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In the Dreamcast version, these files are packed inside the SONICADV\EVENT_ADX_US.AFS file.
In the GameCube version, these files are packed inside the EVENT_ADX_E.AFS file.
In the PC version, English voice files are located in the folder SYSTEM\SOUNDDATA\VOICE_US\WMA.

Sonic Adventure/Sound Editing/Voices/3
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File (.wma) File (.adx) Character Contents Notes
0600 e0023_03_02_sn Sonic "Oh nevermind; this time I'll get him good!"
0601 e0024_01_01_eg Eggman "Well; if it isn't my pal; Sonic."
0602 e0024_01_03_eg Eggman "I'm surprised you made it this far."
0603 e0024_02_01_sn Sonic "Hold it right there; Eggman!"
0604 e0028_01_01_sn Sonic "What's up; Knuckles?"
0605 e0028_01_02_sn Sonic "Something buggin' you?"
0606 e0028_01_03_kn Knuckles "No time for games; Sonic."
0607 e0028_01_04_kn Knuckles "Give me the Emeralds you have; right now!"
0608 e0028_01_05_sn Sonic "What? Let's just see you take them. Hah!"
0609 e0029_01_01_tl Tails "All righty; we're in!"
0610 e0029_02_01_sn Sonic "We gotta land on the Egg Carrier."
0611 e0029_02_02_tl Tails "Whoops."
0612 e0029_02_03_tl Tails "Uh; I forgot something."
0613 e0029_02_04_sn Sonic "What's that?"
0614 e0029_02_05_tl Tails "There's no landing gear in this mode."
0615 e0029_02_06_sn Sonic "What?!"
0616 e0030_01_01_tl Tails "Everything's working great!"
0617 e0030_01_02_tl Tails "All systems go; full speed ahead!"
0618 e0030_02_01_tl Tails "Uh oh; what's this?"
0619 e0030_02_02_tl Tails "Noooo!"
0620 e0030_03_01_tl Tails "Ahhhh!"
0621 e0030_03_02_tl Tails "I'm outta control! Mayday; mayday!"
0622 e0030_03_03_tl Tails "Going down!"
0623 e0030_03_04_tl Tails "Ahhhh!"
0624 e0030_03_05_tl Tails "Look out below!"
0625 e0032_01_01_sn Sonic "Boy; you're lucky I saw you come down."
0626 e0032_01_02_sn Sonic "So what went wrong; anyway?"
0627 e0032_01_03_sn Sonic "It's not like you to crash like that."
0628 e0032_01_04_tl Tails "Yeah; it's just that I'm testing a new prototype power supply; and it's not fully compatible yet."
0629 e0032_01_05_sn Sonic "You can always borrow my plane; the Tornado; if you want."
0630 e0032_01_06_tl Tails "Thanks Sonic; but if I can make this work; it'll run circles around yours!"
0631 e0032_01_07_tl Tails "Check out this power supply!"
0632 e0032_01_08_sn Sonic "It's a Chaos Emerald! No way!"
0633 e0032_01_09_tl Tails "I was lucky to find one of the seven Chaos Emeralds."
0634 e0032_01_10_tl Tails "They have unlimited mystic power."
0635 e0032_01_11_tl Tails "Now I wanna harness that power to fly my plane."
0636 e0032_01_12_tl Tails "Let's go to my workshop in the Mystic Ruins and I'll show you what I've been working on."
0637 e0032_01_13_tl Tails "We'll go to the station; hop on a train; and get there in no time!"
0638 e0033_01_01_eg Eggman "Well; well; well; if it isn't Sonic and Tails."
0639 e0033_01_02_tl Tails "It's Eggman!"
0640 e0033_01_03_eg Eggman "Silence!"
0641 e0033_01_04_eg Eggman "I am Dr. Robotnik; the most cunning scientific genius in the world!"
0642 e0033_01_05_sn Sonic "Yeah; right; Dr. Eggman!"
0643 e0033_01_06_eg Eggman "Enough! I've been working on a master plan; but now it's time to put it to work!"
