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SCHG: Sonic Adventure
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In the Dreamcast version, these files are packed inside the SONICADV\EVENT_ADX_US.AFS file.
In the GameCube version, these files are packed inside the EVENT_ADX_E.AFS file.
In the PC version, English voice files are located in the folder SYSTEM\SOUNDDATA\VOICE_US\WMA.

Sonic Adventure/Sound Editing/Voices/2
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File (.wma) File (.adx) Character Contents Notes
0300 ctp_12_27_sn Sonic "I'm not too fond of places like this."
0301 ctp_12_28_tl Tails "Hm; I can't get into the park!"
0302 ctp_12_29_kn Knuckles "What is this place?"
0303 ctp_12_30_am Amy "I'm getting excited!"
0304 ctp_12_31_bi Big "Twinkle Park?"
0305 ctp_12_32_e1 E-102 "Bumper car area confirmed."
0306 ctp_13_01_sn Sonic "It must get pretty lonely here."
0307 ctp_13_02_tl Tails "This area sure has changed after they built this station."
0308 ctp_13_03_kn Knuckles "I've got to find the Master Emerald."
0309 ctp_13_04_am Amy "I don't like places like this."
0310 ctp_13_05_bi Big "Froggy; where are you?"
0311 ctp_13_06_e1 E-102 "Searching Mystic Ruins."
0312 ctp_13_07_sn Sonic "So; this is Angel Island!"
0313 ctp_13_08_kn Knuckles "I've got to get this island airborne again."
0314 ctp_13_09_e1 E-102 "Arriving at Angel Island."
0315 ctp_13_10_sn Sonic "Now this is more like it!"
0316 ctp_13_11_tl Tails "Which way did I come from?"
0317 ctp_13_12_kn Knuckles "This place gives me the strangest feeling."
0318 ctp_13_13_am Amy "This place is great!"
0319 ctp_13_14_bi Big "Maybe I'll go home."
0320 ctp_13_15_e1 E-102 "Temperature increasing. Cooling system activated."
0321 ctp_13_16_sn Sonic "This must be Robotnik's base!"
0322 ctp_13_17_tl Tails "So this is Robotnik's fortress!"
0323 ctp_13_18_kn Knuckles "Location: place of creation."
0324 ctp_13_19_am Amy "I'm going to do my best; Sonic."
0325 ctp_13_20_e1 E-102 "The place I was created."
0326 ctp_14_01_tl Tails "What is this place?"
0327 ctp_14_02_kn Knuckles "Where am I?"
0328 ctp_14_03_am Amy "Hey; where am I?"
0329 ctp_14_04_bi Big "Um; where am I?"
0330 ctp_14_05_e1 E-102 "Data not available. Current location unknown."
0331 ctp_15_01_sn Sonic "That's bad!"
0332 ctp_15_02_kn Knuckles "Why?"
0333 ctp_16_01_sn Sonic "This ship is too much!"
0334 ctp_16_02_tl Tails "This ship's cool!"
0335 ctp_16_03_kn Knuckles "How does this 'thing' fly?"
0336 ctp_16_04_am Amy "I wonder why that man bothered making things like this."
0337 ctp_16_05_e1 E-102 "Continuing mission."
0338 ctp_16_06_bi Big "Uh; how does this ship fly?"
0339 ctp_16_07_sn Sonic "This ship is just too weird!"
0340 ctp_16_08_tl Tails "I wanna make a ship like this one day!"
0341 ctp_16_09_kn Knuckles "Where's the exit?"
0342 ctp_16_10_am Amy "Better tread lightly so they don't hear us!"
0343 ctp_16_11_e1 E-102 "Continuing mission."
0344 ctp_16_12_bi Big "Uh; exits? Exits?"
0345 ctp_19_01_sn Sonic "Shoot! I got sand in my eye!"
0346 ctp_19_02_tl Tails "This sand is kinda loose!"
0347 ctp_20_01_am Amy "Hey; come on!"
