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The A-Life system in Sonic Adventure is a feature of the game that involves raising Chao. It is an extension of a similar system seen in Sonic Team's previous work, NiGHTS into Dreams. Much like NiGHTS, this system is completely optional for those just wanting to play through the story, though offers a new dimension of play and is critical for obtaining all of the Emblems in the game.

In Sonic Adventure, Chao are virtual creatures that live in Chao Gardens. There are three in the game, located in the three Adventure Fields; Station Square, Mystic Ruins and Egg Carrier. They can be manipulated by the player character, fed, and enhanced with animals and entered into Chao Races. They can also be stored within a VMU to unlock the Chao Adventure mini-game (as well as be transported to other instances of Sonic Adventure).


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The stat window.

Chao have five stats, the first four of which determine abilities in chao races. These stats go up whenever a Chao is given an animal or a stat altering item. When all 10 boxes are full, the stat will 'level up'. The maximum level for any stat is 99. They are:

Stat Animals
Swim Penguin Sea Otter Seal
Fly Swallow Parrot Peacock
Run Deer Rabbit Kangaroo
Power Elephant Gorilla Lion
random Skunk Mole Koala

The stat names are self-explanatory. They indicate the Chao's strength during those parts of the race. The fifth stat, Stamina, indicates how far they can go during the race without pausing or even falling asleep. Stamina is affected by fruit (1 bite fills 1 box; hardest to raise), while the other stats are affected by small animals.

Animal features and actions

Giving a Chao a small animal not only affects its stats, but also its appearance and abilities

Animals Parts Ability Obtained
Otter Paws, feet, & whiskers Backstrokes in water
Seal Fins & a tail Dances
Penguin Eyebrows, fins, feet, & tail Belly slides
Swallow Wings, tail, & Mohawk Does sit-ups
Peacock Wings, tail, feet, & Mohawk Struts/Poses
Parrot Wings, tail, & feet Sings
Deer Hooves, antlers, & tail Bows
Kangaroo Ears, hands, feet, & tail Back flips
Rabbit Ears, paws, feet, & tail Hops
Gorilla Arms, feet, hair, & ears Pounds chest
Lion Nails, ears, & mane Cleans face
Elephant Arms, feet, & ears Acts tough
Koala Ears, paws, & feet Plays trumpet
Mole Nails & a tail Digs holes
Skunk Tail, hair, paws, & feet Farts

Note that the Chao will only do a backstroke if it has a Swim stat of 100 or higher.


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