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Team Battle
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Team Battle
Game: Sonic Heroes
Level: Power Plant

The second boss of Sonic Heroes is a Team Battle. This three-on-three brawl takes place amidst the Grand Metropolis / Power Plant skyline. The object of the Team Battle is to knock the other team off the stage. There is no damage system in this boss. The player only has 30 seconds to get an "A" rank. In this Team Battle arena, there are a total of nine Power Cores; three blue, three yellow, and three red.

Grabbing the Power Cores and the rings before the opponents is crucial. Without rings, the opponents will fly back farther. Some characters are more suited to battle other characters. Speed formation is effective against Fly formation, Fly formation is effective against Power formation, an Power formation is effective against Speed formation.

If team members are lost, they can be brought back to the field if a Team Blast is used.


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After Team Sonic escapes the Power Plant, they are met at the top by Team Rose. Amy is determined to force Sonic to marry her, while Cream and Big wish to ask him where Chocola and Froggy are, respectively.

Meanwhile, Team Dark makes it to the top of the Power Plant only to see Team Chaotix there as well. Rouge accuses them of trying to steal "her" treasure while Espio believes that they are their client's adversary. Thus, a fight ensues.


  • Team Sonic vs Team Rose
  • Team Dark vs Team Chaotix


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