Mountain Zone Boss

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Mountain Zone Boss
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Mountain Zone Boss
Game: Sonic Jump (2012)
Level: Mountain Zone
Hits to defeat: 3

The Mountain Zone Boss is the second boss encountered in Sonic Jump. As is also the case with every other zone's boss in the game, players will encounter this boss in both the 6th & 12th Acts of the Mountain Zone, after first completing the prior Acts.

Much like the previous boss, the player will find the boss lurking in the background in the beginning of the act. After a few seconds of lurking, the boss emerges at the bottom of the screen, pursuing the player with a force field. The goal is to stay above Eggman and jump high and quick to avoid him. The difference with this boss is seen when he charges towards you. The mad doctor comes equipped with a laser beam that spans from his pod to the end of the screen. To combat this new threat, you will want to lead the doctor toward the direction he is facing, up until the point he activates the laser. Once the laser is powered on and he is ready to charge at you, he will no longer move horizontally. Then simply keep yourself in the opening you've created for yourself as he zooms past you, and hit him from below afterwards. Not following these instructions WILL result in the doctor blasting you with his laser.

You must repeat this for 2 more hits to defeat him, and the act will loop infinitely until you do so. As you fight the boss, he will switch directions each time he appears... so at one time he will aim left. At another time, he will face right. After defeating the boss, you will find the cage of beloved animals waiting to be freed. Reach the cage to end the Act.

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