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For hidden content pertaining to the 1996 Windows release, click here.

Stage select


On the title screen, press Up Down Down Left Right B.

When a level is accessed this way, clearing the level or attempting time travel will take the player back to the title screen. If the level was ended by attempted time travel, entering the stage select again and choosing another level will start the level as if the player had traveled through time, keeping any Rings and accumulated time from the last level.

View developer time attack times

SonicCD MCD Times.png

On the title screen, press Right Right Up Up Down C.

Move the clouds


On the title screen, hold Down + A and press Up Down Down Down Down Up. You can now use the 2nd controller to move the clouds around.

Instant death

Pausing the game and then pressing A + B + C will kill Sonic. This is useful if you want to return to the last checkpoint, or if Sonic gets stuck (which can happen easily due to layout differences between time zones).

"I'm Outta Here!!!!"

SonicCD MCD OuttaHere 1.png
SonicCD MCD OuttaHere 2.png
SonicCD MCD OuttaHere 3.png

Wait three minutes without doing anything, and Sonic will say, "I'm outta here" and jump off the stage, ending the game.

Sound test

SonicCD MCD SoundTest.png

On the title screen, press Down Down Down Left Right A.

Play secret Special Stage

SonicCD MCD SecretSpecialStage 1.png

On sound test screen above, set the values to FM07, PCM07, DA07 and press Start.

According to a former Sega Europe QA Tester, an extra Time Stone was to be collectable here. When collected in addition to the previous Time Stones, "S" TV monitors would appear where the ring TVs were previously located. When broken, you would morph into a gimped version of Super Sonic, which would simply grant you invincibility and greater speed. The graphics would not change.

If you beat this hidden Special Stage you'll get a hidden Special Stage Staff screen with the Ending Theme of the game playing.

Secret pictures

Tails' message and edit mode

SonicCD MCD TailsMessage 1.png
SonicCD MCD TailsMessage 2.png

On sound test screen above, set the values to FM40, PCM12, DA11 and press Start. The image was made by Yasushi Yamaguchi, who created Tails.

Tails is pictured next to his favourite carMedia:Sonic2 MD JP manual.pdf[1], the Lotus Super Seven. While seen in a Sega Saturn test disc, this is the only time to date that it has ever featured in a video game.

Edit mode can also be accessed in the PAL version of the game by pressing Start on the second controller when the attraction sequence is playing. The NTSC versions lack this feature (though it is present in the 920 prototype).

The controls for when edit mode is active are as follows:

  • B (Esc in the PC version): Toggles object placement mode.
  • A (Space in the PC version): Selects the next object.
  • C (Both versions): Places the selected object.

MC Sonic

SonicCD MCD MCSonic 1.png
SonicCD MCD MCSonic 2.png

On sound test screen above, set the values to FM42, PCM03, DA01 and press Start. This image was made by Kazuyuki Hoshino.

"Spooky" Sonic

SonicCD MCD Mazin 1.png
SonicCD MCD Mazin 2.png

On sound test screen above, set the values to FM46, PCM12, DA25 and press Start. The message says たのしさ∞ セガ・エンタープライゼス まぢん画 (Infinite fun. Sega Enterprises - Mazin Picture), and was made by Masato Nishimura.

Batman parody

SonicCD MCD Batman 1.png
SonicCD MCD Batman 2.png

On sound test screen above, set the values to FM42, PCM04, DA21 and press Start. The image was made by Takumi Miyake.

Anime Sonic

SonicCD MCD Anime 1.png
SonicCD MCD Anime 2.png

On sound test screen above, set the values to FM44, PCM11, DA09 and press Start. The message says ゆーあーくーる by さんちゃんず (You are cool, by Sanchanzu) and was made by Masahiro Sanpei.

Time attack icon oddities

SCD TidalTA.png SCD QuartzTA.png

The icons used to denote Tidal Tempest and Quartz Quadrant in the Time Attack menu appear to show earlier versions of these two stages.

Tidal Tempest has ripples in the foreground as well as the background. This is an effect seen in the Japanese version of the original Sonic the Hedgehog, but was removed from subsequent games (including Sonic CD).

Quartz Quadrant has red crystals in the foreground, while in-game the crystals are blue (although they glow a pinky-red).

