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SCHG: Sonic Adventure
2004 PC
2010 PC


In the Dreamcast version, these files are packed inside the SONICADV\EVENT_ADX_US.AFS file.
In the GameCube version, these files are packed inside the EVENT_ADX_E.AFS file.
In the PC version, English voice files are located in the folder SYSTEM\SOUNDDATA\VOICE_US\WMA.

Sonic Adventure/Sound Editing/Voices/1
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File (.wma) File (.adx) Character Contents Notes
0000 adt_01_01_tk Narrator "Select a memory card."
0001 adt_01_02_tk Narrator "Select a file."
0002 adt_01_03_tk Narrator "This is the adventure mode. Start your adventure here."
0003 adt_01_04_tk Narrator "This is the trial mode. You can practice here."
0004 adt_01_05_tk Narrator "Select a character."
0005 adt_01_06_tk Narrator "How to play as Sonic."
0006 adt_01_07_tk Narrator "How to play as Tails."
0007 adt_01_08_tk Narrator "How to play as Knuckles."
0008 adt_01_09_tk Narrator "How to play as Amy."
0009 adt_01_10_tk Narrator "How to play as E-102."
0010 adt_01_11_tk Narrator "How to play as Big."
0011 adt_01_12_tk Narrator "The rules for the action stages."
0012 adt_01_13_tk Narrator "Select a stage."
0013 adt_01_14_tk Narrator "Select a game."
0014 adt_01_15_tk Narrator "Options: You can customize various options."
0015 adt_01_16_tk Narrator "Sound Test: You can listen to various music tracks."
0016 adt_01_17_tk Narrator "The memory card is not ready."
0017 adt_01_18_tk Narrator "There is not enough memory in the memory card."
0018 adt_02_01_tk Tikal "Select a memory card."
0019 adt_02_02_tk Tikal "Select a file."
0020 adt_02_03_tk Tikal "Adventure mode: Start your adventure here."
0021 adt_02_04_tk Tikal "This is the trial mode. You can practice here."
0022 adt_02_05_tk Tikal "Select a character."
0023 adt_02_06_tk Tikal "How to play as Sonic."
0024 adt_02_07_tk Tikal "How to play as Tails."
0025 adt_02_08_tk Tikal "How to play as Knuckles."
0026 adt_02_09_tk Tikal "How to play as Amy."
0027 adt_02_10_tk Tikal "How to play as E-102."
0028 adt_02_11_tk Tikal "How to play as Big."
0029 adt_02_12_tk Tikal "The rules for the action stages. Don't forget to memorize it!"
0030 adt_02_13_tk Tikal "Which stage do you want to play?"
0031 adt_02_14_tk Tikal "Which game do you want to play?"
0032 adt_02_15_tk Tikal "Options: You get to customize the features."
0033 adt_02_16_tk Tikal "Sound Test: You get to listen to the music playing during the game."
0034 adt_02_17_tk Tikal "You don't have a memory card set."
0035 adt_02_18_tk Tikal "You don't have enough memory in the memory card."
0036 adt_03_01_sn Sonic "Select a memory card."
0037 adt_03_02_sn Sonic "Select a file."
0038 adt_03_03_sn Sonic "Adventure mode: You start your adventure here."
0039 adt_03_04_sn Sonic "Trial mode: You get to play one stage."
0040 adt_03_05_sn Sonic "Select your character."
0041 adt_03_06_sn Sonic "How to play as me; Sonic."
0042 adt_03_07_sn Sonic "How to play as Tails."
0043 adt_03_08_sn Sonic "How to play as Knuckles."
0044 adt_03_09_sn Sonic "How to play as Amy."
0045 adt_03_10_sn Sonic "How to play as E-102 GAMMA."
0046 adt_03_11_sn Sonic "How to play as Big."
0047 adt_03_12_sn Sonic "How to clear the game. It might be tough unless you know everything."
0048 adt_03_13_sn Sonic "Select a stage."
0049 adt_03_14_sn Sonic "Select a game."
0050 adt_03_15_sn Sonic "Options: Choose the feature you want to edit."
0051 adt_03_16_sn Sonic "Sound Test: You get to listen to cool sounds."
0052 adt_03_17_sn Sonic "Is your memory card set correctly?"
0053 adt_03_18_sn Sonic "Hey! You don't have enough memory in the memory card."
0054 adt_04_01_tl Tails "Select a memory card."
0055 adt_04_02_tl Tails "Select a file."
0056 adt_04_03_tl Tails "Adventure mode: Start your adventure here."
0057 adt_04_04_tl Tails "Trial mode: You get to play one stage."
0058 adt_04_05_tl Tails "Select your character."
0059 adt_04_06_tl Tails "How to play as Sonic."
