Blue Sky Zone

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Blue Sky Zone
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Blue Sky Zone
Fourth level, Sonic Jump (2012)
Number of Acts: 12 (11 + 1 Boss Act)
Level theme: sky
Boss: Blue Sky Zone boss
Jungle Zone | Mechanical Zone

Blue Sky Zone is the fourth zone in the 2012 iOS/Android release of Sonic Jump, and the first zone not included in the original release of Sonic Jump. It is downloaded as part of the "High Fliers" update (v 1.1). It follows Jungle Zone. The "floor" (for lack of better terms) of this zone is set in a grass field, and sees Sonic jumping on clouds to make his way up. Hot air balloons litter the background, and come in all sorts of colors. These balloons actually appear a bit clearer than most of the background elements in all of the other zones, suggesting that these are some pretty clear blue skies that our hero is navigating, hence the name. Zone features include balloons that float, and can be used as platforms. They can be tricky near the end of levels, and prevent you from hitting the goal platform, so watch out! Also be wary as they will gradually pop, one by one, eventually leaving you with nothing to stand on! Hitting these from below will ruin everything for you. Orange rings can also be found, shooting the character upwards with a nice helpful boost. One completely new hazard to watch for is the thunder cloud. This cloud releases a steady downpour of rain that will slow the character's upward momentum. This can make some jumps a bit difficult. Another is a different type of crumbling platform, that cannot be jumped through. If hit from above or below, it will break apart! Be careful when approaching these!


  • Spinner - Badnik first seen in Sonic Adventure. It floats around in the air, usually in circles, and sometimes in groups. It's pretty much just like its Adventure predecessor.
  • Batbrain - Badnik first seen in Sonic 1's Marble Zone. It has been incorrectly referred to by some as the Batbot, which was the electric bat badnik from Sonic 3's Carnival Night Zone, however, it is referred to in the game's code as "Batbrain". Much like its Sonic 1 predecessor, it is found hanging upside down, biding its time. When the character is close enough, it drops, and swoops upward to attack. The only real way of having a chance against this foe is to take it down from below, before it moves below. Well, that... or just dodging it will suffice as well.


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