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Level-specific bugs

Green Hill Zone

Rotating palette errors

SonicBlast SMS Bug GHZ BuggedCloud.png

As with most Sonic games, waterfalls use rotating palettes to simulate animation. However, Sonic Blast has difficulty maintaining palette rotation speeds when the player is moving. Moving at fast speeds makes the palette rotate slowly, while standing still makes it faster. This occurs in both the Game Gear and Master System versions.

The Master System version also has an additional problem with rotating palettes. The clouds and waterfalls share the same colours on the palette line, and typically as such Green Hill Zone's layouts were designed to ensure they can never be seen simultaneously on the Game Gear's small screen resolution, with rotating palettes only active when waterfalls are visible on-screen. While normally hidden for Game Gear users, the Master System version's larger field of view makes it possible to see a cloud on the screen at the same time as a waterfall in Act 2, resulting in a flashing cloud.

Not fixed in any version.

Clip into downward loops

SonicBlast SMS Bug GHZ LoopClip 1.png
SonicBlast SMS Bug GHZ LoopClip 2.png

The Master System version has a collision issue with Green Hill Zone Act 2's downward loops that doesn't seem to occur in the original Game Gear release. If the player slows down when approaching the second downward loop and into the corner, they can potentially clip into the floor and get stuck as the camera locks itself in place for the next section of the Act, thus requiring the player to wait for a Time Over. This can happen with both characters.

Not fixed in any version.


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