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Cheat Codes

Cheat codes, Mega-CD & PC

  • Zone Select: At the title screen, press Up Down Down Left Right B (Space in the PC version).
Note: This code only lets you play one level. You will be sent back to the title screen upon completion or if you time warp.
  • Sound Test Menu with Extra Options: Press Down Down Down Left Right A (Space in the PC version) to call up a Sound Test menu. Write any of the following combinations, and activate them with Start.
    • Debug Mode: FM40, PCM12, DA11 (Note: read below for an alternate way to activate debug mode)
    • Play all the Special Stages: FM07, PCM07, DA07
    • View Hidden Pictures: (one image per code)
      • FM42, PCM03, DA01 - MC Sonic, by Kazuyuki Hoshino.
      • FM46, PCM12, DA25 - "Spooky" Sonic (message says たのしさ∞ セガ・エンタープライゼス まぢん画 [Infinite fun. Sega Enterprises - Mazin Picture]), by Masato Nishimura.
      • FM42, PCM04, DA21 - Batman parody, by Takumi Miyake.
      • FM40, PCM12, DA11 - Tails' message (also enables Debug Mode), by Yasushi Yamaguchi.
      • FM44, PCM11, DA09 - Anime Sonic (message says ゆーあーくーる by さんちゃんず [You are cool, by Sanchanzu]), by Masahiro Sanpei.
    • The Secret Special Stage: FM07, PCM07, DA07
  • View developers' best Time Attack times: At the title screen press Right Right Up Up Down C (Space in the PC version).
  • Move the clouds: At the title screen, Hold Down + A and press Up Down Down Down Down Up. Now you can use the 2nd controller to move the clouds around. (Note: Mega-CD version only?)
  • I'm Outta Here!!!! Wait three minutes without doing anything and then Sonic will say, "I'm outta here" and jump off the stage, ending the game.
  • Quick Death: Pausing the game and then pressing A B or C will kill Sonic, useful if you want to return to the last savepoint.

Debug mode

The Debug mode can be activated using the aforementioned sound test number sequence, but there is an alternate way. When an attraction mode demo is playing, the player can press Start on the second controller to toggle debug mode. So far, this is only proven to work on the European version of the game for the Mega-CD and in the 920 prototype.

The controls for when debug mode is active are as follows:

  • B (Esc in the PC version): Toggles object placement mode.
  • A (Space in the PC version): Selects the next object.
  • C (Both versions): Places the selected object.

Enable secret menu (PC version)

An alternate method to access the Secret menu is to find the SONIC.INI, then add this block:


This menu includes extra options such as a level select.


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