chaos Emeralds have been collected as Amy.

Not fixed in any version.

Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles

"Clear" icon palette error

SonicOriginsPlus Switch Bug ClearIcon.png

The updated "Clear" icon for save files with all Super Emeralds collected that is used when the Plus content has been installed has a palette error in which Tails flickers in time with the emeralds.

Not fixed in any version.

Prolong Lava Reef Act 2's Knuckles cutscene as Hyper Amy

SonicOriginsPlus Switch Bug LRZ2 HyperAmy.png

While player input is supposed to be disabled during the Knuckles cutscene in Lava Reef Zone Act 2, it is still possible for the player to use Hyper Amy's Hammer Throw attack during the cutscene. If this is done while the camera is scrolling upwards, the camera will be forced to scroll back down, thus prolonging the cutscene. There is no benefit to doing this as the game's timer will still run and the player's Rings will still drain.

Not fixed in any version.

No "Super/Hyper Amy" text

The game does not announce that Super Amy has been unlocked when all Chaos Emeralds have been collected as Amy. Additionally, the cutscene shown after collecting all Super Emeralds incorrectly announces "Super Amy" has been unlocked instead of "Hyper Amy".

Not fixed in any version.

Amy in Classic Blue Spheres

Selecting Amy in the Level Select then going to the original Blue Spheres will glitch Amy into being playable in that mode with corrupted graphics. Trying to switch characters at the Blue Spheres menu will either result in corrupted graphics that crash the game upon jumping (leftovers of Mighty and Ray from Sonic Mania) or other character options, including unusual partner combinations like Sonic paired with himself.

Not fixed in any version.

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