0644 e0033_01_07_tl Tails "That usually means trouble; coming from you!"
0645 e0033_01_08_eg Eggman "Don't even try to interfere this time!"
0646 e0033_01_09_eg Eggman "Give me that Chaos Emerald; or else!"
0647 e0033_01_10_tl Tails "Or else what; huh?"
0648 e0033_01_11_eg Eggman "Or else I'll take it from you; the hard way!"
0649 e0034_01_01_tl Tails "That was just too easy!"
0650 e0034_01_02_eg Eggman "Gotcha!"
0651 e0034_01_03_tl Tails "Hey; he snagged it!"
0652 e0034_02_01_eg Eggman "Chaos could use a little snack!"
0653 e0034_02_02_tl Tails "Who's Chaos?"
0654 e0034_03_01_sn Sonic "That's the monster I saw the other day."
0655 e0034_03_02_tl Tails "Uh; monster?"
0656 e0034_04_01_eg Eggman "Yes; yes; yes; it's really happening; just as the stone tablets said it would!"
0657 e0034_04_02_eg Eggman "Ha ha ha ha; hear this Sonic!"
0658 e0034_04_03_eg Eggman "Chaos' strength increases every time I give him a Chaos Emerald."
0659 e0034_04_04_eg Eggman "All he needs is seven Emeralds to become invincible."
0660 e0034_04_05_eg Eggman "Then; he will turn Station Square into rubble!"
0661 e0034_04_06_eg Eggman "Upon which I will build the ultimate city; Robotnikland!"
0662 e0034_04_07_eg Eggman "Ha ha ha ha! You ready; Chaos? Let's go find the next Emerald. Come on!"
0663 e0034_05_01_tl Tails "Thank goodness they're gone. Good riddance!"
0664 e0034_05_02_sn Sonic "We can't let that monster get any bigger. It could get ugly!"
0665 e0034_05_03_tl Tails "You're right. Chaos must be stopped."
0666 e0034_05_04_tl Tails "And he can be if we keep him away from more Emeralds; right?"
0667 e0034_05_05_tl Tails "So whaddya say; Sonic? Let's find the Chaos Emeralds before Eggman does."
0668 e0035_01_01_tl Tails "breath What's that?"
0669 e0035_02_01_eg Eggman "Get away from there!"
0670 e0035_02_01_tl Tails "The Chaos Emerald!"
0671 e0035_03_01b_eg Tails "Ahhhhh!"
0672 e0035_03_01_tl Eggman "Nighty night! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
0673 e0035_03_02_tl Tails "Eggman..."
0674 e0035_04_01_tl Tails "Ugh; Sonic; what happened to the Chaos Emerald?"
0675 e0035_04_02_sn Sonic "Ah; Eggman got one of them; but the other one's safe."
0676 e0035_04_03_sn Sonic "He must be getting desperate."
0677 e0035_04_04_tl Tails "Now the Emerald count is two to one and Eggman's winning!"
0678 e0035_04_05_tl Tails "Let's get a move on!"
0679 e0038_01_01_tl Tails "Hey Knuckles; what's up?"
0680 e0038_01_02_tl Tails "Whaddya doin'; Knuckles?"
0681 e0038_01_03_kn Knuckles "Don't mess with me now!"
0682 e0038_01_04_kn Knuckles "Just hand over the Emeralds you have; quick!"
0683 e0038_01_05_tl Tails "No way; Knuckles!"
0684 e0039_00_01_tl Tails "Whoa!"
0685 e0039_00_02_tl Tails "Oh no; the Emeralds!"
0686 e0039_00_03_eg Eggman "Ha ha ha ha ha ha! And they're all mine!"
0687 e0039_00_04_tl Tails "Eggman's back!"
0688 e0039_00_05_tl Tails "He's got the Emeralds!"
0689 e0039_00_06_eg Eggman "You two are bumbling idiots; you know that?!"
0690 e0039_01_01_kn Knuckles "Hey; those are...the Chaos Emeralds!"
0691 e0039_01_02_eg Eggman "You are so easily tricked!"