Unused content


Art Description
SCD eyes closed.png
A sprite of Sonic with his eyes closed. Could have been used as part of an idling animation, akin to Sonic 2's two stages of waiting, and Sonic 3's unused animation of Sonic nodding off to sleep.
SCD electrocuted.png
An animation of Sonic being shocked by electricity. It may have been used in Wacky Workbench, which contains various level elements with the potential to electrocute the player. It could also have been used in Collision Chaos, as part of the Metal Sonic sequence.
SCD fallshrink.png
An animation of Sonic falling into the distance. Purpose is unknown. It could have been used for the sequence where an animation of Sonic warping through time is shown. A similar animation was found in Sonic 1 which was also unused.
An animation of Sonic waving his arms with his palms outstretched. This could have been used in Tidal Tempest when walking through the water, to simulate an attempt at moving more quickly.
SCD looking over shoulder.png
A sprite of Sonic looking over his shoulder. Most likely to look at Dr. Eggman when he activates his laser behind Metal Sonic prior to the start of the race against Metal in Stardust Speedway Act 3.
SCD sneeze.png
An animation of Sonic sneezing, similar to what is seen in the opening animation. Sonic sneezing when confronted with danger was a concept briefly explored by Sega in the early days of the franchise, but while a sneezing Sonic appears in some merchandise, Sonic CD is the closest it ever got to appearing in a video game.
An animation of Sonic upside-down with his eyes wide and his mouth open. This suggests that this animation could have either been used for an alternate death animation, or if Sonic was caught by an environmental hazard that dangles him in the air somehow.
An unused sprite of Sonic grabbing onto something and attempting to create traction. This implies that he may have been trying to stop something from pulling him into some sort of hazard. Part of a scrapped badnik, maybe? A modified version of this sprite appears in Sonic Crackers, as well.
SCD WW Swinging.png
Similar to the other horizontal pole sprites from Wacky Workbench, this one has Sonic swinging his feet forward. Perhaps he originally had to pull away from electrical hazards positioned underneath.
SCD sp Sinking.png
An unused animation of Sonic shrugging his shoulders. These sprites are found in the SPSS__.BIN, which contains Sonic's Special Stage specific sprites. In the final frames of the animation, the very bottoms of his feet disappear, as though he is sinking into something. Perhaps an unused quicksand hazard, or even being pulled out of the Special Stage altogether, as a failure to obtain the time stone animation.
SCD hanging.png
An animation of Sonic being pulled up by... something. Purpose unknown. These sprites are also found in the SPSS__.BIN. Early prerelease screenshots show hot-air balloons, not UFOs, in the Special Stages. Perhaps they caught Sonic and floated him around?
SCD sp Falling.png
An animation of Sonic being knocked back. Purpose unknown. These sprites are also found in the SPSS__.BIN.
SCD sp Leaping.png
Purpose unknown. These sprites are also found in the SPSS__.BIN. Perhaps it could have been used for when Sonic jumps on a spring in the Special Stage?
An unused animation of Sonic with his arms outstretched and his chest pushed out in front of him. Whilst its purpose is unknown, many believe that this is somehow related to transforming into Super Sonic.
An animation of Sonic skidding whilst looking the other way. It is unused in the main game, but does appear during the "You Are Greatest Player!" sequence seen once beating the Time Attack scores. It's fairly similar to the skidding animation in Sonic Crackers, and could have been used while skidding at higher speeds in contrast to the normal skidding animation, which was modified from Sonic 1.
Unused sprites of Amy with hearts in her eyes. Not used at any point in the game. In the Sonic CD 2011 remake, these sprites are utilized whenever Amy hugs Sonic.


Art Description
SonicCD MCD Sprite Monitors.png
The "S" monitor, with the same icon as in Sonic 1. Breaking this monitor gives Sonic Invincibility, Power Sneakers and a Shield all at the same time.
SonicCD MCD Sprite Monitors.png
A monitor with a blue Ring, which has no effect. In the 510 prototype, it had the same effect as the "S" monitor, while in the 712 prototype it acted as an invisible shield that can stack with a regular shield. Its icon would be repurposed for the Combine Ring in Chaotix and the Hyper Ring in Sonic Mania.
SonicCD MCD Sprite Monitors.png
This monitor is supposed to stop time for a few seconds, but it doesn't work correctly. It can stop the animations of rings and monitors as well as rotating palettes, but that's it.
Oil slicks graphics are loaded in for Special Stages 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6, presumably with the idea of causing Sonic to slip. These can be found normally in some prototypes of Sonic CD, but are unused in the final game. They are non-functional in every known build of the game.
An unused broken switch sprite found within the ROM. Speculation shows that they may have been used in the Bad Future of a Zone, to prevent access to certain routes. Other switch sprite present for comparison.
SonicCD MCD Sprite QQPastPlatform.png
A platform that moves up and down while moving to the left. They come in two variations: a pair and a group of four, all of which do the same thing (though in the latter, the top row are flipped vertically). While technically used in the Futures of Quartz Quadrant, these variants for the Present and Past do not appear anywhere in their respective time zones.
SonicCD MCD Sprite QQPastSmallConveyor.gif
SonicCD MCD Sprite QQPastMediumConveyor.gif
SonicCD MCD Sprite QQPastLargeConveyor.gif
Conveyor belt platforms for the Past version of Quartz Quadrant. While these platforms exist in the Present and Futures, they do not appear anywhere in the Past at all, so these Past variants are never seen.
SonicCD MCD Sprite QQPastSwingingConveyor.png
A swinging conveyor belt platform for the Past version of Quartz Quadrant. Like the platforms above, this object exists in the Present and Futures, but this unique Past variant doesn't appear anywhere.
This appears to be an unused item from the Special Stage. Its use is unknown, but it may have stopped the timer.


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