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SCHG: Sonic Adventure
2004 PC
2010 PC


In the Dreamcast version, these files are packed inside the SONICADV\EVENT_ADX_US.AFS file.
In the GameCube version, these files are packed inside the EVENT_ADX_E.AFS file.
In the PC version, English voice files are located in the folder SYSTEM\SOUNDDATA\VOICE_US\WMA.

Sonic Adventure/Sound Editing/Voices/4
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File (.wma) File (.adx) Character Contents Notes
0900 e0065_03_02_e1 E-102 "You have feelings for something you know nothing about."
0901 e0065_03_03_e1 E-102 "Illogical."
0902 e0065_04_01_am Amy "I pity you."
0903 e0065_04_02_am Amy "Love is not part of your programming. You're missing something good!"
0904 e0065_04_04_am Amy "Hey Birdie; come back here!"
0905 e0065_05_01_e1 E-102 "Go. Escape."
0906 e0065_05_02_am Amy "Wh-what?"
0907 e0065_05_04_am Amy "You sure?"
0908 e0065_05_05_e1 E-102 "It's dangerous here."
0909 e0065_05_06_e1 E-102 "Hurry. We'll be at the Mystic Ruins base soon."
0910 e0065_05_07_am Amy "You're really nice!"
0911 e0065_06_01_am Amy "You're different from the other robots."
0912 e0065_06_02_am Amy "You've got a soft spot inside your metal frame."
0913 e0065_06_03_am Amy "If you want; we can be friends okay?"
0914 e0065_07_01_e1 E-102 "Get going."
0915 e0065_07_02_e1 E-102 "It is dangerous here."
0916 e0066_02_01_am Amy *gasp*
0917 e0067_01_01_am Amy "Huh?"
0918 e0067_01_02_am Amy "What's this place?"
0919 e0067_02_01_tk Tikal "You're the... Chao!"
0920 e0067_02_02_tk Tikal "Don't be afraid. You're safe with me."
0921 e0067_02_03_tk Tikal *gasp*
0922 e0069_01_01_eg Eggman "Where do you think you're going; Amy?"
0923 e0069_01_02_am Amy "Eggman; no!"
0924 e0069_01_03_eg Eggman "You can't get away this easily!"
0925 e0069_02_01_am Amy "Sonic; help!"
0926 e0069_02_02_eg Eggman "Too late; buddy!"
0927 e0069_02_03_am Amy "Birdie!"
0928 e0069_03_01_tl Tails "It's a Chaos Emerald!"
0929 e0069_03_02_am Amy "What!?"
0930 e0069_03_03_eg Eggman "I don't need you; when I've got this!"
0931 e0069_03_04_eg Eggman "Gamma!"
0932 e0069_04_01_e1 E-102 "At your service; sir."
0933 e0069_04_02a_eg Eggman "Dispose of these annoying pests!"
0934 e0069_04_02b_eg Eggman "Give 'em all you got!"
0935 e0069_04_03_e1 E-102 "Aye-aye; sir. Will comply."
0936 e0069_04_04_eg Eggman "I've got better things to do!"
0937 e0069_04_05_am Amy "Stop; Mr. Robot!"
0938 e006a1_01_01_am Amy "Please stop."
0939 e006a1_01_02_sn Sonic "Amy!"
0940 e006a1_01_03_sn Sonic "That's one of Eggman's clunkers! Out of my way!"
0941 e006a1_01_04_am Amy "No!"
0942 e006a1_01_05_am Amy "He helped me before; by letting me escape."
0943 e006a1_01_06_am Amy "This robot is different."
0944 e006a1_01_07_am Amy "You don't need to hurt him; okay?"
0945 e006a1_01_08_sn Sonic "Amy...."
0946 e006a1_01_09_sn Sonic "Okay. I guess I'll let him go then."
0947 e006a1_02_01_tl Tails "The Egg Carrier's losing altitude!"
0948 e006a1_02_02_sn Sonic "We're fresh out of time! Take Amy and clear out; fast!"
0949 e006a1_02_03_am Amy "What about you?"
0950 e006a1_02_04_sn Sonic "I'll nail that Eggman! Can't let him escape!"
