Black Tank

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Black Tank
Game: Shadow the Hedgehog (game)
Affiliation: Black Arms
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The Black Tank is a vehicle in Shadow the Hedgehog. Destroying it clears the Hero mission for Lethal Highway.

Exclusively appearing in the stage Lethal Highway, the Black Tank is a roving artifact of apparent value to Black Doom. In the heroic mission of Lethal Highway, Shadow is charged with destroying the tank before it escapes the city. Doing so with the small firearms dropped from defeated enemies is a tedious labor, but special weapons, especially the Shadow Rifle, will slice through the Black Tank like a knife through Swiss cheese.

The Black Tank has a shield which protects its fragile hull. Short-circuit it with sufficient ammunition and the Black Tank is essentially defenseless. The Black Tank will travel at a rather quick pace down the highway, and will materialize just in front of Shadow if our hedgehog anti-hero had to take a significant detour. Although the Black Tank has no offensive capabilities to speak of, it is still harmful to touch.


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