0348 ctp_21_01_sn Sonic "What a peaceful place!"
0349 ctp_21_02_sn Sonic "Yo! Have you guys been good?"
0350 ctp_21_03_sn Sonic "Just remember: no fighting!"
0351 ctp_21_04_tl Tails "I really feel at home here!"
0352 ctp_21_05_tl Tails "How's it goin' guys?"
0353 ctp_21_06_tl Tails "You guys are the best!"
0354 ctp_21_07_kn Knuckles "I guess there are no Emeralds here."
0355 ctp_21_08_kn Knuckles "I have this feeling I've met these guys somewhere."
0356 ctp_21_09_kn Knuckles "This place reminds me of home. Wonder why."
0357 ctp_21_10_am Amy "This place is so relaxing!"
0358 ctp_21_11_am Amy "*yawn* I'm getting sleepy."
0359 ctp_21_12_am Amy "I don't want to see you guys fighting!"
0360 ctp_21_13_am Amy "If only Sonic were here."
0361 ctp_21_14_e1 E-102 "Location: unknown."
0362 ctp_21_15_e1 E-102 "Combat system disengaged."
0363 ctp_21_16_e1 E-102 "Sensors detecting life."
0364 ctp_21_17_bi Big "Looking good; buddy!"
0365 ctp_21_18_bi Big "Are you guys okay?"
0366 ctp_21_19_bi Big "Hey; I'm gettin' hungry again."
0367 ctp_21_20_bi Big "I wanna go fishing!"
0368 ctp_22_01_sn Sonic "He can't be invincible; can he?"
0369 ctp_22_02_sn Sonic "You're no match for me!"
0370 ctp_22_03_sn Sonic "What's up; Knuckles?"
0371 ctp_22_04_sn Sonic "Hey; this time you're not getting away!"
0372 ctp_22_05_sn Sonic "Not bad; not bad at all!"
0373 ctp_22_06_sn Sonic "Where can his weak spot be?"
0374 ctp_22_07_sn Sonic "You've had your fun. Now it's my turn!"
0375 ctp_23_01_tl Tails "C'mon Tails; you can do it!"
0376 ctp_23_02_tl Tails "H-hey; wait a minute!"
0377 ctp_23_03_tl Tails "You liquid monster!"
0378 ctp_23_04_tl Tails "Something's different about this robot."
0379 ctp_23_05_tl Tails "I know I can do it by myself!"
0380 ctp_24_01_kn Knuckles "That's it. I've had enough!"
0381 ctp_24_02_kn Knuckles "Hand over the emerald."
0382 ctp_24_03_kn Knuckles "When will you ever learn?"
0383 ctp_24_04_kn Knuckles "This time; you're finished!"
0384 ctp_25_01_am Amy "You're gonna pay for what you've done!"
0385 ctp_26_01_e1 E-102 "Target confirmed."
0386 ctp_26_02_e1 E-102 "Blue hedgehog: enemy."
0387 ctp_26_03_e1 E-102 "Beta."
0388 ctp_28_01_sn Sonic "I'll show you what the Chaos Emeralds can really do."
0389 ctp_28_02_sn Sonic "So; that's his core." (?)
0390 ctp_29_01_sn Sonic "Better get going!"
0391 ctp_30_01_tl Tails *yawn* Used when idling.
0392 ctp_31_01_kn Knuckles "I better hurry!"
0393 ctp_32_01_am Amy "I'm so tired!"
0394 ctp_33_01_e1 E-102 "Combat system activated."
0395 ctp_34_01_bi Big "Hey; I'm kinda hungry."
0396 ctp_35_01_sn Sonic "Hmph" Super Sonic selected
0397 dm_01_tk Tikal "This rocket will be launched vertically. Watch out where you land!"
0398 dm_02_tk Tikal "Move forward by attacking the enemies."
0399 dm_03_tk Tikal "Watch out for lava!"
0400 e0001_01_01_sn Sonic "Aw; yeah!"
0401 e0001_01_02_sn Sonic "This is happenin'!"