0692 e0039_01_03_eg Eggman "All I did was wait for you to bring it to me!"
0693 e0039_01_04_tl Tails "What the heck is he talking about anyway?"
0694 e0039_01_05_sn Sonic "Don't you realize when you've been tricked?"
0695 e0039_01_06_kn Knuckles "Tricked? No one makes a fool out of me!"
0696 e0039_01_07_sn Sonic "Way to go; Knucklehead!"
0697 e0039_02_01_eg Eggman "Ha ha ha ha! Four! Count them; four Emeralds!"
0698 e0039_02_02_eg Eggman "I summon Chaos! Come forth!"
0699 e0039_02_03_eg Eggman "Here; eat up!"
0700 e0039_03_01_tl Tails "Oh; no! It's changing again!"
0701 e0039_03_03_tl Tails "We gotta stop this; fast!"
0702 e003a_01_01_eg Eggman "Behold my floating masterpiece; the Egg Carrier!"
0703 e003a_01_02_eg Eggman "But it pales in comparison to the power of Chaos!"
0704 e003a_01_03_eg Eggman "Adeus! Until we meet again; my friends! Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
0705 e003a_02_01_tl Tails "Hey! We can't let them get away!"
"0706 " e003a_02_02_tl Tails "Let's get to my workshop and we'll take the Tornado!"
0707 e003a_02_03_sn Sonic "Yeah."
0708 e003a_03_01_kn Knuckles "You guys go."
0709 e003a_03_02_kn Knuckles "I have some unfinished business to take care of."
0710 e003a_03_03_sn Sonic "No problem Knuckles."
0711 e003a_03_04_sn Sonic "We'll take care of everything here."
0712 e003a_04_01_tl Tails "Come on! Let's get going!"
0713 e003b_01_01_tl Tails "Sonic! Wait here for a second."
0714 e003c_01_01_tl Tails "Sonic; hop in!"
0715 e003c_02_01_tl Tails "Let's go!"
0716 e003d_01_01_tl Tails "We did it!"
0717 e003d_01_02_sn Sonic "Way to go; Tails!"
0718 e0040_01_01_tl Tails "Mn... Wow; that dream brought back memories."
0719 e0040_01_02_tl Tails "I owe so much to Sonic."
0720 e0040_01_03_tl Tails "Sonic!"
0721 e0040_02_01_tl Tails "Hmm... Wonder where he went? Sure hope he's alright."
0722 e0040_02_02_tl Tails "The Tornado's not powerful enough."
0723 e0040_02_03_tl Tails "If I'm gonna get that Egg Carrier; I need to finish my prototype."
0724 e0040_02_04_tl Tails "It needs a Chaos Emerald to work!"
0725 e0040_02_05_tl Tails "Looks like I'd better find one; fast!"
0726 e0042_01_01_tl Tails "Wow! There's a Chaos Emerald!"
0727 e0042_01_02_tl Tails "Hey! Wait up!"
0728 e0042_01_03_tl Tails "Sstop!"
0729 e0044_01_01_tl Tails "Uh-oh. I thought I was in the desert!"
0730 e0044_01_02_tl Tails "I wonder where I am."
0731 e0044_01_03_tl Tails "Oops!"
0732 e0044_02_01_tk Tikal "The servers are the seven Chaos Emeralds."
0733 e0044_03_01_tk Tikal "Hello there friend! How are you?"
0734 e0044_03_02_tl Tails "Um; what were you saying before?"
0735 e0044_03_03_tk Tikal "Huh."
0736 e0044_03_04_tk Tikal "It's something my grandmother taught me."
0737 e0044_03_05_tk Tikal "I'm never to forget it. It goes like this."
0738 e0044_04_01_tk Tikal "The servers are the Seven Chaos."
0739 e0044_04_02_tk Tikal "Chaos is power; power enriched by the heart."
0740 e0044_04_03_tk Tikal "The controller is the one that unifies the chaos."
0741 e0044_04_04_tk Tikal "But I'm still not sure what it all means."