0060 adt_04_07_tl Tails "How to play as me; Tails."
0061 adt_04_08_tl Tails "How to play as Knuckles"
0062 adt_04_09_tl Tails "How to play as Amy"
0063 adt_04_10_tl Tails "How to play as E-102 GAMMA"
0064 adt_04_11_tl Tails "How to play as Big"
0065 adt_04_12_tl Tails "How to clear the game. Try to memorize it."
0066 adt_04_13_tl Tails "Select a stage."
0067 adt_04_14_tl Tails "Select a game."
0068 adt_04_15_tl Tails "Options: Choose the feature you want to edit."
0069 adt_04_16_tl Tails "Sound Test: You get to listen to cool sounds."
0070 adt_04_17_tl Tails "Is your memory card set correctly?"
0071 adt_04_18_tl Tails "You don't have enough memory in the memory card."
0072 adt_05_01_kn Knuckles "Select a memory card."
0073 adt_05_02_kn Knuckles "Select a file."
0074 adt_05_03_kn Knuckles "Adventure mode: Start your adventure here."
0075 adt_05_04_kn Knuckles "Trial mode: You get to play one stage."
0076 adt_05_05_kn Knuckles "Select your character."
0077 adt_05_06_kn Knuckles "How to play as Sonic."
0078 adt_05_07_kn Knuckles "How to play as Tails."
0079 adt_05_08_kn Knuckles "How to play as me; Knuckles."
0080 adt_05_09_kn Knuckles "How to play as Amy."
0081 adt_05_10_kn Knuckles "How to play as E-102 GAMMA."
0082 adt_05_11_kn Knuckles "How to play as Big."
0083 adt_05_12_kn Knuckles "How to clear the game. Better read it carefully."
0084 adt_05_13_kn Knuckles "Select a stage."
0085 adt_05_14_kn Knuckles "Select a game."
0086 adt_05_15_kn Knuckles "Options: Choose the feature you want to edit."
0087 adt_05_16_kn Knuckles "Sound Test: Listen to some cool music."
0088 adt_05_17_kn Knuckles "Is your memory card set correctly?"
0089 adt_05_18_kn Knuckles "You don't have enough memory in the memory card."
0090 adt_06_01_am Amy "Select a memory card."
0091 adt_06_02_am Amy "Select a file."
0092 adt_06_03_am Amy "Adventure mode: Start your adventure here."
0093 adt_06_04_am Amy "Trial mode: You get to play one stage."
0094 adt_06_05_am Amy "Select your character."
0095 adt_06_06_am Amy "How to play as Sonic."
0096 adt_06_07_am Amy "How to play as Tails."
0097 adt_06_08_am Amy "How to play as Knuckles."
0098 adt_06_09_am Amy "How to play as me; Amy."
0099 adt_06_10_am Amy "How to play as E-102 GAMMA."
0100 adt_06_11_am Amy "How to play as Big."
0101 adt_06_12_am Amy "How to clear the game. Make sure you read it well."
0102 adt_06_13_am Amy "Select a stage."
0103 adt_06_14_am Amy "Select a game."
0104 adt_06_15_am Amy "Options: You get to edit different features."
0105 adt_06_16_am Amy "Sound Test: You can listen to the game music here."
0106 adt_06_17_am Amy "Is your memory card set correctly?"
0107 adt_06_18_am Amy "You don't have enough memory in the memory card."
0108 adt_07_01_e1 E-102 "Select a memory card."
0109 adt_07_02_e1 E-102 "Select a file."
0110 adt_07_03_e1 E-102 "Adventure mode: Start your adventure here."
0111 adt_07_04_e1 E-102 "Trial mode: You get to play one stage."
0112 adt_07_05_e1 E-102 "Select your character."
0113 adt_07_06_e1 E-102 "How to play as Sonic."
0114 adt_07_07_e1 E-102 "How to play as Tails."
0115 adt_07_08_e1 E-102 "How to play as Knuckles."
0116 adt_07_09_e1 E-102 "How to play as Amy."
0117 adt_07_10_e1 E-102 "How to play as me; E-102 GAMMA."
0118 adt_07_11_e1 E-102 "How to play as Big."
0119 adt_07_12_e1 E-102 "How to clear the game. Please input this information."
0120 adt_07_13_e1 E-102 "Select a stage."
0121 adt_07_14_e1 E-102 "Select a game."
0122 adt_07_15_e1 E-102 "Options: Choose the feature you wish to edit."
0123 adt_07_16_e1 E-102 "Sound Test: Select to play background music."
0124 adt_07_17_e1 E-102 "Cannot find memory card."
0125 adt_07_18_e1 E-102 "Warning! Not enough memory. Warning!"
