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SCHG: Sonic Adventure
2004 PC
2010 PC


In the Dreamcast version, these files are packed inside the SONICADV\EVENT_ADX_US.AFS file.
In the GameCube version, these files are packed inside the EVENT_ADX_E.AFS file.
In the PC version, English voice files are located in the folder SYSTEM\SOUNDDATA\VOICE_US\WMA.

Sonic Adventure/Sound Editing/Voices/6
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File (.wma) File (.adx) Character Contents Notes
1500 e00fd_05_03_tk Man "So-nic!"
1501 e00fd_05_04_tk Woman "Sonic!"
1502 e00fd_06_01_tk Tails "Negative forces aren't the only way to empower the Chaos Emeralds."
1503 e00fd_06_02_tk Tails "Our positive feelings towards each other can make them work."
1504 e00fd_06_08_tk Tails "Our hearts together form awesome power."
1505 e00fe_01_01_kn Knuckles "Chaos has changed again. This time for the better."
1506 e00fe_01_02_tl Tails "Yeah! Super Sonic must've neutralized it; so it's nice again!"
1507 e00fe_02_01_tk Tikal "These are the Chao you were protecting."
1508 e00fe_02_02_tk Tikal "They stayed alive for generations and now live peacefully with humans."
1509 e00fe_02_03_tk Tikal "The fighting's over; harmony's restored; and life goes on!"
1510 e00fe_03_01_tk Tikal "Thank you so much."
1511 e00fe_04_01t_tl Tails "All's well that ends well; right?"
1512 e00fe_04_02t_tl Tails "Sonic?"
1513 e0100_01_01_sn Sonic "Wow! This thing is really huge!"
1514 e0100_01_02_tl Tails "No time to gawk now. We need to find Amy!"
1515 e0100_01_03_sn Sonic "You're right; my friend! So here we go!"
1516 e0101_01_01_eg Eggman "Don't get too many ideas; you fools!"
1517 e0101_01_02_eg Eggman "You haven't seen the power this vessel really has!"
1518 e0101_01_03_eg Eggman "Get a load of this!"
1519 e0101_02_01_tl Tails "Ah; wow! It's changed shape! Did you see that?"
1520 e0101_02_02_sn Sonic "Darn! This makes it harder for us to get to the bridge!"
1521 e0101_02_03_tl Tails "I hate it when he doesn't listen."
1522 e0101_03_01_eg Eggman "Hahahahaha! I bet you wern't expecting this!"
1523 e0101_03_02_eg Eggman "The only way you can get to me is through the Sky Deck!"
1524 e0101_03_03_eg Eggman "I doubt if you can figure this one out!"
1525 e0101_03_04_eg Eggman "Haha hahahahaha!"
1526 e0101_03_05_sn Sonic "Oh yeah? Well I'll show you! Bring it on!"
1527 e0103_01_01_sn Sonic "This must be the way to the Sky Deck."
1528 e0103_02_01_sn Sonic "Is that it?"
1529 e0103_02_02_tl Tails "It might be; but let's check out the bridge."
1530 e0103_03_01_tl Tails "This must be the way to the Sky Deck."
1531 e0106_01_01_sn Sonic "If I'm to continue; I need to change this ship back to its original shape."
1532 e0106_01_02_sn Sonic "There must be a switch somewhere on the bridge. I've gotta find it; now!"
1533 e0110_01_01_sn Sonic "Wow; this thing is really huge!"
1534 e0110_01_02_tl Tails "No time to gawk Sonic. We need to find Amy!"
1535 e0110_01_03_sn Sonic "You're right pal! Let's get busy!"
1536 e0111_01_01_eg Eggman "Don't get any ideas Sonic."
1537 e0111_01_02_eg Eggman "You have no idea what this vessel can do."
1538 e0111_01_03_eg Eggman "How about I give you a little sample? Hahaha."
1539 e0112_01_01_tl Tails "Whoa! Hey; it transformed! Did you see that?"
1540 e0112_01_02_sn Sonic "Now how're we gonna get to the bridge?"
1541 e0112_01_03_tl Tails "I hate it when he doesn't listen to me."
1542 e0112_01_04_eg Eggman "I guess you wern't expecting that; were you?"
1543 e0112_01_05_eg Eggman "There's only one way to get to me Sonic; and that's through the Sky Deck!"
1544 e0112_01_06_eg Eggman "I doubt if you can make it!"
1545 e0112_01_07_eg Eggman "Haha! I dare you!"
