Blue Sky Zone boss

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Blue Sky Zone boss
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Blue Sky Zone Boss
Game: Sonic Jump (2012)
Level: Blue Sky Zone
Hits to defeat: 3

The Blue Sky Zone Boss is the fourth (and currently final) boss encountered in Sonic Jump. As is also the case with every other zone's boss in the game, players will encounter this boss in both the 6th & 12th Acts of the zone, after first completing the prior Acts.

Much like the previous boss, the player will find the boss lurking in the background in the beginning of the act. Much similar to the prior battle, the doctor elects to initiate an attack while completely out of reach. This time, instead of missiles, Eggman fires a barrage of proximity mines toward Sonic. These mines appear as little spikeballs that blink black and red, much akin to the ones seen in Sonic 1's Star Light Zone, and appear on various platforms as Sonic progresses up the level. After launching his attack, the boss emerges at the bottom of the screen, pursuing the player with a force field. The goal is to stay above Eggman and jump high and quick to avoid him. This time, however, one must avoid Eggman WHILE avoiding the mines at the same time! After some time, he will boost upward in an attempt to charge at you. Avoid the attack, AND THE MINES!!!, and hit him from below to send him scurrying back to the background.

You must repeat this for 2 more hits to defeat him, and the act will loop infinitely until you do so. After defeating the boss, you will find the cage of beloved animals waiting to be freed. Reach the cage to end the Act.

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