Sonic Heroes (Xbox review prototype)

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Sonic Heroes (Xbox review prototype)
Prerelease of: Sonic Heroes
System: Xbox
Build date: Nov 24th, 2003
Source: DVD
Found by: Orengefox

Sonic Heroes Review Prototype for the Xbox. Of the two known Sonic Heroes prototypes for the Xbox, this is the latest and least changed. Known differences include the way some of the files have been arranged in the prototype when compared to the final copy that's readily available online. When viewing it through a hex program, there's additional padded information in places. It's noticeable more so if the files for the prototype and final copy are arranged in the same order and then compared.

Physical scans

Xbox, US

Sonic Heroes Review Build Microsoft XBOX Prototype Disc (Front) SE04304E-SET IFPI 07134 (Back) SE04304E-SET-L1 02 1 IFPI L023 SE04304E-SET-L0 01 1 IFPI L022 IFPI 5824.jpg

Sonic Heroes
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