1546 e0112_01_08_sn Sonic "Just watch me! Bring it on Eggman!"
1547 e0113_01_01_tl Tails "So; this must be the Sky Deck; huh?"
1548 e0114_01_01_sn Sonic "(yawn) Is that it?"
1549 e0114_01_02_tl Tails "Sonic! We should check out the bridge."
1550 ec_01_tk Tikal "Jump on panel number one. It will take you to panels two and three. Jump as soon as you land on a panel or else you'll fall."
1551 ec_02_tk Tikal "Jump up; then press the jump button again to do a Homing Attack. You should be able to defeat the enemy easily."
1552 ec_03_tk Tikal "The frog you are looking for is up ahead."
1553 ec_04_tk Tikal "There's a secret passage somewhere. Go and find it."
1554 eg_c_01_tk Tikal. "Here's the Jet Booster. Press and hold the jump button and you'll float for a while."
1555 eg_c_02_tk Tikal "Here's your Laser Blaster. Its blast damages enemies in a wide pattern."
1556 eg_c_03_tk Tikal "Here's the Long Hammer. Your attack radius is now increased. Try the Spin Hammer attack!"
1557 eg_c_04_tk Tikal "There's a place somewhere in the city where you can go down into the sewer."
1558 eg_c_05_tk Tikal "You can go to the Casino area at nighttime."
1559 eg_c_06_tk Tikal "Use the Ice Stone in the Mystic Ruins."
1560 eg_c_07_tk Tikal "Wasn't there a place where you couldn't get in alone?"
1561 eg_c_08_tk Tikal "You can get into a certain building using the Employee Card."
1562 eg_c_09_tk Tikal "You must save Amy. Hurry to the Mystic Ruins!"
1563 eg_c_10_tk Tikal "Station Square is in danger. You must stop Robotnik; Tails!"
1564 eg_c_11_tk Tikal "Knuckles; you should be able to get into City Hall."
1565 eg_c_12_tk Tikal "Looks like the train has arrived at the station."
1566 eg_c_13_tk Tikal "Take the train to the Mystic Ruins."
1567 eg_d_01_ot Female Announcer "Please board the train and wait for departure."
1568 eg_d_01_ot_fx Female Announcer "Please board the train and wait for departure."
1569 eg_d_02_ot Female Announcer "The train headed for the Mystic Ruins will be departing soon."
1570 eg_d_02_ot_fx Female Announcer "The train headed for the Mystic Ruins will be departing soon."
1571 eg_d_03_ot Female Announcer "A train will be arriving soon. Please stand back."
1572 eg_d_03_ot_fx Female Announcer "A train will be arriving soon. Please stand back."
1573 eg_d_04_ot Female Announcer "No trains are currently in service."
1574 eg_d_04_ot_fx Female Announcer "No trains are currently in service."
1575 eg_d_05_ot Female Announcer "Welcome to Twinkle Park."
1576 ek_01_tk Tikal "Aim for the weak spot; behind him."
1577 em_01_01_tk Tikal "The Egg Hornet itself is the weak spot. Attack it when it gets close."
1578 em_02_01_tk Tikal "Aim for the legs and make it lose its balance."
1579 em_03_01_tk Tikal "Do the Homing Jump to reach the enemy's weak spot."
1580 em_03_02_tk Tikal "Don't run away! Every enemy has a weak spot."
1581 fe_01_tk Tikal "Use the small chip to break the door down."
1582 fe_02_tk Tikal "If you fall; you'll return to your original spot."
1583 fe_03_tk Tikal "This is the center of the base. Be careful."
1584 fe_04_tk Tikal "Use the switch to bring the elevator down. Until it comes down; hide somewhere."
1585 fe_05_tk Tikal "One of these doors is the right one. Try and find the correct door."
1586 fe_06_tk Tikal "Destroy the targets. Then you'll have more time to move around."
1587 fe_07_tk Tikal "Destroy the last target and your mission is complete."
1588 fe_08_ot Final Egg intercom "Emergency! Emergency! Dispose of any intruders!"
1589 fe_08_ot_fx Final Egg intercom "Emergency! Emergency! Dispose of any intruders!"
1590 fe_09_ot Final Egg intercom "Final Egg: Level 2 isolation wall open."
1591 fe_09_ot_fx Final Egg intercom "Final Egg: Level 2 isolation wall open."
1592 fe_10_eg Eggman "Destroy the targets; and you'll get extra time."
1593 fe_11_eg Eggman "Destroy the Sonic target."
