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Shadow Android-Iron Jungle.png
Shadow Android
Game: Shadow the Hedgehog (game)
Affiliation: Eggman Empire
Points: 300 (Hero/Dark)

Shadow Androids (シャドウ・アンドロイド), also called Android Shadow,[1] are duplicates of Shadow the Hedgehog, constructed by Dr. Eggman. They function as both enemies and walking existential crises for the Ultimate Lifeform in the games Sonic Heroes and Shadow the Hedgehog.

The Androids seem to be not entirely robots, but not entirely clones either. While they do have wire-filled innards[2], the artificial creatures look decidedly more biological than any of Eggman's other creations, and are stored in stereotypically green-goo-filled biopods. Furthermore, the original Japanese script refers to them without making a clear distinction as to their mechanical or organic nature.


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Sonic Heroes

After Super Shadow plummeted into the atmosphere following the battle against Finalhazard at the end of Sonic Adventure 2, Shadow was missing and presumed dead. However, the black hedgehog was in fact still alive (albeit grievously wounded from his fall), and later recovered by Eggman, who (presumably) placed him in a stasis pod to keep him alive. In the time between Adventure 2 and Sonic Heroes, Eggman studies Shadow and uses him as a template for a new line of unusually-biological-looking combat robots. A Shadow Android is first spotted during a cutscene after the destruction of the Egg Albatross in Bullet Station. Shadow himself (now rescued from Eggman's captivity by Rouge, but suffering from amnesia) believes that he might be an android as well. Later in the game, Rouge goes off to find Eggman's treasure on the Eggman Fleet's Final Fortress, only to discover a room full of Shadow Androids. While this particular batch of robots are destroyed by Omega ("Prepare to destroy immediate area!"), Robotnik evidently has more...

Shadow the Hedgehog

Shadow Androids selectable in Shadow the Hedgehog's 2P mode.

During Shadow the Hedgehog, Shadow Androids appear as foes in-level, first spotted in shafts in Iron Jungle. They are pernicious enemies, with high armour and homing missiles. Eggman devotes considerable effort during the game into convincing the player-character Shadow that the original Shadow really is dead, and that the current Shadow is just one of his androids. Presumably trying to secure Shadow's loyalty, the Doctor's plan backfires spectacularly in the Lava Shelter endings of the game, with Shadow resolving (and succeeding!) to kill off his creator and establish a new robotic empire with Omega. However, during the Last Story of Shadow the Hedgehog, amidst Super Shadow's battle against Devil Doom, Eggman finally comes clean and admits to Shadow that he really is the original iteration created by Professor Gerald.

The Shadow Androids appeared as playable characters in Shadow the Hedgehog's multiplayer mode. They come in various different classes, distinguished by their secondary colours: Blue, Orange, Pink, and Green, in place of the real Shadow's crimson fur patches. The different colours each wield different kinds of weapons.

Sonic Speed Simulator

Shadow Androids are referred to as "Android Shadow"[1] in this game with several different skin types available to play as.[3] Dr. Eggman invaded Green Hill and Lost Valley in search of Android Shadow.[4]

In other media

Sonic the Hedgehog (IDW comics)

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