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Game: Sonic Frontiers
Level: Kronos Island (mini-boss)
Hits to defeat: 200 HP

Ninja[fn 1] (ニンジャ[1]) is a Guardian in Sonic Frontiers, appearing on the first island, Kronos Island. It is a tall, athletic robot with a vaguely feminine humanoid body structure, similar to the Soldiers but taller.


Artwork of the Ninja drawn by Yui Karasuno.

Kronos Island features two Ninjas - one is encountered within an old pyramid structure in the southeastern corner of the map, and another is encountered in the center of the island near the yellow Chaos Emerald Vault. The first encounter is part of the game's tutorial section and must be defeated in order to progress. During this tutorial fight, the player will be instructed to lock-on to the Ninja. Once defeated, it becomes an optional refight that will respawn after a Starfall.

When encountered by Sonic, Ninja will begin approaching him, and will dash towards him if he moves further away. Upon getting close to Sonic, it will attack with either a quick downward swing of both its arms, or with multiple wide-ranged swings, both of which can be dodged. Sonic can attack Ninja using basic attacks such as the Homing Attack, though after three or four hits Ninja will put up a defensive barrier to block further attacks, though may also block the first hit of a combo if it has Sonic in its sights. It will then retaliate with an attack, which Sonic can Parry to make it vulnerable again for more attacks.

If Sonic performs a Cyloop/Quick Cyloop on Ninja, he can launch it into the air and follow up with more combo attacks until it falls to the ground. If he performs a Grand Slam on it after a successful Parry, then he can knock it down to the ground for further attacks until it gets up. Other moves, such as the Stomp and Drop Dash, may also do small amounts of damage to it.

After depleting 200 HP, Ninja will go down, and in the case of the first encounter an ancient gate will open, allowing the player to proceed onward. It drops a Portal Gear upon defeat.

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  1. Stylised as "NINJA" on in-game title cards and hints in English and Japanese.


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