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Sonic Jump (2012)
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Publisher: Sega
System(s): iOS, Android, Facebook Messenger
ROM size:
Google Android OS
51.57 MB
Release Date RRP Code
2012-10-18[1] $1.99[1] ?
2012-10-18[1] €1.59[1] ?
2012-10-18[1] £1.49[1] ?
2012-10-18[1] $1.99[1] ?
2012-10-18[2] ¥360[2] ?
Google Android OS
2012-12-23 $1.99 ?
Google Android OS
2012-10-18[3] ¥168[3] ?
Facebook Messenger
2018-03-21[4] Free[4] ?

Sonic Jump (ソニックジャンプ) is a vertical platformer released for iOS and Android mobile devices developed by Sega Europe studio Hardlight. It is based on an older mobile phone game of the same name released in 2006. Much like its mobile predecessor, this iteration of Sonic Jump takes Sonic through a multitude of vertically oriented levels in a quest to stop Dr. Eggman's latest schemes. To stop the mad doctor, Sonic must jump his way through multiple acts, dodging various obstacles and badniks along the way, and ultimately defeat the doctor at the end/top of the zone.

On March 21, 2018, a version for Facebook Instant Games from Facebook Messenger was launched with the same functions of the original game and a ranking system based on friends of the social network itself.


While games in the Sonic the Hedgehog series commonly involve fast-paced running to reach goals, Sonic Jump involves no running, but rather, jumping through the levels vertically to get the top. The player controls Sonic by tilting the device left or right. Sonic jumps automatically, though a "double jump" move can be used via tapping the touchscreen. As Sonic progresses, he will come across many different platforms, items and obstacles along the way. Knowing the best way to navigate through all of these key to survival and success. While ascending the level, the player must also avoid touching the bottom of the screen. Doing so will result in instant death, even if there is supposed to be a platform just below the bottom boundary!

Rings are a returning staple, as they are in EVERY Sonic game. They serve their obvious function: protecting Sonic from damage. They do also serve a secondary function, however. When finishing a level (in Story Mode) or dying (in Arcade Mode), the number of rings Sonic carries is added to a stored ring count. These stored rings can be used in the shop to purchase/upgrade powerups, unlock alternate characters, etc. As a related side note, one can also store rings mid-level via a Safe. Simply land where a Safe is located to store your rings. This is great for keeping rings while playing the difficult Story Mode acts, and vital for the infinite Arcade Mode. Beware, though, as this WILL leave you with no rings!

The classic item boxes appear in Sonic Jump, and can contain powerups to help you on their way. Unlike previous games, Sonic only needs to touch an item box to claim its reward. There is a catch, however, EVERY item box is marked with a "?", which of course, means RANDOM! Shown below are all of the possible powerups you can receive from a monitor, and what they do. These same powerups can also be purchased for use at any time in a level, and will be mentioned again later when discussing the Shop, as well as how some of these can be upgraded! (NOTE: I could be mistaken, but I don't think upgrades adhere to monitor powerups, only equipped ones.)

  • Shield: The shield provides protection for one free hit without losing your rings. There are two things to watch out for though: 1. The shield only lasts for a limited time and WILL expire. 2. Losing your shield via damage does NOT grant invunerability, despite the fact that losing your rings DOES grant said effect.
  • Ring Time: This powerup surrounds Sonic with a ring, and transforms all enemies in range into collectible rings. This item doesn't protect you from losing rings, and cannot be lost via damage... though it does run for a limited time, much like the shield.
  • Magnet: Think Sonic 3's Electric Shield, minus the protection from losing rings. Like Ring Time, it cannot be lost by damage, and will expire after a short time period.
  • Bomb: This powerup destroys all on screen enemies.