1594 hs_01_tk Tikal "Keep your balance; or else you'll fall off."
1595 hs_02_tk Tikal "Insert the plug in the opening next to the door. You need to grab hold of the end of the plug." Unused (?)
1596 hs_03_tk Tikal "If you're hanging from a cord; use the directional pad to sway. By touching the cord next to you; you will be able to switch cords." Unused (?)
1597 hs_04_tk Tikal "To pull out a plug; hold it and shake it." Unused (?)
1598 hs_05_tk Tikal "Move the handle and the lift should move."
1599 hs_06_tk Tikal "The switch for the gear controls is around here somewhere."
1600 hs_07_tk Tikal "Hold on to the handle and turn the key to the left to open the door."
1601 hs_08_tk Tikal "It says: Left one; Right three."
1602 hs_09_tk Tikal "This must be the emergency drainage switch."
1603 hs_10_tk Tikal "The highspeed cargo station is ahead."
1604 ic_01_tk Tikal "Hang on to the icicle and jump. You should be able to jump backwards. But don't hold on too long; you'll slip right off."
1605 ic_02_tk Tikal "Use the panel to jump. It may even help guide your way."
1606 ic_03_tk Tikal "Even if you're frozen; jump a couple of times and you should be able to crack through."
1607 ic_04_tk Tikal "Release the jump button at the right time. If you succeed; you'll do a trick and even gain more speed."
1608 ic_05_tk Tikal "Use the boulders to break the ice."
1609 ikdstop sound effect *ocean wave*
1610 ikdstrt sound effect *ocean wave*
1611 introduce_amy Amy (JP) *In Japanese; Amy gives a small speech.* Extended speech used in Japanese SA tv ads.
1612 introduce_big Big (JP) *In Japanese; Big gives a small speech.* Extended speech used in Japanese SA tv ads.
1613 introduce_e102 E-102 (JP) *In Japanese; E-102 gives a small speech.* Extended speech used in Japanese SA tv ads.
1614 introduce_eggman Eggman (JP) *In Japanese; Eggman gives a small speech.* Extended speech used in Japanese SA tv ads.
1615 introduce_knuckles Knuckles (JP) *In Japanese; Knuckles gives a small speech.* Extended speech used in Japanese SA tv ads.
1616 introduce_sonic Sonic (JP) *In Japanese; Sonic gives a small speech.* Extended speech used in Japanese SA tv ads.
1617 introduce_tails Tails (JP) *In Japanese; Tails gives a small speech.* Extended speech used in Japanese SA tv ads.
1618 lw_01_tk Tikal "Use the mirror to help guide you."
1619 lw_02_tk Tikal "Press the three hidden switches in the room to open the front door."
1620 lw_03_tk Tikal "Press this switch to raise the water level."
1621 lw_04_tk Tikal "Use the switch to light up the wall panels. You can walk on those panels when lit."
1622 lw_05_tk Tikal "This is the temple of those who strayed. Watch out for booby traps."
1623 mr_b_01_tk Tikal "This is the Ancient Light. Try the Lightspeed Dash toward the enemy. With this; you can now do the Lightspeed Attack."
1624 mr_b_02_tk Tikal "You found the Rythem Badge. To do continuous Tail Attacks; hold the action button down."
1625 mr_b_03_tk Tikal "You've got the Shovel Claw. Now you can dig through dirt and stone. Press the jump and action buttons simultaneously."
1626 mr_b_04_tk Tikal "Now you've got Fighting Gloves. To store up power; hold down the action button. Now you can do the Maximum Heat Knuckles Attack!"
1627 mr_b_05_tk Tikal "Behold the Warrior Feather. Now you can do the Spin Hammer Attack. Press and hold the action button and move the directional pad in a circle."
1628 mr_b_06_tk Tikal "You've discovered the Life Belt. It keeps you afloat when you are in water. To swim underwater; press the jump button when afloat."
1629 mr_b_07_tk Tikal "It's the Power Rod. You now have longer casting distance."
1630 mr_b_08_tk Tikal "The train for Station Square has arrived."
1631 mr_b_09_tk Tikal "Go to Station Square. You may find something."
1632 mr_b_10_tk Tikal "Take the boat to get to the Egg Carrier."
1633 mr_b_11_tk Tikal "You still need to go to the Egg Carrier."
1634 mr_b_12_tk Tikal "The trolley car seems to be working. It leads to the jungle."
1635 mr_b_13_tk Tikal "The jungle is deep and mysterious."