0951 e006a1_03_01_am Amy "I knew you would save me Sonic! You're my hero!"
0952 e006a2_01_01_am Amy "Uh; you okay?"
0953 e006a2_01_02_am Amy "It's dangerous here!"
0954 e006a2_01_03_am Amy "Don't pay attention to Eggman anymore. Free yourself; come on!"
0955 e006a2_01_04_e1 E-102 "Why are you helping me?"
0956 e006a2_01_05_am Amy "I said we'd be friends; and I'm returning your favor."
0957 e006a2_02_01_am Amy "Even this birdie wants you to be free."
0958 e006a2_02_02_am Amy "Eggman's not the kind of man you should work for."
0959 e006a2_02_03_tl Tails "Amy; come on; let's get going!"
0960 e006a2_02_04_am Amy "Until we meet again; Mr. Robot! Take care of yourself!"
0961 e006c_01_01_am Amy "Gee; what was that?"
0962 e006c_01_02_am Amy "I wonder if I'm dreaming?"
0963 e006c_01_03_am Amy "Oh my! I need to get out of this place!"
0964 e006d_01_01_am Amy "I wonder what Sonic is doing."
0965 e006d_01_02_am Amy "He's always rescuing me; it seems."
0966 e006d_01_03_am Amy "I should be more independent!"
0967 e006d_01_04_am Amy "You know; you sure surprised me; by having a Chaos Emerald with you."
0968 e006d_01_05_am Amy "No wonder they were after you; my feathered friend!"
0969 e006d_02_01_am Amy "Hey; a pendant! Wow."
0970 e006d_02_02_am Amy "So I'll help you find your family."
0971 e006d_02_03_am Amy "Does Eggman have them captive now?"
0972 e006d_02_04_am Amy "I bet he does!"
0973 e006d_02_05_am Amy "So I'll help you find your family!" (alternate?)
0974 e006d_02_06_am Amy "I've come this far; I may as well go all the way!"
0975 e006d_03_01_am Amy "That robot said Dr. Eggman's base is in the Mystic Ruins."
0976 e006d_03_02_am Amy "So what d'ya say we check it out?"
0977 e006e_01_01_am Amy "Hmm... I don't remember this bridge."
0978 e006e_01_02_am Amy "Looks dangerously suspicious!"
0979 e006e_01_04_am Amy "Wanna go?"
0980 e006f_02_01_am Amy "(gasps) Not you again!"
0981 e0070_01_01_am Amy "Phoaw! That was a close one!"
0982 e0070_01_02_am Amy "I saw no sign of your reletives; Birdie."
0983 e0070_02_01_am Amy "Ooh! You escaped from the Egg Carrier!"
0984 e0070_02_02_am Amy "So maybe your family's still in there!"
0985 e0070_02_03_am Amy "Let's investigate! Wanna?"
0986 e0071_02_01_am Amy "Yay; it's them!"
0987 e0071_02_02_am Amy *gasp*
0988 e0071_03_01_am Amy "Oh no! Are you okay?"
0989 e0071_03_02_am Amy "You idiot! How could you do this?"
0990 e0071_03_03_am Amy "Now you're gonna get it!"
0991 e0072_01_01_am Amy "Please wake up; Birdie."
0992 e0072_01_02_am Amy "Are you okay? Can you fly?"
0993 e0072_01_03_am Amy "Whoa!"
0994 e0072_01_04_am Amy "You did it! Now you three can live in peace again!"
0995 e0072_02_01_am Amy "I'm so happy!"
0996 e0072_02_02_am Amy "I'm going to try my best too!"
0997 e0072_02_03_am Amy "Just watch me!"
0998 e0072_02_04_am Amy "I'll make that Sonic respect me!"
0999 e0072_02_05_am Amy "And by that time it's gonna be too late! *kiss*"
1000 e0080_01_01_kn Knuckles "As far back as I can remember; I've been living here on this dark island."
1001 e0080_01_02_kn Knuckles "Always guarding the Master Emerald; from anything that could harm it."
1002 e0080_01_03_kn Knuckles "I don't know why I was given this job; why it was my fate."
1003 e0080_01_04_kn Knuckles "Destined to be here; forever."