Scoring and ranking

In each Act of Story Mode, players can receive one of 5 ranks: D, C, B, A, or S. The ranks are based on point value at the end of the zone, and points are only obtained by Time Bonus. The time required to land a specific Time Bonus varies completely depending on the Act being played. Listed below are the minimum Score requirements for a certain letter rank, according to the settings2.xml file in the Sonic Jump app file:

  • S: 35,000
  • A: 32,000
  • B: 25,000
  • C: 16,000
  • D: 0

Missions and leveling up

Throughout the game, there are a multitude of missions you can complete. These missions will earn you points, ranging from 1-3 based on mission difficulty. Earn enough points to increase your experience level. The higher your level, the more you can unlock in the Shop! Missions can be anything ranging from defeating bosses, to defeating X number of badniks, or EVEN dying via certain methods! Pause the game to see your current mission list. You can only have 3 active missions at one time, and missions are not added to your level and replaced until you complete a Story Mode act, or play Arcade Mode once. Not to worry, though, if you complete a mission, and die shortly after, you will not lose anything, the experience is just held over until you complete a level.

Game modes

The game contains two play modes; "Story Mode" and "Arcade Mode". Story Mode takes Sonic through multiple Zones in pursuit of Dr. Eggman. Each zone contains 11 acts, followed by a final Boss act. The first 11 Acts require Sonic to jump to the end Signpost. Boss Acts loop continuously until the player defeats the boss. Each boss takes 3 hits, after which the player must finish jumping and reach the cage of animals. Each Act and Zone in Story Mode is pre-structured and contains various features specific to that level. While playing through each level, players will want to complete the level as fast as possible to obtain a high score and rank, as well as collect 3 Red Star Rings scattered throughout the level. Arcade Mode is a bit different, as one would expect. The levels are completely random, and do not end. Players may also notice level features and obstacles not seen in said level in Story Mode (e.g. Falling Rocks and Metal Platforms in Green Hill Zone). The only real goal of Arcade Mode is to set a record of how high you can go before ultimately falling. Previous records are saved, and can be seen while playing a level as well, as indicated by a blue dotted horizontal line across the screen. Bosses are also encountered in Arcade Mode, though these bosses will only take 1 hit, or appear twice consecutively if not hit the first time, before disappearing for the time being.

Global challenge

In the options menu, there is a graphic that says "Global Challenge". This is meant to be an online multiplayer mode, that sees players work together to reach the Moon and unlock a new character. Based on graphics and code uncovered by multiple scene members, most notably Woun from SSMB, this new character is believed to be Blaze. Blaze can actually be unlocked and made early via hacking, as ALL of her data is in the latest update of the game (v 1.1).


As mentioned previously, you can spend accumulated rings in a Shop. Listed below are the items one can purchase in the Shop:

Characters (Use this menu to select characters as well)

  • Sonic (Equipped by default)
  • Tails (Unlocked at Level 17) - 2500 Rings
  • Knuckles (Unlocked at Level 20) - 2500 Rings
  • Amy Rose (Unlocked at Level 25) - 2500 Rings
  • Rouge - (Unlocked at Level 28) - 2500 Rings
  • Silver - (Unlocked at Level 30) - 2500 Rings
  • Blaze (Unlocked via Global Challenge OR Hacking the app) - FREE