0742 e0044_04_05_tk Tikal "But the number seven..."
0743 e0044_04_06_tk Tikal " the same as the number of Emeralds there are."
0744 e0044_05_01_tl Tails "Emeralds?"
0745 e0044_05_02_tk Tikal "Forgive me; but I don't think we've ever met before."
0746 e0044_05_03_tk Tikal "I'm Tikal. And you are?"
0747 e0046_00_01_bi Big "Wwhooa!"
0748 e0046_01_01b_bi Tails "Yikes!!"
0749 e0046_01_01_tl Big "Wait for me!!"
0750 e0046_01_02_tl Tails "Weird... Now where was I?"
0751 e0046_01_03_tl Tails "Oh yeah; the Chaos Emerald. Perfect!"
0752 e0046_01_04_tl Tails "This will get my Tornado 2 up and rarin' to go!"
0753 e0047_01_01_tl Tails "The time has come at last."
0754 e0047_01_02_tl Tails "This new plane should work a lot better. I've ironed out most of the problems."
0755 e0047_01_03_tl Tails "So; here goes."
0756 e0047_01_04_tl Tails "Emerald; do your stuff!"
0757 e0047_02_01_tl Tails "Ready Sonic? Here I come!"
0758 e0047_02_02_tl Tails "Tornado 2; clear for take off. Away we go!"
0759 e0048_01_01_tl Tails "There you are; dead ahead! The Egg Carrier!"
0760 e0048_01_02_tl Tails "There's Sonic!"
0761 e0048_02_01_tl Tails "Soonic!"
0762 e0048_02_02_sn Sonic "Alright; Tails! Way to go! This plane's cool!"
0763 e0048_03_01_sn Sonic "Now what'ya say we nail those guys?"
0764 e0048_03_02_tl Tails "You got it! Hang on!"
0765 e004a_01_01_tl Tails "Hah-hah! So far so good!"
0766 e004a_01_02_sn Sonic "Hope you know what you're doing."
0767 e004a_01_03_tl Tails "You bet! Watch this!"
0768 e004b_01_01_am Amy "Sonic! Tails!"
0769 e004b_01_02_eg Eggman "Hah! You're a bit late!"
0770 e004b_01_03_am Amy "Not the birdie!"
0771 e004b_03_01_tl Tails "That's a Chaos Emerald!"
0772 e004b_03_02_am Amy "No way!"
0773 e004b_03_03_eg Eggman "Be gone; all of you! This is all I really need."
0774 e004b_03_04_eg Eggman "Gamma!"
0775 e004b_04_01_e1 E-102 "What is your wish; Master?"
0776 e004b_04_02_eg Eggman "Get rid of these pests!"
0777 e004b_04_03_eg Eggman "Give them all you got!"
0778 e004b_04_04_e1 E-102 "Aye-aye; Master Robotnik."
0779 e004b_04_05_eg Eggman "I'll leave it up to you; Gamma."
0780 e004c_01_01_am Amy "Please stop; Tails!"
0781 e004c_02_01_tl Tails "Move aside Amy. Get out of the way!"
0782 e004c_02_02_am Amy "No!"
0783 e004c_02_03_am Amy "This robot is my friend! He helped me!"
0784 e004c_02_04_am Amy "Don't hurt him."
0785 e004c_02_05_tl Tails "Mn."" ('Pushing object' soundbyte?)"
0786 e004c_02_06_tl Tails "Okay. If you say so."
0787 e004c_02_07_tl Tails "You have your reasons; I guess."
0788 e004c_03_01_tl Tails "Hey! This ship is losing altitude!"
0789 e004c_03_02_sn Sonic "Hurry Tails! Take Amy and get outta here!"
0790 e004c_03_03_am Amy "But what about you?"
0791 e004c_03_04_sn Sonic "I'll find Eggman and put a stop to his evil ways!"
0792 e004d_01_01_tl Tails "That's Eggman! I wonder what happened to Sonic?"
0793 e004d_01_02_eg Eggman "I'm finished... Chaos was defeated; and now my Egg Carrier is ruined."