0402 e0001_01_03_sn Sonic "Huh?"
0403 e0001_01_04_sn Sonic "What's up?"
0404 e0001_02_00_01_ot Police "You are completely surrounded!"
0405 e0001_02_00_02_ot Police "Surrender yourself!"
0406 e0001_02_01_sn Sonic "Aw; yeah!"
0407 e0001_02_02_ot Police "Lock on target men. Ready? Fire!"
0408 e0001_02_03_ot Police "Oh no; our weapons are useless!"
0409 e0001_02_04_ot Police "Retreat! All personnel; fall back!"
0410 e0001_03_01_sn Sonic "This could be fun!"
0411 e0002_01_01_sn Sonic "C'mon you big drip. Where ya goin'?"
0412 e0002_02_01_eg Eggman "You know nothing; fool! It's Chaos! The god of destruction!"
0413 e0002_02_02_eg Eggman "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
0414 e0003_01_01_sn Sonic "Wha? Tails?!"
0415 e0003_02_01_sn Sonic "*gasp* Watch out! You're gonna crash! Ahh!"
0416 e0003_03_01_sn Sonic "Tails; ah; what am I gonna do with you?"
0417 e0006_01_01_tl Sonic "Hey; Sonic! Long time no see; huh?"
0418 e0006_01_02_sn Sonic "I'm just glad you're okay."
0419 e0006_01_03_sn Sonic "What happened anyway?"
0420 e0006_01_04_sn Sonic "You're too good of a pilot to just crash like that."
0421 e0006_01_05_tl Tails "That was a test run using a new prototype propulsion system. It's got a few bugs to iron out."
0422 e0006_01_06_sn Sonic "Why not just use my plane; the Tornado?"
0423 e0006_01_07_tl Tails "Thanks; but you gotta check out my newest power supply."
0424 e0006_01_08_tl Tails "Tada!"
0425 e0006_01_09_sn Sonic "Whoa! A Chaos Emerald!"
0426 e0006_01_10_tl Tails "Yep! I just happened to find one of the seven Emeralds during one of my test flights."
0427 e0006_01_11_tl Tails "This thing's got unlimited power; ya know."
0428 e0006_01_12_tl Tails "So I figured; why not use it to power my plane? Supercharged!"
0429 e0006_01_13_tl Tails "You gotta come over to my workshop; Sonic. I've got something I've gotta show you."
0430 e0006_01_14_tl Tails "It's in the Mystic Ruins. The fastest way is by train. Let's go!"
0431 e0007_01_01_eg Eggman "Ha ha ha ha! If it isn't Sonic!"
0432 e0007_01_02_sn Sonic "Look! It's a giant talking egg!"
0433 e0007_01_03_eg Eggman "Silence!"
0434 e0007_01_04_eg Eggman "I am Dr. Robotnik; the greatest scientific genius in the world!"
0435 e0007_01_05_sn Sonic "Whatever you say; Eggman."
0436 e0007_01_06_eg Eggman "Enough! I've got big plans; and now I'm gonna put them to work!"
0437 e0007_01_07_tl Tails "You're always up to no good. Now what do ya want?"
0438 e0007_01_08_eg Eggman "I want all of the Chaos Emeralds."
0439 e0007_01_09_eg Eggman "Better not interfere; or else!"
0440 e0007_01_10_sn Sonic "Or else what; ya big loser?"
0441 e0007_01_11_eg Eggman "Or else I'll take them from you by force; the hard way!"
0442 e0008_01_01_sn Sonic "Well; that wasn't so hard!"
0443 e0008_01_02_eg Eggman "Aha!"
0444 e0008_01_03_sn Sonic "Oh no!"
0445 e0008_02_01_eg Eggman "Come on Chaos; time to eat!"
0446 e0008_02_02_sn Sonic "Chaos?!"
0447 e0008_03_01_sn Sonic "Oh no; isn't that the same monster I saw the other day?"
