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Battle Race
SonicRushAdventure DS BattleRace.png
Battle Race
Special Zone, Sonic Rush Adventure
Number of Acts: 7
Level theme: ocean
Played as: Sonic
Opponent: Johnny

Battle Races, also known as Johnny's RaceMedia:SonicRushAdventure DS US manual.pdf[1], are a special type of Sea Stage in Sonic Rush Adventure, set across stretches of ocean in which Sonic, piloting the Wave Cyclone, must race Johnny to a Chaos Emerald. The controls are the same for normal Wave Cyclone excursions.

These races have the same purpose as the Special Stages seen in other Sonic the Hedgehog games in that the player can earn Chaos Emeralds by completing them, though in this game they are not found in a fantastical alternative space. Sol Emeralds cannot be won in these races, so Blaze must collect them from missions instead.


The player cannot access the Battle Races in Sonic Rush Adventure from the game's levels (excluding the first Battle Race, which is a prerequisite for entering Coral Cave). Instead, they are triggered at certain points on the game's ocean map (indicated by an icon of Johnny's head once found) which must be traveled to using any watercraft. Once such a point is reached, Tails will ask if the player wants to challenge Johnny to a race. Answer affirmatively to enter the Battle Race.


Without boosting, Johnny is usually about as fast as the Wave Cyclone. If the player can get close behind him, Johnny leaves behind glowing rings which the player can weave through for small boosts of speed. Using these can help the player keep pace with Johnny without depleting their Boost Gauge. Johnny will also occasionally launch damaging missiles when trailed, which must be avoided.

Gathering Rings and completing tricks off of ramps will refill the player's Boost Gauge (and will also gradually repair damage to the Wave Cyclone), so it helps to acquire them if possible without losing speed or running into obstacles. Aiming for the occasional Dash Panel is also a good idea. Enemies and mines in regular Wave Cyclone excursions are present in the Battle Races as well, which will damage the Wave Cyclone and sap speed. It is a better idea to steer around them instead of boosting through them, as boosting will deplete the valuable Boost Gauge. Rocky crags must be avoided at all costs, as they will immediately stop the Wave Cyclone.

In some Battle Races, a sudden abundance of Rings and lack of obstacles will indicate the approaching end of the race. It is here that the player should boost ahead as much as possible and pass Johnny, if they haven't done so already.


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