1636 mr_b_14_tk Tikal "A huge building has appeared; deep in the jungle."
1637 mr_b_15_tk Tikal "Robotnik has headed for the jungle."
1638 mr_b_16_tk Tikal "Strange robots have been seen entering and exiting the jungle."
1639 mr_b_17_tk Tikal "If you have the Stone of Wind; gusts of strong wind are known to blow in the caves."
1640 mr_b_18_tk Tikal "It seems like you have looked everywhere."
1641 mr_b_19_tk Tikal "Didn't you see a stone with an ice pattern on it?"
1642 mr_b_20_tk Tikal "Tails' Tornado seems to be ready."
1643 mr_b_21_tk Tikal "Hurry Sonic! Get to the mountain top! You still have time!"
1644 mr_b_22_tk Tikal "The door to the past... The one who is guided..."
1645 mr_b_23_tk Tikal "You must find the Chaos Emerald. But searching in the jungle is very difficult."
1646 mr_b_24_tk Tikal "You finally got an Emerald. You must hurry and finish the Tornado."
1647 mr_b_25_tk Tikal "Wasn't there something shiny in the caves?"
1648 mr_b_26_tk Tikal "Use the self-destruction switch to get rid of that monkey."
1649 mr_b_27_tk Tikal "Two stone statues... The door to the past..."
1650 mr_b_28_tk Tikal "I saw the frog on the train."
1651 mr_b_29_tk Tikal "The frog is headed towards the city."
1652 mr_b_30_tk Tikal "The rocks have crumbled. You can climb up to the island now."
1653 mr_b_31_tk Tikal "This cliff seems to be a part of Angel Island."
1654 mr_c_01_ot Male Announcer "Passengers are requested to wait onboard the train."
1655 mr_c_02_ot Male Announcer "The train headed for Station Square will be departing soon."
1656 mr_c_03_ot Male Announcer "A train will be arriving soon. Please stand back."
1657 mr_c_04_ot Male Announcer "No trains are currently in service."
1658 o1_01_tk Tikal "I am here to guide you. When you're lost; try finding me."
1659 o1_02_tk Tikal "This area is dangerous. Be careful."
1660 o1_03_tk Tikal "Be careful not to fall off."
1661 o1_04_tk Tikal "Use the Light Dash to run along the paths of rings. Hold the action button; and let go when you have enough power."
1662 o1_05_tk Tikal "The frog you are looking for is around here somewhere."
1663 o1_06_tk Tikal "There are many places to go fishing."
1664 o1_07_tk Tikal "If you hit the robot with the bomb; you can slow the robots down a little."
1665 o1_08_tk Tikal "Hide in here."
1666 o1_09_tk Tikal "Hide here to escape. Press the jump button to get out."
1667 o1_10_tk Tikal "Use the hammer while you run. You should be able to jump across."
1668 o1_11_tk Tikal "Some rockets require you to push a switch."
1669 o1_12_tk Tikal "Emeralds are sometimes found underground. Try digging for them."
1670 o1_13_tk Tikal "If you use the Homing Attack carefully; you can use the enemy characters as platforms."
1671 o1_14_tk Tikal "You can toss back the bombs Kiki throws at you."
1672 o1_15_tk Tikal "When Golah is breathing fire; it's your chance to attack."
1673 o1_16_tk Tikal "You can pick up and throw the small chips."
1674 o1_17_tk Tikal "Be careful of Leon. He appears suddenly."
1675 o1_18_tk Tikal "Use the camera button to change camera angles. If you get lost; change it back to auto."
1676 o1_19_tk Tikal "Gather fifty rings and press the action button while you jump. You'll transform in Super Sonic! But watch out for your ring consumption!" Unused
1677 o1_20_tk Tikal "You're going the wrong way."
1678 o1_21_tk Tikal "Save the animals and take them to the Chao Garden."
1679 o1_22_tk Tikal "Keep pressing the action button to do punch combos."
1680 o2_b_01_eg Eggman "You're not going to get away that easily. Huhahahaha."
1681 o2_c_e1_e1 E-102 "You must stop; Beta."
1682 o2_d_01_sn Sonic "Go! Now's your chance!"
1683 o2_d_02_sn Sonic "Hurry Up!"
1684 o2_d_03_sn Sonic "What're you doing? Save the frog!"
1685 o2_d_04_sn Sonic "Hey! This way you gooey monster!"
1686 o2_d_05_sn Sonic "I'll distract him while you escape!"
