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SonicJump mobile title.png
Sonic Jump
System(s): i-mode 505i, Vodafone Live! (256KB), EZweb (BREW 3.1), J2ME, Android
Publisher: Sega
Distribution portal:
i-mode 505i
Vodafone Live! (256KB)
EZweb (BREW 3.1)
Sonic Cafe
Club Air-Edge
Google Android OS
Puyo Puyo! Sega
Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code Rating
i-mode 505i
2005-02-21[1] ¥? ?
Vodafone Live! (256KB)
2006-07-12[2] ¥? ?
EZweb (BREW 3.1)
2007-0x ¥? ?
Club Air-Edge
2009-12-08[3] ¥? ?
Mobile phone
2007-04-20 €? ?
Mobile phone
2006[4] $1.99 ?

Google Android OS
2011-04-25[5] ¥? ?
For the 2012 mobile game, see Sonic Jump (2012).

Sonic Jump (ソニックジャンプ) is a mobile phone game released for i-mode 505i, Vodafone Live! (256KB) and EZweb (BREW 3.1) devices through the Sonic Cafe portal; and on the Sega Mobile service in North America & Europe, who later released a sequel.


Tails calls Sonic early in the morning about Dr. Eggman. Tails tries to explain what's happening but the call has some static interference. Sonic at least heard him say the word Chaos Emerald. Sonic then jumps to Tails' research facility. Once Sonic gets there, he finds Dr. Eggman is taking Tails away in a helicopter. Sonic stops it but Eggman disappears and he sees a flying fortress. Sonic of course jumps into it to look for his little yellow buddy. Finally, Sonic finds Tails in the base and Eggman teases him, saying there is only one Chaos Emerald left and he gets away. Tails informs Sonic that the final Chaos Emerald is at the top of Angel Island and Eggman is probably on his way there now.

Eggman tells Knuckles to hand over the Chaos Emerald. Sonic shows up at this moment to Knuckles' confusion. While Knuckles was looking away Eggman sneakily took the emerald for himself. He announces that with the seven emeralds he'll now take over the world. He tells them they will soon learn the power of his greatest invention of the century, the Brainwash Beam. Knuckles blames Sonic for him loosing the emerald and the two argue. Tails stops their bickering and brings their attention back to Eggman brainwashing the world. Sonic asks him where they could find him and Tails says he thinks Eggman has a space station in South America. He thinks he's probably going to launch a rocket from there.

Sonic gets to Eggman too late, the mad scientist is already prepared to launch his rocket into space and he takes off. Sonic decides to use the station to send him up after Eggman. Knuckles decides to stay and take care of the enemies in the base. Sonic trashes Eggman's plans. The space satellite they were in explodes and the Chaos Emeralds scattered across Earth. Sonic returns to the planet and everyone is glad to see he is alright, but Knuckles gets angry when he realizes Sonic didn't bring the Chaos Emeralds back.

In the bonus story, Sonic has found all the Chaos Emeralds but the last one. They suspect Eggman still has it with him in space. The hedgehog goes back up there to find it. Sonic gets the final Chaos Emerald but Eggman disappears again. Once he returns to Earth, Knuckles gives Sonic some congratulations for finding the emeralds, but he feels this isn't the last time they'll see of Dr. Eggman.


In this game, the player is Sonic on a 6-level quest to defeat another one of Dr. Eggman's schemes. There are inter-level cutscenes & appearances by characters such as Tails and Knuckles. The actual gameplay is simple - Sonic bounces upwards off platforms and must reach the top of each level - if he touches the bottom, the game is over. There are 4 different types of platform - regular, disintegrating (one jump and it's gone), spikes underneath so if hit from below Sonic takes damage, and a higher-than-usual jump. Badniks can be defeated by spinning at or near the apex of a jump. Points are accrued by defeating Badniks, gaining Rings, and clearing levels quickly.


External links

  • Sonic Jump at Sonic Cafe's website (archive)
  • Sonic Jump at SEGA Mobile's website (October 25, 2006 archive) [4]


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