1004 e0080_02_01_kn Knuckles "What the!?"
1005 e0080_03_01_kn Knuckles "What's going on here?"
1006 e0080_03_02_kn Knuckles "Oh no!"
1007 e0080_04_01_kn Knuckles "Something's happened to the Master Emerald!"
1008 e0080_04_02_kn Knuckles "Huh? Who are you?"
1009 e0080_04_03_kn Knuckles "Did you do this? Oh; I'll get you for this!"
1010 e0080_04_04_kn Knuckles "Ooph!"
1011 e0080_05_01b_kn Knuckles "Auh! Euh! Hey; no fair!"
1012 e0080_05_01_kn Knuckles "Wait!"
1013 e0080_05_02_kn Knuckles "What's happening to you? Come back here!"
1014 e0080_05_03_kn Knuckles "Whoa; that was incredible. I've never seen anything like it."
1015 e0080_05_04_kn Knuckles "Oh no; it's starting to happen."
1016 e0080_05_05_kn Knuckles "Without the Master Emerald's power; this whole island will fall into the ocean!"
1017 e0082_01_01_kn Knuckles "It's up to me to find the missing pieces of the Master Emerald."
1018 e0082_01_02_kn Knuckles "It won't be easy. Pieces flew off everywhere."
1019 e0082_01_03_kn Knuckles "Guess I better start looking anywhere I can."
1020 e0084_01_01_kn Knuckles "Where in the world am I?"
1021 e0084_01_02_kn Knuckles "I don't remember being here before..."
1022 e0084_01_03_kn Knuckles "But something about it... is familiar."
1023 e0084_01_04_kn Knuckles "Hmm... This is very strange."
1024 e0084_02_01_tk Tikal "Father; please don't!"
1025 e0084_02_02_pt Pachacamac "Tikal; the seven Emeralds are essential to our survival."
1026 e0084_02_03_pt Pachacamac "It is for the good of all our people."
1027 e0084_02_04_tk Tikal "How can I make you understand?"
1028 e0084_02_05_tk Tikal "Attacking other countries; stealing; and killing..."
1029 e0084_02_06_tk Tikal "...Can't be the right path to peace!"
1030 e0084_02_07_tk Tikal "No one has the right to take their holy grounds."
1031 e0084_02_08_tk Tikal "I beg you; father!"
1032 e0086_01_01_kn Knuckles "Unh? Now where am I?"
1033 e0086_01_02_kn Knuckles "Back in Station Square I see."
1034 e0086_01_03_kn Knuckles "What's going on here anyway?"
1035 e0087_01_01_kn Knuckles "Eggman! Give me back the Master Emerald."
1036 e0087_01_02_eg Eggman "Kn- Knuckles!"
1037 e0087_01_03_eg Eggman "Uh; this isn't what you're after!."
1038 e0087_02_01_kn Knuckles "(gasps) You're right."
1039 e0087_02_02_eg Eggman "That's okay though. I can use you as a guinea pig to test it."
1040 e0087_02_03_eg Eggman "Chaos! Chaos!"
1041 e0087_02_04_kn Knuckles "Chaos?"
1042 e0087_03_01_kn Knuckles "It's that creature again!"
1043 e0087_03_02_kn Knuckles "The same one I saw on my island."
1044 e0087_03_03_kn Knuckles "He was there when the Master Emerald shattered. I'm sure of it."
1045 e0087_03_04_kn Knuckles "He saved me the trouble of looking for him. Now I'll get him good."
1046 e0087_04_01_eg Eggman "Ha ha hahaha. Way to go; Chaos!"
1047 e0087_04_02_kn Knuckles "Huh! Changing shape won't scare me!"
1048 e0087_04_03_kn Knuckles "Fine; give it your best shot!"
1049 e0088_01_01_eg Eggman "Bah. So what if you won this time?"
1050 e0088_01_02_eg Eggman "You have yet to see the true powers of Chaos."
1051 e0088_01_03_kn Knuckles "Yeah; yeah. That still doesn't phase me; you hear?"
1052 e0088_01_04_eg Eggman "I know something that might."
1053 e0088_01_05_eg Eggman "It's about Sonic."