0448 e0008_04_01_eg Eggman "Oh; yes! It's just as the stone tablets predicted!"
0449 e0008_04_02_eg Eggman "Ha ha ha ha ha!"
0450 e0008_04_03_eg Eggman "His strength increases every time I feed him a Chaos Emerald!"
0451 e0008_04_04_eg Eggman "With all seven Emeralds in him; he'll be invincible; and work for me!"
0452 e0008_04_05_eg Eggman "Together; we'll destroy Station Square!"
0453 e0008_04_06_eg Eggman "And on its ruins; I'll build Robotnikland; the ultimate city; where I will rule it all!"
0454 e0008_04_07_eg Eggman "Come on; Chaos! Let's find another Emerald; shall we?"
0455 e0008_05_01_tl Tails "Sonic!"
0456 e0008_05_02_tl Tails "We can't let him get away with this; can we?"
0457 e0008_05_03_sn Sonic "No way; Tails!"
0458 e0008_05_04_tl Tails "Without more Emeralds; the monster can't transform; so;"
0459 e0008_05_05_tl Tails "It's up to get the Emeralds before Eggman does; huh?"
0460 e0009_01_00_sn Sonic "Hyyeeh!"
0461 e0009_01_01_sn Sonic "Hey!"
0462 e0009_02_01_sn Sonic "Oh no; the Chaos Emerald!"
0463 e0009_02_02_eg Eggman "Oh no; you don't!"
0464 e0009_03_01_sn Sonic "Aw; geesh!"
0465 e0009_03_02_eg Eggman "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
0466 e0009_03_02_sn Sonic "Eggman..."
0467 e0009_04_01_tl Tails "Oh man; what happened to that Emerald we just had?"
0468 e0009_04_02_sn Sonic "Uh; I guess Eggmans' got one of them; but the other one's safe."
0469 e0009_04_03_sn Sonic "That guy must be desperate!"
0470 e0009_04_04_tl Tails "That means his two to our one and that's not good."
0471 e0009_04_05_tl Tails "Come on; Sonic; we need to get busy!"
0472 e000b_00_01_sn Sonic "Uhhhhaaa; aughh!"
0473 e000b_00_02_sn Sonic "Oh no; the Chaos Emeralds!"
0474 e000b_00_03_eg Eggman "Ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
0475 e000b_00_04_kn Knuckles "Ahh; Eggman!"
0476 e000b_00_05_sn Sonic "Uh oh!"
0477 e000b_01_01_eg Eggman "Ha! Like taking candy from a baby!"
0478 e000b_01_02_kn Knuckles "That's a Chaos Emerald!"
0479 e000b_01_03_eg Eggman "That's right fool; you made it all too easy!"
0480 e000b_01_04_eg Eggman "You practically gave them to me."
0481 e000b_01_05_sn Sonic "Hold it right there; creep! You can't get away with this!"
0482 e000b_01_06_sn Sonic "Knuckles; don't tell me Eggman tricked you again!"
0483 e000b_01_07_kn Knuckles "Me? What about you?"
0484 e000b_01_08_sn Sonic "Way to go; knucklehead!"
0485 e000b_01_09_eg Eggman "Now I have four lovely Emeralds!"
0486 e000b_01_10_eg Eggman "Chaos!"
0487 e000b_02_01_eg Eggman "These are for you; my friend!"
0488 e000b_03_01_tl Tails "Ah! He transformed again!"
0489 e000b_03_02_sn Sonic "Man; no one ever cuts us any slack!"
0490 e000f_01_01_sn_tl Sonic & Tails (& Amy?) screaming Sonic; Tails; and (I think) Amy screaming. Reason unknown. (?)
0491 e0010_01_01_tl Tails "We did it!"
0492 e0010_01_02_sn Sonic "Way to go; Tails!"
0493 e0011_01_01_sn Sonic "Tails?"
0494 e0011_01_02_sn Sonic "Tails?"
0495 e0011_02_01_sn Sonic "You're not who I'm looking for."
