Collision Chaos

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Collision Chaos
Collision Chaos
Second level, Sonic CD
Number of Acts: 3
Level theme: carnival/casino
Boss: Robotnik (Collision Chaos boss)
Maximum rings, Act 1: 199 + 100 (Present),
215 + 80 (Past), 209 + 80 (Future)
Maximum rings, Act 2: 242 + 20
Maximum rings, Act 3: 47 + 30
Non-English names:
Palmtree Panic | Tidal Tempest

Collision Chaos is the second round of Sonic CD. Neon signs flicker through this round, metallic bumpers bounce you through parts, and bouncy bubbles hinder your progress. You'll have to go fast to get through this level. And is that Metal Sonic taking off with Amy? Chase him!

Collision Chaos is the type of level only a pinball fanatic would love. It has bumpers, pits full of springs, and all those spiked little ball chains. The stage is set in an industrial construction site, similar to that of Spring Yard Zone. The level is not difficult, just watch out for the random spike traps. That, and getting stuck in the bumper "maze". Also, there are a bunch of bubble-type obstacles, just hit them and they'll disappear.


Sonic becomes a whirling blue pinball in this land of bright lights and bumpers, flippers and spikes. Robotnik's robots will really be gunning for you here! Mow 'em down first with a Spin Attack. Press Button A, B or C to activate the flippers and send Sonic flying through the pinball courses for big bonus points!

Sonic CD US Manual, p. 12

Difference between Time Zones

This stage in the present is colorful and well-lit. Giant logs in the sky move fast, so watch out!
Back in the early days, things weren't quite so built up. Most of the floating neon signs are merely large chunks of rock. Those logs aren't completed yet, so they merely stand still, making an easy passage around the sky. Flame-spitting towers don't spit flames. Remember to stop the robotizer, or...
Bad Future
...once again, the world will be completely changed by Robotnik's dictatorship. Most machines are damaged beyond repair, and the lake in the background resembles an acidic waste dump.
Good Future
If you manage to destroy all of those machines in the past, the future will change to this utopian paradise. Mechanical plants pump clean oxygen into the air, and a city now bustles in the background.



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  • Act 2 is one of the only two levels in 2D Sonic history to have two possible exits. The other would be Spring Yard Zone Act 2.


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