Sky Chase Act 1

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Sky Chase Act 1
  • Dreamcast
  • SADX
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Sky Chase Act 1
Sub-game stage, Sonic Adventure
Number of Acts: 1
Level theme: sky
Played as: Sonic & Tails simultaneously (considered as 2 separate character stories in game)
Non-English names:
  • JP: スカイチェイス

Sky Chase Act 1 is the first part of two-act sub-game in Sonic Adventure with Tails flying up to the Egg Carrier in the Tornado (and Sonic riding on the back) after Chaos 4's defeat.


Use the analog stick to dodge and press either the Attack button or the Jump button to fire a short burst of rapid-fire bullets. Aim the crosshairs over a target without shooting to lock-on to it (up to 6 targets maximum), then press the Attack or Jump buttons to fire homing shots. The more targets destroyed, the better percentage rating at the end. The Tornado has a health gauge that is displayed on the bottom of the screen, and will deplete if the Tornado is fired at. If the Tornado takes too much damage, the player will lose a life.

The Tornado circles the Egg Carrier a couple of times before the Egg Carrier's main cannon tears off one of the Tornado's wings, shooting it down from the sky and ending the sub-game. This causes Sonic and Tails to become separated from each other, with Sonic landing in Station Square and Tails landing in the Mystic Ruins, unable to reunite until Sky Chase Act 2.

The first time the sub-game is cleared, the player is awarded an Emblem, while a second Emblem is awarded for scoring at least 8,000 points on the second run. The points awarded for shooting down targets are as follows:

  • White plane — Worth 30 points.
  • Yellow plane — Worth 50 points. These lead the white planes.
  • Missile cannon — Worth 30 points. Found aboard the Egg Carrier.
  • Missile — Worth 5 points. Fired from missile cannons.


The Sky Chase sub-game seems to have been one of the first items developed for Sonic Adventure. Some beta shots show Sonic and Tails flying around with a mechanical dragon in the sky and some even use the same character models used in Sonic R and Sonic Jam.

Sonic the Hedgehog
Level number: Sub Game After 4
Areas: 1
Maximum rings: 0
A-rank requirement: 8000pt
Miles "Tails" Prower
Level number: Sub Game After 3
Areas: 1
Maximum rings: 0
A-rank requirement: 8000pt


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