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Introduction animation errors

SonicCD MCD AnimationError 1.png
SonicCD MCD AnimationError 2.png

While the introduction sequence was originally animated by Toei Animation, the contents were compressed, frames were dropped and elements recoloured for viewing on the Mega-CD. During this process, some frames of animation incorrectly feature Sonic with blue arms - something not seen in the later conversions of the game (and the video in Sonic Jam).

Not fixed in any version.

Running animation

SonicCD MCD Bug Run.png

Sonic's running animation is positioned two pixels too high, meaning he does not appear to make contact with the ground. While the design of the first three stages makes this difficult to see, it becomes obvious from Quartz Quadrant onwards.

Not fixed in any version.

Title card drawing priorities

SonicCD MCD Bug TitleCardRings.png

In some levels, rings are drawn on top of title cards.

Not fixed in any version.

"I'm outta here" collisions


In the controller is left untouched for 3 minutes, Sonic will attempt to jump off the screen and the player will lose a life. However, Sonic will continue to interact with some objects as he falls (for example, speed tunnels), sometimes leading to the game continuing as normal.

Not fixed in any version.

Palmtree Panic 3D loop

SonicCD MCD Bug PPLoop 1.png
Jump here and...
SonicCD MCD Bug PPLoop 2.png
SonicCD MCD Bug PPLoop 3.png
Land, and the background will be broken.

A defining feature of the first act of Palmtree Panic is the pseudo 3D "loop" at the beginning of the level. The game typically expects players to be running at full speed during this section, with the game temporarily taking control away from the player as Sonic passes through the cross-shaped speed booster. However, if Sonic is not moving at full speed, it is possible to jump off after the initial quarter-pipe, hitting the speed booster in mid-air.

Should this occur, Sonic will automatically travel upwards as long as the jump button is held, however he will also drift to the left, be corrected by the game and moved right at the half way point, and creating an unnatural zig-zag motion. Should the player decide to let go of the jump button before reaching the top, the background will render incorrectly.

This can also be repeated on the shorter ramp later in the act.

Not fixed in any version.

Quartz Quadrant boss

SonicCD MCD Bug QQBoss.png

While the boss of Quartz Quadrant explodes, the capsule graphics and palette are loaded in. This causes the boss to change colour for a couple of seconds.

Not fixed in any version.

Time travel issues

By design, level layouts are adjusted as Sonic travels between different timezones. There are occasions, however, where time travel can lead to Sonic getting stuck.

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