Rhea Island

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Rhea Island
Rhea Island
Fourth island, Sonic Frontiers
Location: Starfall Islands
Level themes: plains, ancient ruins
Non-English names:
  • JP: レイア島
  • RU: Остров Реи
  • KR: 레이아섬
Chaos Island | Ouranos Island
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Rhea Island is the fourth island in Sonic Frontiers, and one of the Starfall Islands.


Rhea Island is very similar in appearance to the first island of the game, Kronos Island. It is an island covered in a grassy plain, with a lush environment and the remains of a long-lost civilization. Making it distinct from Kronos, however, are the six massive black towers that are scattered throughout. Sonic must climb these towers in order to progress the story, and reaching the top and activating their terminals will give him information about the ancient race that colonized the Starfall Islands.

This island is by far the shortest in the game, containing no Cyber Space Portals, Emerald Vaults, or Memory Tokens and only requiring Sonic to climb its towers. Because of this, it is more of a story-focused moment than a full-on level. And curiously, Rhea Island's map is actually made of the unvisited top half of Kronos Island. This can be most clearly seen from the bottom cliffside of Rhea Island, and from the fact that one of the towers is located in the crater in which Sonic fights Giganto. The player cannot access any areas from Kronos Island on Rhea Island, or vice versa, as they are blocked by a barrier. Whether or not Rhea and Kronos are intended to be the same island, or whether they simply share the same map, is not addressed.

Name origin

Rhea Island is named after Rhea, a titan from Greek mythology. She was the daughter of the sky god Ouranos and the wife of Kronos. She was the mother of the first Olympian gods, including Zeus, Poseidon and Hades - and when Kronos swallowed his children after hearing a prophecy that one would overthrow him, she saved Zeus and hid him on the island of Crete.



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