1054 e0088_01_06_kn Knuckles "What?!"
1055 e0088_01_07_kn Knuckles "What about Sonic?"
1056 e0088_01_08_eg Eggman "He's after the pieces of the Master Emerald too!"
1057 e0088_01_09_kn Knuckles "What do you mean?"
1058 e0088_01_10_eg Eggman "You're not the only one on a wild goosechase; idiot! Why should I ruin your surprise?"
1059 e0088_01_11_eg Eggman "Ah ha hahahaha!"
1060 e0088_01_12_kn Knuckles "I wonder what he meant by that? I better find Sonic."
1061 e0089_01_01_kn Knuckles "I wonder why Sonic is after the Master Emerald..."
1062 e0089_01_02_kn Knuckles "I'd better work fast and get to the bottom of this."
1063 e008a_01_01_kn Knuckles "(gasp) There's Sonic! Eggman was right."
1064 e008a_01_02_kn Knuckles "What's that in his hand? It looks like a piece of the Master Emerald!"
1065 e008a_01_03_kn Knuckles "He has no right to have that."
1066 e008a_02_01_sn Sonic "Hey; Knuckles!"
1067 e008a_02_02_sn Sonic "Whoa! What do you think you're doing?"
1068 e008a_02_03_kn Knuckles "Alright. Put 'em up!"
1069 e008a_02_04_kn Knuckles "Hand over the Emerald now."
1070 e008a_02_05_sn Sonic "That's not gonna happen; buddy!"
1071 e008b_01_01_sn Sonic "Oh no! The Chaos Emeralds!"
1072 e008b_01_02_eg Eggman "Mwuahahahahahahahahaha!"
1073 e008b_01_03_kn Knuckles "Eggman! What's he doing here?"
1074 e008b_01_04_sn Sonic "Uh oh."
1075 e008b_01_05_eg Eggman "Heh. That's all there is to it. You guys are too easy!"
1076 e008b_01_06_kn Knuckles "(gasp) That's... a Chaos Emerald!"
1077 e008b_01_07_eg Eggman "First come; first serve; they say."
1078 e008b_01_08_eg Eggman "And you serve me too well for your own good. Hahahaha..."
1079 e008b_01_09_sn Sonic "You can't get away with this!"
1080 e008b_01_10_sn Sonic "Knuckles; did you let him trick you again?"
1081 e008b_01_11_kn Knuckles "Like you wern't?"
1082 e008b_01_12_sn Sonic "Smooth move; Knucklehead!"
1083 e008b_01_13_eg Eggman "Hahahahaha! I've got four Emeralds now."
1084 e008b_01_14_eg Eggman "Here; Chaos..."
1085 e008b_01_15_eg Eggman "Come here; my hungry pet."
1086 e008b_01_16_tl Tails "Now look what he is!"
1087 e008b_01_17_kn Knuckles "No problem! I'll make him eat dirt!"
1088 e008c_01_01_eg Eggman "Behold my flying fortress! My creation; the Egg Carrier!"
1089 e008c_01_02_eg Eggman "Beware! Chaos's true power is yet to be unleashed!"
1090 e008c_01_03_eg Eggman "Hahahaha! We shall meet again!"
1091 e008c_01_04_tl Tails "Hurry Sonic! What're we waiting for?"
1092 e008c_01_05_tl Tails "My workshop's close; so let's take the Tornado and go after him!"
1093 e008c_01_06_sn Sonic "Good idea!"
1094 e008c_01_07_kn Knuckles "Hey Sonic!"
1095 e008c_01_08_kn Knuckles "You go on without me. I have some things I need to take care of."
1096 e008c_01_09_sn Sonic "No problem Knuckles."
1097 e008c_01_10_sn Sonic "We'll take care of everything here."
1098 e008c_01_11_sn Sonic "Let's move!"
1099 e008e_02_01_tk Tikal "I beg of you; hear me now."
1100 e008e_02_02_tk Tikal "My father is coming here soon."
1101 e008e_02_03_tk Tikal "And I fear what may happen."
1102 e008e_02_04_tk Tikal "You must take everyone away from here."