0496 e0011_02_02_sn Sonic "Ah; I wonder if he's okay."
0497 e0012_01_01_am Amy "Sonic; wait up!"
0498 e0012_02_02_am Amy "Long time no see."
0499 e0012_02_02_sn Sonic "Uhhh eh; Amy!"
0500 e0012_03_01_am Amy "What's wrong with you; anyway?"
0501 e0012_03_02_am Amy "Listen; this birdy seems to be in trouble; so you need to be his bodyguard for a while."
0502 e0012_03_03_sn Sonic "You must be kidding!"
0503 e0012_03_04_am Amy "If you don't; we're just gonna tag along anyway!"
0504 e0013_01_01_am Amy "Look! One of Eggman's robots."
0505 e0013_01_02_sn Sonic "No problem. He's just a chuck of cheesy hardware."
0506 e0013_02_01_am Amy "Whoa!!"
0507 e0013_02_02_sn Sonic "Oh; now what?"
0508 e0013_02_03_sn Sonic "Huh?"
0509 e0013_02_04_am Amy "Look here! It says; 'Cute couples get in free'!"
0510 e0013_02_05_am Amy "Let's go!"
0511 e0013_02_06_sn Sonic "Amy! W-w-w-wait!"
0512 e0013_02_07_sn Sonic "Aw; man! That girl is such a pain!"
0513 e0014_01_01_sn Sonic "Oh; shoot! I've lost Amy!"
0514 e0014_01_02_sn Sonic "I bet that robot hauled butt after her!"
0515 e0014_01_03_sn Sonic "I'd better catch her before it does!"
0516 e0015_01_01_sn Sonic "Amy! Oh man; where can she be?"
0517 e0015_01_02_am Amy "Ahh! Sonic! Help!"
0518 e0015_02_01_sn Sonic "I'll cut him off at the Mystic Ruins!"
0519 e0016_01_00_am Amy "Let me go; you hunk of junk! I mean it!"
0520 e0016_01_01_sn Sonic "Hey there; bolt brain! You better give Amy to me or I'll squash ya!"
0521 e0016_02_01_sn Sonic "Hey; what's happening here?"
0522 e0016_03_01_sn Sonic "Shoot! I've lost her again!"
0523 e0016_04_02_sn Sonic "Stop!"
0524 e0016_05_01_am_fx Amy "Sonic; help me!"
0525 e0017_01_01_tl Tails "Hey; Sonic!"
0526 e0017_01_02_sn Sonic "Tails! I'm glad you're okay."
0527 e0017_02_01_sn Sonic "Ready to roll; champ? Let's go!"
0528 e0017_02_02_tl Tails "Roger!"
0529 e0018_01_01_sn_tl Group Screaming & Sonic *screams* "Not again!"
0530 e0019_01_01_tl Tails "It's looking good so far!"
0531 e0019_02_01_sn Sonic "Here it comes again!"
0532 e0019_02_02_tl Tails "Don't worry; I'm ready."
0533 e0019_02_07_tl Tails "Transformation mode: engaged!"
0534 e0019_03_01_sn Sonic "Whoa!"
0535 e0019_04_01_tl Tails "Ready? Let's go!"
0536 e001a_01_01_am Amy "Sonic!"
0537 e001a_01_02_eg Eggman "Ha! They're too late!"
0538 e001a_02_01_am Amy "Not the birdie!"
0539 e001a_03_01_tl Tails "A Chaos Emerald!"
0540 e001a_03_02_am Amy "No way!"
0541 e001a_03_03_eg Eggman "Be gone; all of you! This is all I really need!"
0542 e001a_03_04_eg Eggman "GAMMA!!"
0543 e001a_04_01_e1 E-102 "What is your wish; master Robotnik?"
0544 e001a_04_02_eg Eggman "Get rid of these pests!"
0545 e001a_04_03_eg Eggman "Show them what you've got!"
0546 e001a_04_04_e1 E-102 "Aye; aye; sir."
0547 e001a_04_05_eg Eggman "And don't disappoint me; or else!"