0126 adt_08_01_bi Big "Umm.. Which memory card?"
0127 adt_08_02_bi Big "Umm... Which file?"
0128 adt_08_03_bi Big "You can start your adventure here."
0129 adt_08_04_bi Big "You can play one stage."
0130 adt_08_05_bi Big "Umm... Which character?"
0131 adt_08_06_bi Big "How to play as Sonic."
0132 adt_08_07_bi Big "How to play as Tails."
0133 adt_08_08_bi Big "How to play as Knuckles."
0134 adt_08_09_bi Big "How to play as Amy."
0135 adt_08_10_bi Big "How to play as E-102 GAMMA."
0136 adt_08_11_bi Big "How to play as me; Big."
0137 adt_08_12_bi Big "How to clear the game. it; okay?"
0138 adt_08_13_bi Big "When do you want to play?"
0139 adt_08_14_bi Big "What do you want to play?"
0140 adt_08_15_bi Big "Umm... Options. Choose the feature you want to edit."
0141 adt_08_16_bi Big "Sound Test: Listen to the cool game music."
0142 adt_08_17_bi Big "Is your memory card set correctly?"
0143 adt_08_18_bi Big "You don't have enough memory in the memory card."
0144 adt_09_01_eg Eggman "Select a memory card."
0145 adt_09_02_eg Eggman "Select a file."
0146 adt_09_03_eg Eggman "Adventure mode: Start your adventure here."
0147 adt_09_04_eg Eggman "Trial mode: You get to play one stage."
0148 adt_09_05_eg Eggman "Select your character."
0149 adt_09_06_eg Eggman "How to play as the hedgehog."
0150 adt_09_07_eg Eggman "How to play as that two-tailed fox."
0151 adt_09_08_eg Eggman "How to play as that knucklehead."
0152 adt_09_09_eg Eggman "How to play as that kid; Amy."
0153 adt_09_10_eg Eggman "How to play as my creation; E-102 GAMMA."
0154 adt_09_11_eg Eggman "How to play as that fat cat."
0155 adt_09_12_eg Eggman "How to clear the game. Stop reading and start the game!"
0156 adt_09_13_eg Eggman "So; what stage do you want to play?"
0157 adt_09_14_eg Eggman "So; what game do you want to play?"
0158 adt_09_15_eg Eggman "Options: Go ahead; edit it the way you want."
0159 adt_09_16_eg Eggman "Sound Test: You can listen to the game music here."
0160 adt_09_17_eg Eggman "Is your memory card set correctly?"
0161 adt_09_18_eg Eggman "You don't have enough memory in the memory card."
0162 boatstop SFX machine sounds
0163 boatstrt SFX machine sounds
0164 boss_01_kn Knuckles "Oh no!"
0165 boss_01_sn Sonic "Oh no!"
0166 boss_02_kn Knuckles "Give it your best shot."
0167 boss_03_sn Sonic "I've had enough!"
0168 boss_04_kn Sonic "All right; put 'em up!"
0169 boss_05_e1 E-102 "Resistance is futile."
0170 boss_06_sn Sonic "Oh no!"
0171 boss_07_eg Eggman "All systems; full power!"
0172 boss_08_eg Eggman "Ahh!"
0173 boss_09_eg Eggman "Ah-ha!"
0174 boss_10_eg Eggman "Get a load of this!"
0175 boss_11_eg Eggman "No way! I can't believe this!"
0176 boss_12_eg Eggman "Ahh! He's not gonna get away with this!"
0177 boss_13_eg Eggman "No way! I can't believe this!"
0178 boss_14_eg Eggman "Ho ho! It's no use. Give up!"
0179 c0_01_tk Tikal "Jump up; then press the jump button again to do the homing attack."
0180 c0_02_tk Tikal "Aim for the weak spot on his head."
0181 c2_01_tk Tikal "Aim for Chaos' head when he's off guard."
0182 c2_02_tk Tikal "You can punch the small bubbles of water."
0183 c4_01_tk Tikal "When Chaos sticks it's head out; it's your chance to attack!"
0184 c6_01_tk Tikal "If only you could freeze Chaos. Try and think of a way."
0185 c6_02_tk Tikal "Chaos should still be wounded from the last fight. Try to get him in the explosion blast."
0186 c6_03_tk Tikal "Try to fish the frog out of Chaos. Use the cannon to get where Chaos is."
0187 carrier Cutscene "Sky Chase Act 1 cutscene audio; with sound effects and voices:
Eggman: "Time for a little power play of my own...Egg Cannon ready...FIRE!"
Tails: "Augh; we're hit!"
Sonic: "Yeah! Woaaaaaah!"
0188 cg_a_01_5_tk Tikal "Don't put more than five Chao in a garden."
