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Due to legal issues regarding the music in Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (which have yet to be resolved), it was announced that Jun Senoue, one of the original Sound Engineers from the original titles, would be replacing the affected tracks with music originally written for Sonic 3 that were unused in the final game. The tracks, affecting Carnival Night Zone, IceCap Zone, Launch Base Zone and the Competition menu, were present both in the 1997 PC game Sonic & Knuckles Collection and the 1993-11-03 Sonic 3 prototype found back in 2019, however the Origins versions differ, being different implementations from the same source - some tracks are identical to how they sounded in the prototype, while others sound less refined. This has led to fan theories that the Origins versions may have originated from an earlier build than the 1993-11-03 prototype.

Other problematic tracks, such as Knuckles' theme and the Act 1 boss fight music, were replaced with their Sonic & Knuckles counterparts. A dedicated theme for Super Sonic is completely new in Origins (mirroring Sonic 2's Super Sonic theme), using the same instrument set from Sonic the Hedgehog 4 rather than using original Mega Drive hardware.

The Japanese opening and ending themes for Sonic the Hedgehog CD, "Sonic - You Can Do Anything" and "Cosmic Eternity - Believe in Yourself", are presented with their original lyrics restored. These songs previously had their lyrics removed for the 2011 remaster.

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