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Glitches specific to Stardust Speedway Zone in Sonic Mania and Sonic Mania Plus.

Act 1

Fly over the sub-boss as Tails

SonicMania Bug SSZFlyOverMiniBoss1.png
Fly over the boss arena as shown here.
SonicMania Bug SSZFlyOverMiniBoss2.png
Stop here to look at the Robot transporter.
SonicMania Bug SSZFlyOverMiniBoss3.png
This sprite cannot be seen by normal means.
SonicMania Bug SSZFlyOverMiniBoss4.png
Dead end.

Using Tails, the player can fly over the arena where Hotaru Hi-Watt is fought and wander around in the area normally seen in a cutscene after clearing Stardust Speedway Zone Act 1. The player can even destroy the robot transporter and view its destroyed sprite, which normally isn't possible to see even during the cutscene. Going past the Time Warp Plate will lead the player to a dead end.

Fixed in v1.04/Sonic Mania Plus. The boss fight is triggered no matter what the player's Y coordinate is.

Blocked by hidden monitor

If the Signpost at the end of Act 1 makes a hidden Monitor appear and the player stands to the left of it without breaking it before the results tally appears, their character will be blocked by the monitor in the following cutscene and will not jump to break it, requiring a game restart.

Fixed in v1.03/RC 1.03.0829. All hidden monitors were removed.

Act 2

Bypass Metal Sonic's second phase

Tails could fly over the arena where Metal Sonic's second phase would take place, bypassing it completely.

Fixed in v1.03. The level design was altered to prevent Tails from flying over the arena.

Spin Dash vs. Spin Dash

SonicMania Bug SSZSpinDash1.png
SonicMania Bug SSZSpinDash2.png

When one of the Silver Sonic Badniks performs a Spin Dash and launches into the player when they are preparing a Spin Dash of their own, the player will be pushed backwards while still in their Spin Dash state.

Not fixed in any version.

Frozen Metal Sonic

SonicMania Bug SSZFrozenMetalSonic.jpg

After defeating Metal Sonic, there may be a small chance that his death sprite will hang in mid-air after crashing into the spiked wall.

Fixed in v1.04/Sonic Mania Plus, due to the Metal Sonic fight being changed.


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