Black Assassin

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Black Assasin-Final Haunt.png
Black Assassin
Game: Shadow the Hedgehog (game)
Affiliation: Black Arms
Points: 400 (Hero)

The Black AssassinMedia:ShadowTheHedgehog Prima digital guide.pdf[1] (ブラックアサシン) is an enemy in Shadow the Hedgehog. They are elite soldiers of the Black Arms found only in Black Comet, Final Haunt and The Last Way.


Black Assassins are stronger enemies in comparison to Black Warriors in that they are protected with orange armour that gives them more endurance; because of the armour, it takes about eight Homing Attacks to defeat them. They have the ability to teleport across short distances, which they'll do when the player attacks them. According to Black Doom, Black Assassins are easy to contain, making them easier to control.

Black Assassins wield Refractors as their weapon of choice. If Shadow defeats a Black Assassin, he can use it.


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