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Some cheats of the original game are now unlocked through getting a certain total in Time Attack or its Special Stages section, the latter of which unlocks after completing the former's total within 30 minutes.

D. A. Garden

Sonic cd 2011 da garden.jpg

To unlock D. A. Garden, the player must complete within 30 minutes for the combined Time Attack score, or collect all 7 Time Stones.

Visual Mode

Sonic cd 2011 visual mode.jpg

To unlock Visual Mode, the player must complete within 26 minutes for the combined Time Attack score.

Sound Test

Sonic cd 2011 sound test.jpg

To unlock Sound Test, the player must complete within 4 minutes for the combined Special Stages score in Time Attack.

Stage Select

Sonic cd 2011 stage select.jpg

To unlock Stage Select, the player must complete within 5 minutes for the combined Special Stages score in Time Attack. It will actually carry over the selected character and Time Stone progress from the save file most recently used before accessing it.

Unlock Tails

Sonic cd 2011 unlock tails.jpg

To unlock Tails, you must beat the game once.

"I'm outer here!!!!"

Sonic cd 2011 outa here.jpg

Wait 3 minutes without doing anything, and Sonic will say, "I'm outer here!" [sic] and jump off the stage, ending the game.

Sonic's line is commonly heard as "I'm outta here!", though designer Masato Nishimura, who also provided the voice clips for Sonic in the game, stated on Twitter in July 2017 that the intended spelling for the line is "I'm outer here!"[1].

Play 8th Special Stage

Sonic cd 2011 special stage 8.jpg

In the Sound Test, set the values to PCM07, DA07. This will access an 8th Special Stage with Robotnik's head in the background.

Alternatively, within the Special Stages section of Time Attack, select one of the Special Stages then immediately exit with the back button. This will show the 8th Special Stage's Time Attack screen and allow you to play it there like any other Special Stage. But despite this, time scores made here will not be retained by the game.

Beating this hidden Special Stage normally will display the remaster's credits, also seen when beating the game with Tails.

Secret pictures

Tails' message and edit mode

Sonic cd 2011 tails message.jpg

In the Sound Test, set the values to PCM12, DA11. The image was made by Yasushi Yamaguchi, who created Tails, and the Little Planet theme plays on this image.

Tails is pictured next to his favourite carMedia:Sonic2 MD JP manual.pdf[2], the Lotus Super Seven. While seen in a Sega Saturn test disc, this is the only time to date that it has ever featured in a video game.

This will also enable edit mode.

MC Sonic

Sonic cd 2011 mc sonic.jpg

In the Sound Test, set the values to PCM03, DA01. This image was made by Kazuyuki Hoshino, and the theme for Metallic Madness plays on this image.

"Spooky" Sonic

Sonic cd 2011 spooky sonic.jpg

In the Sound Test, set the values to PCM12, DA25. The message says たのしさ∞ セガ・エンタープライゼス まぢん画 (Infinite fun. Sega Enterprises - Mazin Picture), and was made by Masato Nishimura. The boss theme plays on this image.

Batman parody

Sonic cd 2011 batman parody.jpg

In the Sound Test, set the values to PCM04, DA21. The image was made by Takumi Miyake, and Final Fever plays on this image.

Anime Sonic

Sonic cd 2011 anime sonic.jpg

In the Sound Test, set the values to PCM11, DA09. The message says ゆーあーくーる by さんちゃんず (You are cool, by Sanchanzu) and was made by Masahiro Sanpei. Palmtree Panic "G" Mix plays on this image.

Dessert Dazzle and Stage Select

Sonic cd 2011 desert dazzle zone.jpg

In the Sound Test, set the values to PCM32, DA08. This will showcase the scrapped remaster Zone of Dessert Dazzle. This will also enable the Stage Select to be played exclusively with Tails, with the Time Stone progress from the most recently accessed save file still being retained.

Unused content


These are various graphics that are unused in the final game.[3]

Art Description
SonicCD11 Menu 01.png
This was to be placed next to the also unused "D-Pad" menu selection item. Likely a cut feature from the Android and iOS versions to enable touch control features.
A sprite of a stopped sheep is found within the files for Metallic Madness. It was used for the Metal Sonic Projector, if it were ever place within the Past of the first two acts. Since Metal was destroyed in the previous Zone, it was left unused.
SonicCD11 Menu 04.png
A d-pad.
SonicCD11 Menu 02.png
This text was found in an early Stage Select. Meant for a scrapped final level. For more info about Final Fever, see the Final Fever wiki page.
SonicCD11 Menu 03.png
This was found next to Sonic's sprite for the character select screen. This sprite is displayed on non-Japanese Mega-CD systems when loading a game.
Sprites of Tails hanging upside-down. Sonic has similar upside-down sprites in the Mega-CD version.
SonicCD11 Placeholder.png
May be related to Retro SDK's level editor which was used to develop the game.
SonicCD11 TimeAttack 01.png
A Time Attack icon placeholder.
SonicCD11 TimeAttack 02.png
The exit icon on the Mega-CD and Windows 1996 versions of the game. This represents the 8th Special Stage in its hidden location within the Time Attack.


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