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For the Sonic Shuffle mini-game, see Sonic Darts (Sonic Shuffle).


SonicDarts mobile title.png
Sonic Darts
System(s): i-mode 503i, i-mode 505i, J-Sky (50KB), EZweb (BREW 2.1), J2ME
Publisher: Sega
Distribution portal: Sonic Cafe
Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code Rating
i-mode 503i
2003-04-21[1] ¥? ?
i-mode 505i
2004-1x ¥? ?
J-Sky (50KB)
2004-12-01[2] ¥? ?
EZweb (BREW 2.1)
2007-03-15[3] ¥? ?

Sonic Darts (ソニックダーツ) is a mobile phone game originally released in Japan for DoJa (i-mode 503i and i-mode 505i), J2ME (J-Sky (50KB)) and EZweb (BREW 2.1) devices through the Sonic Cafe portal. An English version from 2005 for use on overseas J2ME phones is also known to exist.


In this game, the player takes the role of Sonic and plays a standard game of darts against Shadow. There are options to play: Count Up, 301 or 501 rules; and the player can set miscellaneous rules such as how many points the bulls-eye is worth and whether or not the player can finish without getting a Double.

The in-game music theme in Sonic Darts is repurposed from the unreleased 1992 arcade game SegaSonic Bros. The quiet mixing of the MIDI file in the English version is sometimes pointed out, and the likely reason for that is that the track would otherwise be too loud on the target devices (which are likely several phones from the Nokia Series 60 line).


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