0548 e001b_01_01_am Amy "Stop it; Sonic!"
0549 e001b_02_01_sn Sonic "Step aside; Amy. Out of my way!"
0550 e001b_02_02_am Amy "No!"
0551 e001b_02_03_am Amy "This robot is my friend. He helped me!"
0552 e001b_02_04_am Amy "Don't hurt him!"
0553 e001b_02_05_sn Sonic "Uh..okay; whatever you say."
0554 e001b_02_06_sn Sonic "You must have your reasons."
0555 e001b_03_01_tl Tails "Hey; this ship is loosing altitude!"
0556 e001b_03_02_sn Sonic "Hurry; Tails! Take Amy and get outta here!"
0557 e001b_03_03_am Amy "But what about you?"
0558 e001b_03_04_sn Sonic "I'll find that Eggman and put him out of commission!"
0559 e001b_03_05_tl Tails "The Egg Carrier's loosing altitude."
0560 e001b_03_06_am Amy "Are you okay?"
0561 e001c_01_01_sn Sonic "Oh no! Not again!"
0562 e001c_01_02_eg Eggman "Ha ha ha ha ha!"
0563 e001c_01_03_eg Eggman "Oh yes! Attack Sonic now!"
0564 e001c_01_04_bi Big "Froggy?"
0565 e001c_01_04_sn Sonic "Chaos! Could this be the same beast?"
0566 e001c_01_05_bi Big "I must save Froggy!"
0567 e001c_02_01_sn Sonic "If he's your friend; I'll help you."
0568 e001c_03_02t_sn Sonic "Just leave it to me!"
0569 e001c_04_01_eg Eggman "Ha ha ha ha ha!"
0570 e001c_04_02_eg Eggman "Now I have six of the Chaos Emeralds!"
0571 e001c_04_03_eg Eggman "There's only one more left to find!"
0572 e001c_04_04_eg Eggman "I even found Chaos' missing tail!"
0573 e001c_05_01_sn Sonic "You won't get away with this; you madman!"
0574 e001c_05_02_eg Eggman "I will!"
0575 e001c_05_03_eg Eggman "You're no match for Chaos; even though he's not perfected yet."
0576 e001c_05_04_eg Eggman "Okay Chaos; destroy them all! Immediately!"
0577 e001d_01_01_eg Eggman "No way! I can't believe this!"
0578 e001d_01_02_kn Knuckles "Sonic!"
0579 e001d_01_03_sn Sonic "Hey there; Knuckles. Glad you finally made it! I thought you got lost or something."
0580 e001d_02_02_sn Sonic "Stop! Come back here!"
0581 e001d_02_03_eg Eggman "Until we meet again; Sonic!"
0582 e001e_01_01_sn Sonic "Agh; I hate Eggman!"
0583 e001e_01_02_sn Sonic "Where's this?"
0584 e001e_01_03_sn Sonic "Hmm?"
0585 e001f_01_01_sn Sonic "That light!"
0586 e001f_01_02_sn Sonic "I think it's trying to show me something."
0587 e0020_01_01_sn Sonic "Wow; what's this?"
0588 e0020_01_02_sn Sonic "A mural!"
0589 e0021_02_01_tk Tikal "Why?"
0590 e0021_02_02_tk Tikal "Why did this have to happen?"
0591 e0021_02_03_tk Tikal "It's terrible!"
0592 e0021_02_04_tk Tikal "I must stop this; now!"
0593 e0022_01_01_sn Sonic "What's this place?"
0594 e0022_01_02_sn Sonic "Where am I? This is really weird."
0595 e0023_01_01_sn Sonic "What was that all about?"
0596 e0023_01_02_sn Sonic "I don't think I'm dreaming here."
0597 e0023_01_03_sn Sonic "Hm?"
0598 e0023_02_01_sn Sonic "Eggman!"
0599 e0023_03_01_sn Sonic "What's he doing here?"
Sonic Adventure/Sound Editing/Voices/2
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