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Egg Dealer
For the Sonic Rivals 2 boss, see Egg Dealer (Sonic Rivals 2).
  • Lava Shelter
  • Black Comet
  • Cosmic Fall
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Egg Dealer
Game: Shadow the Hedgehog (game)
Level: [[Lava Shelter (Hero/Dark) / Black Comet (Hero) / Cosmic Fall (Dark)]]
Fought by: Shadow (with Omega, Knuckles, or Vector)
Ending quote: "Sorry, doctor, but this is the end for you!" / "Never show your face around me again!" / "Begone! I will not allow you to defile the ARK with your presence!"

The Egg Dealer is one of the three possible end bosses of Shadow the Hedgehog, the other two being Black Doom & Sonic and Diablon. It is fought in endings where Shadow has aligned himself either slightly or barely with either of the other two parties or by simply getting to the Goal Ring in every level (which all represent the neutral mission). It can be fought after completing the Hero mission in Black Comet (a semi-Dark level), either mission in Lava Shelter, or the Dark mission in Cosmic Fall (a semi-Hero level).


Lava Shelter fight

The Egg Dealer is the final boss for both Hero and Dark missions in Lava Shelter. In these routes, Shadow has been successfully convinced by the Doctor that he is in fact a Shadow Android; however, far from inclining the hedgehog to obey his creator, this only serves to nurture in Shadow an E-123 Omega-style patricidal intent. Fittingly enough then, this fight is concluded with Omega's help, as the two robots team up to take down their obese maker.

After the Hero battle, Shadow declares that he will take over the Eggman Empire as Shadow Android, turning it into a robotic hegemony - much like Metal Overlord's plan in Sonic Heroes. The Dark ending meanwhile sees Shadow resolve to use the power of the Chaos Emeralds to become stronger than the original Shadow. As in Black Comet, both these endings see Shadow and Omega terminate their creator in an act of gratuitous robotic insurrection.

Black Comet fight

After taking the Hero mission and helping G.U.N. forces penetrate to the heart of the Black Comet, Shadow and Knuckles are shocked to discover not Black Doom, but quite questionably, Dr. Eggman at the core of the planetoid - presumably there to steal the aliens' Chaos Emeralds in the confusion. The Doctor congratulates Shadow on having done such a good job gathering up six of the Emeralds for him; but now it's time to hand them over. Predictably unenthralled at the prospect, Shadow declines, and Eggman decides to teach him a lesson.

On victory here Shadow decides that "I and only I know what is best", and karate-chops Eggman into oblivion for his presumptiveness.

Cosmic Fall fight

Take the Dark mission and Dr. Eggman pops up with his Egg Dealer; why he happens to be on the ARK is, just like the Black Comet fight, a pure coincidence. The Doctor tells Shadow that although the hedgehog was a marvel of his grandfather's science, it's his time now, and offers to spare Shadow's life in exchange for his six Chaos Emeralds. And he doesn't take refusal well, launching into battle determined to stop Shadow from tarnishing his grandfather's legacy. After summarily trashing the Doctor's ridiculous machine, Shadow gathers all seven Chaos Emeralds, concludes that he is the ultimate lifeform created by Dr. Gerald Robotnik and takes up the helm as the Knuckles-style hermetic guardian of the ARK. The cantankerous Eggman is allowed to live this time, on the condition that he never again sets foot aboard the space station.


This spider-like machine is proclaimed by Dr. Eggman as (again) his latest, greatest creation; a quick-wheeling multipurpose weapons platform, stocked full of rockets and mines. Perhaps in reference to the Doctor's casino proclivities, the Egg Dealer selects its attacks with a slot-machine style mechanism controlled by three seperate buttons. If Shadow hits the third button before the reels stop via a long-range Homing Attack, the munitions target Eggman instead of Shadow. The possible lineups as well as whoever stops the third reel determines what the Egg Dealer will do:

  • Three missiles: Unleashes Missile Fever. Six missiles are fired that will lock-on to Shadow or Eggman depending on who stops it. This attack is always used at the start of the battle. If the player is down to their last life, Eggman will accidentally use Missile Fever on himself at the start of the battle.
  • Three bombs: Unleashes Bomb Fever. If Eggman activates this, the Egg Dealer will scoot around the arena dropping explosives from its underside. If Shadow activates this, the Egg Dealer will trip as it drops the explosives, blowing itself up.
  • Three Egg Pawns: Unleashes Pawn Fever, which dispenses a random number of Egg Pawns to hinder Shadow. Only Eggman can stop the reels on Egg Pawn pictures.
  • Three Shadows: Unleashes Shadow Fever, which gives Shadow a full Dark Gauge. Only Shadow can stop the reels on Shadow pictures.
  • Three Rings: Unleashes Ring Fever, which spawns a massive amount of Rings in the center of the arena. Only Shadow can stop the reels on the Ring pictures.
  • No matching pictures: Drops containers in the middle of the arena, which contain an Egg Gun, an Egg Spear or an Egg Bazooka.


Like with all bosses in Shadow the Hedgehog, the Rank achieved for defeating the Egg Dealer is based on time taken to defeat it. The required clear times are the same for all three versions of the fight.

Shadow Rank A Small.png
Shadow Rank B Small.png
Shadow Rank C Small.png
Shadow Rank D Small.png
Shadow Rank E Small.png
3:20 4:00 5:00 6:00 Over 6:00



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