  • MAGNET (Unlocked by default) - This powerup can be activated during gameplay by tapping the Magnet icon at the bottom of the screen. When activated, the character is surrounded by a Magnet (Somewhat resembling the Electric Shield from Sonic 3) that will attract rings when close enough. The more this is upgraded, the further the Magnet's range, allowing for more rings, quicker! Couple this with the Ring Time powerup for best results.
    • x1 - 100 Rings
    • x5 - 300 Rings
    • Upgrade - 1000/2500/7500 Rings (Increases with each upgrade.)
  • BOUNCE BACK (Unlocked at Level 2) - This powerup, when purchased, can be activated by pressing the Bounce Back icon that appears when the character falls past the bottom of the screen. When activated, The character will shoot back up from the bottom of the screen, and time will start back from where it left off when you fell.
    • x1 - 200 Rings
    • x5 - 600 Rings
  • BOMB (Unlocked at Level 5) - This powerup can be activated during gameplay by tapping the Bomb icon at the bottom of the screen. When activated, all enemies on screen are destroyed immediately. This can come in handy for Badnik missions, especially when some enemies are hard to hit, or out of reach.
    • x1 - 100 Rings
    • x5 - 300 Rings
  • SHIELD (Unlocked at Level 8) - This powerup can be activated during gameplay by tapping the Shield icon at the bottom of the screen. When activated, the character is surrounded by a Green Shield that will protect them from taking one hit. The more this is upgraded, the longer the powerup lasts.
    • x1 - 100 Rings
    • x5 - 300 Rings
    • Upgrade - 1000/2500/7500 Rings (Increases with each upgrade.)
  • RING TIME (Unlocked at Level 11) - This powerup can be activated during gameplay by tapping the Ring Time icon at the bottom of the screen. When activated, the character is surrounded by a Giant Ring, and any enemy that comes within proximity to the character will be transformed into rings. The more this is upgraded, the longer the powerup lasts. Upgrading will also result in more rings being generated from enemies.
    • x1 - 200 Rings
    • x5 - 600 Rings
    • Upgrade - 1000/2500/7500 Rings (Increases with each upgrade.)
  • BLAST OFF (Unlocked at Level 14) - This powerup can be activated by tapping the Blast Off icon during the countdown at the start of the level, and will grant your character a boost up a good portion of the level. The more this is upgraded, the longer the boost and the higher you go. This powerup is essential for completing some of the Time Missions, as well as attaining "S" Rank on certain Acts.
    • x1 - 350 Rings
    • x5 - 1000 Rings
    • Upgrade - 1000/2500/7500 Rings (Increases with each upgrade.)

(The price of the following varies based on the mission difficulty)

  • Skip Mission 1
  • Skip Mission 2
  • Skip Mission 3


First added in the High Fliers update, there are multiple wallpapers available, each worth 5000 rings. There is one for each of the 4 zones, and one of each character, as well as a second one for Sonic. The wallpapers can also be found in the app data in .png format, for those unwilling to spend the time to accumulate 25,000 rings.

Get Rings (One can make in-app purchases to obtain rings, and also unlock everything in the game immediately.)


Version history

Sonic Retro emblem.svg Main article: Sonic Jump (2012)/Changelog
System Version Size Date Comment Ref Icon
Google Android OS
201604252016-04-25 [5]
Google Android OS
201501282015-01-28 [6]
Google Android OS
201401052014-01-05 [7]
Google Android OS
201312202013-12-20 [8]
Google Android OS
201312022013-12-02 [9]
Google Android OS
201311212013-11-21 [10]
Google Android OS
201311042013-11-04 [11]
Google Android OS
201307162013-07-16 [12]
Google Android OS
201304052013-04-05 [13]
Google Android OS
201303262013-03-26 [14]
0000020000000000020000000000002.0.2 105MB 201604252016-04-25 [15]
0000020000000000020000000000002.0.2 100MB 201604252016-04-25 [16]
0000020000000000010000000000002.0.1 98.2MB 201502032015-02-03 [17]
0000010000030000000000000000001.3 164MB 201212292012-12-29 [18][19]

As is the case with many games on current platforms, this game is subject to future updates. Here is a list of updates that the game has seen in its history.

  • Original release (v. 1.0) - Original core game with Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and first 3 zones.
  • "High Fliers" update (v. 1.1) - New features include Amy Rose, Blue Sky Zone, Global Challenge, more music (3 tracks per zone), and other small fixes/changes.[20]
  • "Boss Battle" update (v. 1.2) - This update added the following:
    • A stat tracker to the title screen, making note of your progress through the game, as well as notes of S rank and Red Ring progress on each zone screen.
    • Rouge and Silver as playable characters.
    • Multiple new features to levels. Objects such as Green Hill Zone's Totem Poles now react to the player.
    • Multiple graphical enhancements throughout the game.
    • The addition of boss battles to every 6th act of the zones, replacing the previously normal 6th acts or the prior releases.
  • V. 1.3 update - This update was released days later to fix bugs.

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