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Air Fleet
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Air Fleet
Dark Fifth level, Shadow the Hedgehog (game)
Level theme: flying fortress
Prerequisite: Sky Troops (Dark); The Doom (Normal); or Central City (Hero)
Dark mission: Destroy the President's escape pod!
Dark Companion: Doom's Eye
Leads to: G.U.N. Fortress
Normal mission: Find the Chaos Emerald
Normal Companion: None
Leads to: Black Comet
Hero mission: Protect the escape pod from the black creatures (35 total)
Hero Companion: Miles "Tails" Prower
Leads to: Lava Shelter

Air Fleet is one of five possible fifth levels of Shadow the Hedgehog; in the game's branching path structure, it follows from taking a somewhat evil, Robotnik / Black Arms-aligned path through the previous levels.

High in the skies of Sonic's world, G.U.N.'s flying battleships are evacuating from Central City, trying to get the President of the United Federation to safety. Black Doom has a different fate in mind for the human leader, and Black Arms boarding parties storm the ships in an attempt to assassinate the President. Shadow can choose to help or to hinder them in their task - or just look out for himself, and steal the cyan Chaos Emerald held at the core of the ship.


Central City lies in ruins. The Eggman Fleet has been decimated. Black Doom has shown Shadow his past destroying one of GUN's most powerful machines. The future looks bleak for Sonic's world. At the GUN Commander's insistence, the President evacuates to the GUN Fortress, insisting that their forces will eventually rally uo defeat the black creatures. Shadow and Black Doom watch the retreating shuttle from outside the Presidential palace, and the alien leader directs Shadow to chase it down.

Immediatly upon starting the stage, Shadow runs into Tails, who asks for Shadow's help in protecting the President's shuttle from the Black Arms boarding parties by defeating all the aliens. If Shadow chooses to side with Black Doom instead, he must destroy the shuttle, which is being conveyed on a monorail track through the ship. Shadow can switch the rails in places where the path forks, to send the pod into dangerous Arms-controlled regions of the ship, but it is generally up to the hedgehog himself to deal massive damage to the vehicle; as such, the Shadow Rifle is a good choice of weapon for this mission.

Secret Door Location

Near the start of the level. First pulley you go up will pull you right past it.

Behind the door is an Air Saucer. And remember those electrified rails you saw every now and then in the level? This thing can grind on them. You'll start with one in front of you that will bring you to some guns and an extra life. With some careful saucer riding, you can make it to two more electric rails that will both take you to rooms with some extra lives, guns, and a heal unit for the saucer in case you take some damage on the way there. You can actually ride the saucer up until the very end of the level. If you run into any steep slopes, just use the saucer's double jump constantly to get up them.

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