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Egg Razer
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Egg Razer
Game: Sonic the Hedgehog CD
Level: Wacky Workbench
Hits to defeat: 4

The Egg Razer[1] is the fifth boss encounter in Sonic the Hedgehog CD. As with most of Dr. Eggman's boss machines in this game, the Wacky Workbench fight is heavily tailored to the battle arena. In this case, the confrontation takes place on multiple levels of the Workbench's springy platforms, with the doctor flying a spike-capped rocket ship which drills its way up through the stage.


As Sonic the Hedgehog enters the room where the machine lies, Dr. Eggman simply sits and smiles inside, the first hit from Sonic's spin attack causing the genius to blast upward, breaking through the unseen ceiling and causing a series of blocks to fall from above. While being crushed by one will result in the loss of a life, they soon become lifesavers once the floor below becomes electrified. With the one block Sonic standing on being weighed down by the hedgehog, the floor causes the blocks to bounce upwards, just as the ground in the earlier two Zones would do to Sonic.

Sneaking through the hole in the center allows the player to land another direct hit on Eggman, where the process of the electrified ground and the need to get to the next level begins anew. With a third hit, the blue blur has hit the home stretch, first needing to not only avoid the four blocks that fall from the ceiling, but a sequence of single spike prongs falling one at a time preceding the blocks. Jumping on top of one of the four blocks to stay safe from the electrified floor, the player will witness that Eggman has gone as far as he can, the spikes on top of his ship having lodged him into the ceiling. Being careful to not jump from one block to another in mid-air, all that is needed to put an end to the doctor's reign in the Wacky Workbench is one final timed hit, the entire contraption exploding, Eggman forced to prove once again just how fast his legs can carry him.


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