Mountain Zone

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Mountain Zone
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Mountain Zone
Second level, Sonic Jump (2012)
Number of Acts: 12 (11 + 1 Boss Act)
Level theme: winter
Boss: Mountain Zone Boss
Green Hill Zone | Jungle Zone

Mountain Zone is the second zone in the 2012 iOS/Android release of Sonic Jump, following Green Hill Zone. As the title would suggest, this zone is situated in the mountains. Said mountains can be seen littering the background. Snow can be seen falling from the sky as well. The foreground platforms are slabs of rock with snow covering the surface.. Crumbling platforms are ice chunks. Hazards include fans that blow the character in either the left or right direction, and falling snowballs, indicated by an arrow at the top of the screen, telling where the snowball will fall next.


  • Caterkiller - Caterpillar bot first seen in Sonic 1's Marble Zone. It crawls along platforms, however it doesn't stop at the edge like other badniks... It will simply crawl off the edge and fall below. Unlike its predecessor, this one can be killed without worry of flying apart and hurting the player.
  • Bomb - Badnik first seen in Sonic 1's Star Light Zone. When the character is close enough, it will detonate. Killing it requires one to be quick. Unlike its predecessor, this one can be destroyed.


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