Jungle Zone (Sonic Jump)

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Jungle Zone
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Jungle Zone
Third level, Sonic Jump (2012)
Number of Acts: 12 (11 + 1 Boss Act)
Level theme: jungle
Boss: Jungle Zone boss
Mountain Zone | Blue Sky Zone
This page is about the Sonic Jump zone. For the original Jungle Zone from Sonic 1 (8-bit), see Jungle Zone.

Jungle Zone is the third zone in the 2012 iOS/Android release of Sonic Jump, following Mountain Zone. As the title would suggest, this zone is situated in a jungle environment adorned with stone statues, with fauna and flora galore. The sky in the background has a little more of a green tint to it, and bits of floating lush green jungle can be seen littering the background. Rain falls from the sky as well. The foreground platforms are slabs of rock with statues and vines decorating many of them. Crumbling and fake platforms consist of bridge-like platforms made out of logs. Hazards include moving saws, solid metal platforms, and falling boulders, replacing the snowballs of the prior zone. Also be on the lookout for platforms with gears, as those will flip, preventing you from landing on them.


  • Bubbles - Badnik first seen in Sonic 3's Marble Garden Zone. It floats in the air, with its spikes poking in and out of its frame. While its behavior is similar to its Sonic 3 incarnation, it takes on a different red appearance, similar to that of the Red Bubbles badnik in Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode I.
  • Spikes - Badnik first seen in Sonic 1's Spring Yard Zone. It crawls around, much like the Crabmeat does. It is notable for the spikes on its back. Its appearance is slightly different from its original incarnation, in that its color appears closer to the Bubbles badniks that accompany it.


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