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Blue Falcon
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Blue Falcon
Game: Shadow the Hedgehog (game)
Level: The ARK (Shadow the Hedgehog)
Fought by: Shadow (with Doom's Eye)

Blue Falcon is the boss of The ARK in Shadow the Hedgehog. A circular GUN hovertank, the Blue Falcon is armed with an area-of-effect particle cannon and six circumferential homing rocket launchers. This floating weapons platform is deployed by GUN to guard the Eclipse Cannon control room on the Space Colony ARK during the Black Arms attack. It is very similar to another GUN boss in Shadow, the Heavy Dog.

Strangely, fifty more years of research and development seem to have rendered the Blue Falcon less effective than the Heavy Dog that was deployed on the ARK in The Doom, as Blue Falcon lacks the floating mines of its predecessor. Combined with the presence of weapons crates in this fight arena, this makes the Blue Falcon a considerably easier fight than Heavy Dog. Dislodge the rocket launchers from the machine by strafing it with gunfire, then pick up the dropped launchers and spam missiles at the machine. The Blue Falcon's particle-cannon floods a wide area around the boss with a damaging energy field, but it can easily be avoided either by changing level with a spring or simply sprinting to the other side of the arena out of range.

After the boss is defeated, Black Doom broadcasts a proclamation across Sonic's world that resistance is futile. To make his point - taking a leaf out of Eggman's book - Doom fires the Eclipse Cannon, obliterating GUN's Air Fleet and wiping Central City off the face of the planet.

Name Origin

Out-of-universe, the boss is, like Black Bull, apparently named after a racing machine from the F-Zero series of games. The original Blue Falcon is used by the main hero of the series, Captain Falcon. This is probably not a coincidence, as Sega developed the GameCube iteration of the racing franchise, which featured a story mode starring the character.

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