0794 e004d_01_03_eg Eggman "No matter. I will destroy Station Square anyway."
0795 e004d_01_04_10_ot Woman *scream*
0796 e004d_01_04_12_ot Woman (Japanese) (leftover from JP track.)
0797 e004d_02_01_tl Tails "If that missile is launched..."
0798 e004d_02_02_eg Eggman "Ready? Fire!"
0799 e004d_03_01_eg Eggman "Augh! No; it was a dud!"
0800 e004d_03_02_eg Eggman "I can't believe this!"
0801 e004d_03_03_eg Eggman "Ahh! I'll go and deal with this myself!"
0802 e004d_04_01_tl Tails "Oh no!"
0803 e004d_04_02_tl Tails "I'd better get to that missile before he detonates it!"
0804 e004e_01_01_tl Tails "I see it!"
0805 e004e_02_01_tl Tails "I've gotta get it before Eggman!"
0806 e004e_02_02_tl Tails "The fate of Station Square depends on me... (sighs)"
0807 e004e_02_03_tl Tails "So-nic..."
0808 e004e_03_01_tl Tails "I've changed a lot since I've started hanging with Sonic."
0809 e004e_03_02_tl Tails "But I can't depend on him forever."
0810 e004e_03_03_tl Tails "I know I can do this by myself. Okay Eggman; bring it on!"
0811 e0050_01_01_eg Eggman "So you beat me to the missile; you little pest."
0812 e0050_01_02_eg Eggman "I will make you all pay for this."
0813 e0050_01_03_eg Eggman "You fool. Away... before I make mincemeat out of you."
0814 e0050_01_04_tl Tails "I'm not scared. I'm not scared."
0815 e0050_01_05_tl Tails "I can do this!"
0816 e0050_01_06_01_ot Man "Oh no! It's Robotnik!"
0817 e0050_01_06_02_ot Woman *screams*
0818 e0050_01_06_03_ot Woman "Let's get out of here!"
0819 e0051_01_01_tl Tails "Hey! I did it!"
0820 e0051_01_02_tl Tails "Heh... I did it all by myself!"
0821 e0051_01_03_02_ot Woman "You're the best!"
0822 e0051_01_03_05_ot None (empty) (blank)
0823 e0051_01_03_09_ot Man "We're forever grateful."
0824 e0051_01_03_10_ot None (empty) (blank)
0825 e0051_01_03_11_ot Woman "You saved the day!"
0826 e0054_01_01_tl Tails "Coming in tight!"
0827 e0054_02_01_sn Sonic "Tails! We gotta land on the Egg Carrier."
0828 e0054_02_02_tl Tails "Oops!"
0829 e0054_02_03_tl Tails "We got a problem here!"
0830 e0054_02_04_sn Sonic "What now?"
0831 e0054_02_05_tl Tails "I forgot to put in the landing gear!"
0832 e0054_02_06_sn Sonic "Whaaa?!!"
0833 e0060_01_01_am Amy "Gee; I'm bored."
0834 e0060_01_02_am Amy "Everyday's the same old thing."
0835 e0060_01_03_am Amy "Same place; different day."
0836 e0060_01_04_am Amy "I miss the good ol' days."
0837 e0060_01_05_am Amy "Hanging out with my hero; Sonic! (sighs)"
0838 e0060_01_06_am Amy "Chasin' bad guys..."
0839 e0060_01_07_am Amy "And blowing 'em away! Haha!"
0840 e0060_01_08_am Amy "But now he's gone. And there's nothing left to do..."
0841 e0060_01_09_am Amy "...But shop 'til I drop. There was always something fun to do with Sonic around. I really miss him."
0842 e0060_01_10_am Amy "Hey; what's going on here? Is there an eclipse today or what?"
0843 e0060_01_11_am Amy "Nobody's forecast a storm or anything."
0844 e0060_01_12_am Amy "Oh my gosh! What is that?!?"
0845 e0061_01_01_am Amy "Eggman. Can it be?"
0846 e0061_01_02_am Amy "What's that?"
