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Black Doom
  • G.U.N. Fortress
  • Cosmic Fall
  • Final Haunt
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Black Doom
Game: Shadow the Hedgehog (game)
Level: [[G.U.N. Fortress (Hero) / Cosmic Fall (Hero) / Final Haunt (Hero)]]
Fought by: Shadow (with Rouge, Vector, or Sonic)
Ending quote: "Sorry to disappoint, but this is the end!" / "This is what I must do for my atonement." / "Maria loved this planet! I will not let you destroy it!"
This article is about the boss fight. For more on the character in general, see Black Doom.

Black Doom is one of the three possible final bosses of Shadow the Hedgehog, fought if the player completes the Hero mission in G.U.N. Fortress, Cosmic Fall, or Final Haunt. The alternative bosses, fought in other scenarios, are Sonic and Diablon or the Egg Dealer.


Black Doom has numerous abilities which make him a fearsome foe for those who would dare challenge him. On top of his numerous cutscene-demonstrated strategic abilities (Chaos Control, levitation, telepathy, Tikal-style time projection), Doom also possesses an array of brutal tactical attacks, including:

  • He can fire miniature meteors and blades of fire at enemies.
  • Swift Strike, an energy boomerang which spins around at floor level
  • An energy shield to protect himself from harm, but the shield is ineffective while standing still.
  • Creation of ghost-like copies of himself that appear like after-images, as well as remote simulacra.
  • Chaos Control to warp time and space, allowing himself to teleport.
  • Temporary invisibility.


G.U.N. Fortress fight

In the shielded bunker where G.U.N. is making its last stand, Shadow can opt to help Rouge snatch the pink Chaos Emerald out of the Black Arms' grasp. Travelling with his army on the final push against the humans, Doom confronts Shadow for his mutiny; the black hedgehog explains that he will be the one to possess all the Emeralds, not anyone else. After taking down the Arms' prophet-leader, Shadow announces that he's going to use the power of the Emeralds to conquer the universe.

Cosmic Fall fight

His mind still in turmoil after the G.U.N. Commander's accusations, Shadow disregards Doom's Eye and instead helps Vector to find the ARK's computer room. Inside the core, Black Doom appears in person and explains to Shadow that yes, the Commander was telling the truth: the Ultimate Lifeform was created with Doom's genetic material, and it was Project Shadow that prompted G.U.N.'s attack on the ARK five decades ago. Shadow announces that he is going to atone for his crimes and accept the humans' punishment, but Doom accuses Shadow of allowing himself to be brainwashed, and attacks, determined that no creation of his shall surrender to the justice of the weak. After beating his father, Shadow mutters that he should never have been created, and trudges sadly away.

Final Haunt fight

Reaching the center of the Black Comet on the Pure Hero route, Sonic and Shadow bust into Doom's inner sanctum, where the alien is bunkered down with the pink and red Chaos Emeralds. Shadow announces that he will honor his promise to Maria and save the planet; Doom counters that his efforts are futile, as the Black Arms are not merely superior, but perfect life-forms. One hard-fought battle later, Doom's hyperbole is shown as just that, and the black hedgehog resolves to use the Emeralds' power to defeat all the Black Arms' forces.


Like with all bosses in Shadow the Hedgehog, the Rank achieved for defeating Black Doom is based on time taken to defeat him. The times listed here are the same for all of Black Doom's encounters.

Shadow Rank A Small.png
Shadow Rank B Small.png
Shadow Rank C Small.png
Shadow Rank D Small.png
Shadow Rank E Small.png
Time 2:00 3:00 4:00 4:30 Over 4:30


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