1103 e008e_02_05_tk Tikal "Oh please!"
1104 e008e_02_06_tk Tikal "So; are you saying you can't leave this place?"
1105 e008e_02_07_tk Tikal "I understand. Let me talk to my father again."
1106 e008e_02_08_tk Tikal "There must be a better way to do this."
1107 e008e_03_01_tk Tikal "Don't worry; my friends. I won't let you down."
1108 e008e_03_02_tk Tikal "I must do something; quickly!"
1109 e008f_01_01_kn Knuckles "Where am I?"
1110 e008f_01_02_kn Knuckles "This is very strange."
1111 e0090_01_01_kn Knuckles "(pant) (pant) What? I'm back in front of the alter!"
1112 e0090_01_02_kn Knuckles "This is beginning to blow my mind."
1113 e0090_01_03_kn Knuckles "Wait a minute; I remember!"
1114 e0090_01_04_kn Knuckles "The broken pieces of the Master Emerald!"
1115 e0090_01_05_kn Knuckles "I have to restore them to where they belong!"
1116 e0091_01_01_kn Knuckles "It's still incomplete!"
1117 e0091_01_02_kn Knuckles "I need to find the remaining pieces; wherever they are."
1118 e0091_02_01_kn Knuckles "Hey... Look! It's Eggman's flying fortress!"
1119 e0091_02_02_kn Knuckles "That's where the rest of the pieces must be!"
1120 e0091_03_01_kn Knuckles "But I don't know where that ship is."
1121 e0091_04_01_kn Knuckles "Hey; isn't that one of Eggman's robots?"
1122 e0091_04_02_kn Knuckles "I know! I'll follow it back to Eggman's base."
1123 e0091_04_03_kn Knuckles "Here I come; Eggman!"
1124 e0092_01_01_kn Knuckles "Hmm. Just what I thought."
1125 e0092_01_02_kn Knuckles "Time to make a housecall."
1126 e0094_01_01_kn Knuckles "Now we'll see who's so easily tricked."
1127 e0094_01_02_kn Knuckles "I can sense that the Emeralds are here somewhere."
1128 e0094_02_01_kn Knuckles "Uh! What's going on?"
1129 e0094_03_01_kn Knuckles "Ahh! This thing's always changing!"
1130 e0094_04_01_kn Knuckles "I sense the Master Emerald."
1131 e0094_04_02_kn Knuckles "It can't be far from here."
1132 e0095_01_00_kn Knuckles "The last missing piece! Alright!"
1133 e0095_01_01_kn Knuckles "Now; to restore the Master Emerald."
1134 e0095_01_03_kn Knuckles "Huh?"
1135 e0096_01_01_kn Knuckles "(Groans) Oh no; not again...."
1136 e0096_01_02_kn Knuckles "What is the meaning of this?"
1137 e0096_02_01_kn Knuckles "Hey! What happened here?"
1138 e0096_02_02_tk Tikal "I couldn't... stop them..."
1139 e0096_02_03_tk Tikal "They came... and my father..."
1140 e0096_02_04_tk Tikal "I had no idea... how bad this would turn out...!"
1141 e0096_02_05_tk Tikal "I'm shocked...!"
1142 e0096_02_06_kn Knuckles "Look! It's the Emerald!"
1143 e0096_02_07_kn Knuckles "Wait!"
1144 e0098_01_01_kn Knuckles "Is this a dream?"
1145 e0098_01_02_kn Knuckles "It's more like a nightmare."
1146 e0099_01_01_eg Eggman "Augh! Not again! I hate you!"
1147 e0099_01_02_kn Knuckles "Hey Sonic!"
1148 e0099_01_03_sn Sonic "There you are Knuckles! About time."
1149 e0099_02_01_eg Eggman "I will return!"
1150 e0099_02_02_sn Sonic "Eggman; come back!"
1151 e0099_03_01_kn Knuckles "I'd better let Sonic handle it from here. He'll do okay."
1152 e0099_03_02_kn Knuckles "Now; I must return to Angel Island. And; the Master Emerald."
1153 e0099_04_01_kn Knuckles "No! It can't be!"
1154 e0099_04_02_kn Knuckles "I guess he didn't get enough the first time."