0847 e0061_01_03_am Amy "Aahh!! Watch it; watch it!"
0848 e0061_01_04_am Amy "Ow! You should watch where you're going buddy!"
0849 e0061_01_05_am Amy "Hey; are you alright? You look kind of hurt."
0850 e0061_01_06_am Amy "What's this???"
0851 e0061_01_07_am Amy "Ah! Uh oh!"
0852 e0061_01_08_am Amy "Yikes! You almost ran me over; creep! Oh no; let's get out of here!"
0853 e0061_01_09_am Amy "That was one of Eggman's robots; huh?"
0854 e0061_01_10_am Amy "He must've captured you; and somehow you got away; right?"
0855 e0061_01_11_am Amy "Don't worry; I'll protect you!"
0856 e0061_01_12_am Amy "I'll do my best to keep us both from harm. I'll stand by you all the way!"
0857 e0062_01_01_am Amy "Oh; Sonic!"
0858 e0062_01_02_am Amy "(dreamy sigh) My hero!"
0859 e0062_01_03_am Amy "Sonic!"
0860 e0062_01_04_am Amy "Long time; no see!"
0861 e0062_02_01_sn Sonic "Y-ah-uhh... Amy!"
0862 e0062_02_02_am Amy "What's your problem?"
0863 e0062_02_03_am Amy "See; this little birdie's got in trouble. I think you should be his body guard for a little while!"
0864 e0062_02_04_sn Sonic "What?!?"
0865 e0062_02_05_am Amy "Doesn't matter. We'll just tag along!"
0866 e0062_02_06_sn Sonic "No way! Uh-uh!"
0867 e0062_03_01_am Amy "C'mon; don't run away! Ooohhh!"
0868 e0063_01_01_am Amy "Wait up Sonic! Not fair!"
0869 e0063_01_02_am Amy "I can't run as fast as you!"
0870 e0063_02_01_am Amy "Aahh; look! Eggman's robot's on the loose!"
0871 e0063_02_02_sn Sonic "Don't panic! I'll handle that bag o' bolts!"
0872 e0063_02_03_am Amy *shouts*
0873 e0063_02_04_sn Sonic "Now what's wrong?"
0874 e0063_02_05_sn Sonic "Huh!?"
0875 e0063_02_06_am Amy "Look! It says cute couples can get in free!"
0876 e0063_02_07_am Amy "What are we waiting for?"
0877 e0063_02_08_sn Sonic "Amy! W-w-w-w-wait!"
0878 e0063_02_09_sn Sonic "I give up. She's so weird!"
0879 e0064_01_01_am Amy "Phew! I'm glad we finally lost that robot!"
0880 e0064_01_02_am Amy "Sonic must've gotten lost too."
0881 e0064_02_01_am Amy *scream*
0882 e0064_02_02_am Amy "Hey; watch it bolt brain!"
0883 e0064_02_03_am Amy "Let us down! Let us go!"
0884 e0064_02_04_am Amy "Help! So-niic!"
0885 e0065_01_01_am Amy "Now; now; calm down."
0886 e0065_01_03_am Amy "What do you want?"
0887 e0065_02_02_e1 E-102 "Hand me the bird."
0888 e0065_02_03_am Amy "Nope!"
0889 e0065_02_04_e1 E-102 "Quietly hand over the bird."
0890 e0065_02_05_am Amy "No; never!"
0891 e0065_02_06_e1 E-102 "Why not?"
0892 e0065_02_07_am Amy "I don't need to tell you anything!"
0893 e0065_02_08_am Amy "You tell me why you want it; now!"
0894 e0065_02_09_e1 E-102 "Does not compute."
0895 e0065_02_10_am Amy "You don't even know?"
0896 e0065_02_11_am Amy "I know you might hurt us both."
0897 e0065_02_12_am Amy "Please Mr. Robot."
0898 e0065_02_13_am Amy "Won't you help us; please?"
0899 e0065_03_01_e1 E-102 "Insufficient data."
Sonic Adventure/Sound Editing/Voices/3
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