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Unused content


These are various graphics that are unused in the final game.[1]

Art Description
SonicCD11 Menu 01.png
This was to be placed next to the also unused "D-Pad" menu selection item. Likely a cut feature from the Android and iOS versions to enable touch control features.
SonicCD11 Menu 04.png
A d-pad.
SonicCD11 Menu 02.png
This text was found in an early Stage Select. Meant for a scrapped final level. For more info about Final Fever, see the Final Fever wiki page.
SonicCD11 Menu 03.png
This was found next to Sonic's sprite for the character select screen. This sprite is displayed on non-Japanese Mega-CD systems when loading a game.
Sprites of Tails hanging upside-down. Sonic has similar upside-down sprites in the Mega-CD version.
SonicCD11 Placeholder.png
May be related to Retro SDK's level editor which was used to develop the game.
SonicCD11 TimeAttack 01.png
A Time Attack icon placeholder.
SonicCD11 TimeAttack 02.png
The exit icon on the Mega-CD and Windows 1996 versions of the game.


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