Metal Madness

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Metal Madness
Not to be confused with Metallic Madness, the seventh level of Sonic CD.
Metal Madness.png
Metal Madness
Game: Sonic Heroes
Level: Last Story
Fought by: Teams Rose, Chaotix, Dark
Next form: Metal Overlord
All living things kneel before your master!

— Neo Metal Sonic

Metal Madness is the penultimate boss of Sonic Heroes. At the beginning of Heroes' Last Story, Metal Sonic is revealed as the true antagonist of the game, and here the heroes fight him as Metal attempts to take on a giant form. Their tactic hinges upon "the real super power of teamwork!"

During the preceding cutscene, Neo Metal Sonic calls down a lightning bolt to detonate the command tower on which he stands. The robot initiates a transformation with parts from the Final Fortress battleship to adopt a huge, dragon-like appearance: Metal Overlord. But before the monstrous change is complete, Metal Madness sees the player control (in turn) Team Rose, Team Chaotix, and Team Dark, harrying the not-quite-completely-transformed Metal Sonic amidst the wreckage of Final Fortress' command deck.

The dragon finds itself pinioned in place by its mechanical tendrils, still bolted to the substance of the Fortress as its metamorphosis progresses. This gives the three teams enough time to attack. Once one team has hammered out enough damage, control switches to the next trio on an adjacent platform. After Team Dark's turn, the Last Story progresses to its conclusion with Team Super Sonic and Metal Overlord.


The objective is to destroy each side glowing orb (100HP each), which can change colours if it's hit a standard number of times. The colour indicates which team formation won't deliver damage at that moment.

Metal Sonic fights back with his half-formed body, according to his position and location of the team (see below for details):

  • Attack A: Sweeping the platform with a column of fire from the flamethrower equipped to his left arm.
  • Attack B: Launching his right hand claws (they regenerate immediately), which home on the team leader and form a half-sphere crystal prison which can trap a team member. If all team members are captured, one life is lost.
  • Attack C: Launching some of his back spines, which home on the team leader and settle in the ground to form ice spikes of some sort.
  • Attack D: Sweeping the platform with his tail.

Team Rose

In the left platform there are sixteen rings and two Blast Gauge UP. Possibly, the target never changes from blue, therefore Amy cannot damage Metal, while Cream can only do damage after reaching level two thanks to Team Blast. Metal uses these attacks cyclically: launching his back spines three times, followed by a fire sweep and then a tail sweep.

Team Chaotix

In the right platform there are sixteen rings and a cannon to the back, which accesses four Power Cores: two Speed and Fly (Charmy can't damage Metal without both of his). The target starts as yellow and alternates with red. Metal uses these attacks cyclically: launching his back spines six times, followed by a tail sweep and then launching his claws eight times.

Team Dark

In the frontal platform there are four rings and nine Power Cores, three for each team member (Rouge cannot do damage without at least two of hers). The target starts as blue, changes to yellow and then red, back to blue, etc. Metal uses these attacks cyclically: launching his back spines seven times, followed by a fire sweep, repeating the first attack and then launching his claws eight times and finishes a round with a fire sweep.

Take notice: you are able to charge up & use AT LEAST one volley of Team Dark's team blast attack during this fight. However, the power core will continue to cycle through blue, yellow & red as you damage it, regardless of the halt in time, so it's only really good for stopping Metal Madness' attacks momentarily.


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