1687 o2_e_01_tk Tikal "The switch to transform the Egg Carrier is somewhere in this room."
1688 o2_e_02_tk Tikal "If you turn this switch on; rings will appear on the floor."
1689 o2_e_03_tk Tikal "The switch to the Sky Deck entrance is near. Try looking for it."
1690 o2_e_04_tk Tikal "Keep trying until you get the high score. Good luck!"
1691 o2_e_05_tk Tikal "Look for the entrance to the Sky Deck."
1692 o2_e_06_tk Tikal "Go to the Captain's Room."
1693 o2_e_07_tk Tikal "Find the entrance to the Sky Deck. The Master Emerald is there."
1694 o2_e_08_tk Tikal "Your friends are in front of the ship fighting. Help them!"
1695 o2_e_09_tk Tikal "Go through the Hot Shelter and find the way out. Good luck!"
1696 o2_e_10_tk Tikal "Your friends are in the Hot Shelter. Hurry up and rescue them!"
1697 o2_e_11_tk Tikal "Your friend is in the Hot Shelter. Hurry up and rescue him!"
1698 o2_e_12_tk Tikal "Use the monorail to get out of the ship."
1699 o2_e_13_tk Tikal "Robotnik ran away toward the front of the ship. Hurry up and catch him!"
1700 o2_f_01_ot Egg Carrier intercom "Emergency alert is now off. Monorail service will resume."
1701 o2_f_01_ot_fx Egg Carrier intercom "Emergency alert is now off. Monorail service will resume."
1702 o2_f_02_2_ot Egg Carrier intercom "Emergency alert has been cancelled. Resuming monorail operation."
1703 o2_f_02_2_ot_fx Egg Carrier intercom "Emergency alert has been cancelled. Resuming monorail operation."
1704 o2_f_02_ot Egg Carrier intercom "Emergency! Emergency! Dispose of any intruders!"
1705 o2_f_02_ot_fx Egg Carrier intercom "Emergency! Emergency! Dispose of any intruders!"
1706 o2_f_03_ot Egg Carrier intercom "Intruder alert! Intruder alert! Egg Keepers; report to battle stations!"
1707 o2_f_03_ot_fx Egg Carrier intercom "Intruder alert! Intruder alert! Egg Keepers; report to battle stations!"
1708 o2_f_04_eg_fx Eggman (intercom) "Ha-hahaha! You're not going to escape from here!"
1709 o2_f_05_eg_fx Eggman (intercom) "Let's see if you can clear this awesome game!"
1710 o2_f_06_eg_fx Eggman (intercom) "What!? I can't believe this is happening!"
1711 ot_01_tk Tikal "He must have a weak spot somewhere. Continue your attack; until you find it!"
1712 pc_01_tk Tikal "You can't overpower him. You can't beat him that way."
1713 pc_02_tk Tikal "Sonic! It's up to you now."
1714 pc_03_tk Tikal "Be brave; blue hedgehog."
1715 pc_04_tk Tikal "Chaos should have a weak spot on his head. Watch his movements carefully."
1716 pc_05_tk Tikal "In order to stay as Super Sonic; you'll need rings!"
1717 pc_06_tk Tikal "Press the action button to do the Lightspeed Dash."
1718 pwritem sound effect *get Power Up Item*
1719 sd_01_tk Tikal "Strong winds will blow you off course. When the ship increases speed; hang on to something."
1720 sd_02_tk Tikal "To destroy a cannon; aim a rocket into its center when the cannon is horizontal."
1721 sd_03_tk Tikal "Either push or pull the lever to control the ship's tilt."
1722 sd_04_tk Tikal "Even on the deck of this ship; there's a place you can dig."
1723 sd_05_eg Eggman (intercom) "Descending into the clouds. Slow the ship down." Unused (?)
1724 sd_05_eg_fx Eggman (intercom) "Descending into the clouds. Slow the ship down." Unused (?)
1725 sd_06_eg_fx Eggman (intercom) "Go up. Full speed ahead!"
1726 sd_07_eg_fx Eggman (intercom) "What a persistant hedgehog! I'll shake you off."
1727 sd_08_ot Egg Carrier intercom "Warning: Strong winds approaching."
1728 sd_09_ot Egg Carrier intercom "Strong wind alert cancelled."
1729 sd_10_ot Egg Carrier intercom "Warning: tidal wave approaching. Be careful when the ship tilts!" Unused (?)
1730 se_av_advertize Amy "It's my turn now!"