1155 e0099_04_03_kn Knuckles "You can't stop me from restoring the Master Emerald."
1156 e009a_01_01_kn Knuckles "I finally found all of the missing Emerald pieces; but..."
1157 e009a_01_02_kn Knuckles "I still can't figure out that creepy monster."
1158 e009a_01_03_kn Knuckles "Huh? What's that?"
1159 e009b_01_01_kn Knuckles "Yeah! You're finished!"
1160 e009b_01_02_kn Knuckles "What's left now is to return the Master Emerald to my island."
1161 e009d_01_01_kn Knuckles "This should do it. Perfect! All is well now."
1162 e009d_01_02_kn Knuckles "The Master Emerald; and the island; have been retored."
1163 e009d_02_01_kn Knuckles "I'll probably be on this floating island forever."
1164 e009d_02_02_kn Knuckles "Guarding the Master Emerald again."
1165 e009d_02_03_kn Knuckles "I may not know the whole story behind this..."
1166 e009d_02_04_kn Knuckles "But perhaps it's better that way. I'm at peace once more."
1167 e00a0_01_01_kn Knuckles "Hey! It's Dr. Eggman!"
1168 e00a0_01_02_kn Knuckles "What's he got there?"
1169 e00a0_01_03_kn Knuckles "It's gotta be a part of the Master Emerald!"
1170 e00a0_02_01_kn Knuckles "Hold on! Come back here!"
1171 e00b0_01_01_eg Eggman "Excellent! All systems; full power!"
1172 e00b0_01_02_eg Eggman "Look at me! I'm your brilliant creator; Dr. Robotnik!"
1173 e00b0_01_03_eg Eggman "You're the second of my E-100 model machines!"
1174 e00b0_01_04_eg Eggman "E-102; Codename: Gamma!"
1175 e00b0_01_05_e1 E-102 "Gamma."
1176 e00b0_01_06_eg Eggman "That's right! You will now obey only me."
1177 e00b1_01_01_eg Eggman "The Shooting Range is through this door."
1178 e00b1_01_02_eg Eggman "Your big brother; E-101 Beta; is there practicing."
1179 e00b1_02_01_eg Eggman "Enter; Gamma!"
1180 e00b1_02_02_eg Eggman "You're not as advanced as Beta is; but you'll do fine."
1181 e00b2_01_01_eg Eggman "Good job; Gamma."
1182 e00b2_01_02_eg Eggman "I didn't think you had what it takes!"
1183 e00b3_01_01_eg Eggman "What is this?!"
1184 e00b3_01_02_eg Eggman "I'm so dissapointed; you useless machine!"
1185 e00b3_01_03_eg Eggman "Alright then; back to practice. Go on! Get going!"
1186 e00b4_01_01_eg Eggman "Okay then; Gamma. Here's your test!"
1187 e00b4_01_02_eg Eggman "If you want to stay on board; you must be able to pass it. So pay attention to what I say!"
1188 e00b4_01_03_eg Eggman "The almighty Egg Carrier is a flying fortress that needs a good crew!"
1189 e00b4_01_04_eg Eggman "Come forth; Beta!"
1190 e00b4_02_01_eg Eggman "I'd like you to meet your older brother; E-101! Just call him Beta."
1191 e00b4_02_02_eg Eggman "I amm pitting the two of you against each other; and the winner serves on my ship."
1192 e00b4_02_03_eg Eggman "I'd put my bets on Beta; but I owe you at least a fair chance."
1193 e00b5_01_01_2_eg Eggman "Hohoho! You surprised me Gamma!"
1194 e00b5_01_02_eg Eggman "I had a funny feeling there was more to you than meets the eye."
1195 e00b5_01_03_eg Eggman "I hereby grant Gamma permission to serve aboard the Egg Carrier."
1196 e00b5_02_01_eg Eggman "What? So you want to come along with us; eh?"
1197 e00b5_02_02_eg Eggman "Okay; okay."
1198 e00b5_02_03_eg Eggman "We could always use a spare set of parts; I guess."
1199 e00b5_02_04_eg Eggman "You have special permission."
Sonic Adventure/Sound Editing/Voices/4
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