1731 se_av_cartgoal Amy "Alright!"
1732 se_av_cartjump Amy "Yay!"
1733 se_av_clear Amy "Alright!"
1734 se_av_clearbad Amy "*phew* That was close!"
1735 se_av_clearboss Amy "See? I can do this!"
1736 se_av_cleargood Amy "I'm free!"
1737 se_av_cleatbest Amy "Wow; I'm good!"
1738 se_av_damagecaptured Amy "Hey; let go of me!"
1739 se_av_damageelectric Amy "Oo-oo-ooh!"
1740 se_av_dead Amy "Oh no!"
1741 se_av_falldead Amy "Whoa!"
1742 se_av_noairdead Amy "Bbrrr!"
1743 se_av_taihou Amy "Wah!"
1744 se_bv_advertize Big "Hold on Froggy! I'm coming!"
1745 se_bv_bigfish Big "Wow; it's big!"
1746 se_bv_cartgoal Big "Hm!"
1747 se_bv_clear Big "Fro-ggy!"
1748 se_bv_clearbad Big "Maybe next time."
1749 se_bv_clearbest Big "What a gag[?]" (Can't tell the last word.)
1750 se_bv_clearboss Big "Froggy! Are you okay?"
1751 se_bv_cleargood Big "Not too bad!"
1752 se_bv_cut0 Big *inhales*
1753 se_bv_cut1 Big "Oh no."
1754 se_bv_damagecaptured Big *giggles*
1755 se_bv_dead Big "Oof!"
1756 se_bv_dontfish Big "Oh no!"
1757 se_bv_falldead Big "Wah!!"
1758 se_bv_fishup Big "I got a fish!"
1759 se_bv_hit Big "Something's biting!"
1760 se_bv_itemget0 Big "Super!"
1761 se_bv_middlefish Big "Oh well. It's okay."
1762 se_bv_noairdead Big *gurggles*
1763 se_bv_smallfish Big "Geez; it's small."
1764 se_bv_taihou Big "Whooaa!!"
1765 se_bv_whatisthis Big "What's this?"
1766 se_bv_yahoo Big "Allright!"
1767 se_ev_advertize E-102 "Preperation complete."
1768 se_ev_cartgoal E-102 "Driving complete."
1769 se_ev_cartjump E-102 *robotic beeps*
1770 se_ev_clear E-102 "Misson complete."
1771 se_ev_clear_e101modify E-102 "E-101 Beta: rescue complete."
1772 se_ev_clear_emerald E-102 "Frog capture complete."
1773 se_ev_clear_hotshelter E-102 "E-105 Zeta: rescue complete."
1774 se_ev_clear_mountain E-102 "E-104 Epsilon: rescue complete."
1775 se_ev_clear_windy E-102 "E-103 Delta: rescue complete."
1776 se_ev_damage E-102 *robotic beeping*
1777 se_ev_damagecaptured E-102 "Running impossible."
1778 se_ev_dead E-102 "Mission failed."
1779 se_ev_faceact0 E-102 "Ha. Ha. Ha."
1780 se_ev_faceact1 E-102 "Er...."
1781 se_ev_faceact2 E-102 "Er..."
1782 se_ev_faceact3 E-102 "Ba-bo-ba-ba-baby."
1783 se_ev_ready0 E-102 (JP) *Japanese voice* Leftover from JP track.
1784 se_ev_ready1 E-102 (JP) *Japanese voice* Leftover from JP track.
1785 se_ev_surprise E-102 *Robotic whirring*
1786 se_ev_timeup E-102 "Activity ceased."
1787 se_kv_advertize Knuckles "Okay! Let's go!"
1788 se_kv_cartgoal Knuckles "Yeeah!"
1789 se_kv_cartjump Knuckles "Whoa!"
1790 se_kv_clear Knuckles "Found it!"
1791 se_kv_clearbad Knuckles "I can do better than that."
1792 se_kv_clearbest Knuckles "That was easy."
1793 se_kv_clearboss Knuckles "Is that all you've got?"
1794 se_kv_cleargood Knuckles "Heh. Good enough."
1795 se_kv_damagecaptured Knuckles "Ohh!"
1796 se_kv_dead Knuckles "I'm a goner."
1797 se_kv_deadnoair Knuckles *gurggling*
1798 se_kv_falldead Knuckles "Aaahhh!"
1799 se_kv_taihou Knuckles "Whooa!"
Sonic Adventure/Sound Editing/Voices/6
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