0189 cg_a_01_6_tk Tikal "Don't put more than six Chao in a garden."
0190 cg_a_01_7_tk Tikal "Don't put more than seven Chao in a garden."
0191 cg_a_01_8_tk Tikal "Don't put more than eight Chao in a garden."
0192 cg_a_04_tk Tikal "If you see flowers blooming around a Chao; it's a sign that the Chao's ready for breeding. Place it next to the other Chao; and it may lay an egg."
0193 cg_a_05_tk Tikal "It will hatch naturally after a while. You can also help the egg to hatch. Depending on how you hatch the egg; the characteristics of a Chao will be affected."
0194 cg_a_06_tk Tikal "If you give small animals to the Chao; it will transform."
0195 cg_a_07_tk Tikal "You can get the Chao's favorite food by shaking the trees."
0196 cg_a_08_tk Tikal "Different types of food have different effects. Watch carefully and you'll notice."
0197 cg_a_09_tk Tikal "This is a Chao container; where you store them. This container can be taken to different Chao gardens and stadiums."
0198 cg_a_10_tk Tikal "You can put one Chao inside and take it for a walk."
0199 cg_a_11_tk Tikal "This is the Chao Garden. If you bring the eggs you find all over the world; a Chao will be born."
0200 cg_a_12_tk Tikal "The Chao are living; prehistoric creatures. They adapt to the environment very well. Please take good care of them."
0201 cg_a_13_tk Tikal "Chao absorb other animals' characteristics. They also learn special skills."
0202 cp_01_tk Tikal "This is the vault. Jump on this switch to deposit your rings."
0203 cp_02_tk Tikal "Try and deposit as many rings as you can. It may even help show you the way."
0204 cp_03_tk Tikal "Use the transporting device ahead to get to the pinball course."
0205 ctk_01_01_sn Sonic "Come on; Tails!"
0206 ctk_01_02_sn Sonic "Hey; hey; hey!"
0207 ctk_01_03_sn Sonic "All right; Tails!"
0208 ctk_01_04_sn Sonic "Hey; Tails!"
0209 ctk_01_05_sn Sonic "You made it!"
0210 ctk_01_06_sn Sonic "Come on!"
0211 ctk_01_07_sn Sonic "See you later; Tails!"
0212 ctk_01_08_sn Sonic "Hurry up; Tails!"
0213 ctk_01_09_sn Sonic "Horray!"
0214 ctk_01_10_sn Sonic "I got it!"
0215 ctk_01_11_sn Sonic "You don't have any rings; Tails. Watch out!"
0216 ctk_02_01_eg Eggman "You think you can keep up with me?"
0217 ctk_02_02_eg Eggman "I've got you now; Tails."
0218 ctk_02_03_eg Eggman "What? He's caught up!"
0219 ctk_02_04_eg Eggman "You little fox!"
0220 ctk_02_05_eg Eggman "Tails! Wait for me!"
0221 ctk_02_06_eg Eggman "Wha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
0222 ctk_02_07_eg Eggman "Goodbye; Tails!"
0223 ctk_02_08_eg Eggman "I'll take their whole city with me!"
0224 ctk_02_09_eg Eggman "You'll never defeat me!"
0225 ctk_02_10_eg Eggman "I win! Wha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
0226 ctk_02_11_eg Eggman "Give up now; Tails!"
0227 ctp_01_01_sn Sonic "All I have to do is cruise this coast!"
0228 ctp_01_02_e1 E-102 "Frog life form detected."
0229 ctp_01_03_sn Sonic "What a nice breeze!"
0230 ctp_01_04_bi Big "What a big lake!"
0231 ctp_02_01_sn Sonic "I can hear the wind in the distance."
0232 ctp_02_02_e1 E-102 "E-103 detected."
0233 ctp_02_03_sn Sonic "I better get outta here!"
0234 ctp_02_04_sn Sonic "Wow; it's pretty high up!"
0235 ctp_02_05_tl Tails "I wonder where Sonic is."
0236 ctp_03_01_sn Sonic "Hmm; pinball!"
0237 ctp_03_02_kn Knuckles "Is so bright here!"
0238 ctp_03_03_sn Sonic "What's the smell? Smells like trash!"
0239 ctp_04_01_sn Sonic "It's getting cold!"
0240 ctp_04_02_sn Sonic "Man; everything's frozen!"
0241 ctp_04_03_bi Big "The ice looks kinda tasty!"
0242 ctp_04_04_sn Sonic "Watch and learn!"
0243 ctp_04_05_tl Tails "Time to jam!"
0244 ctp_05_01_sn Sonic "This must be the entrance to the bumper car area."
0245 ctp_05_02_sn Sonic "Looks like nobody's around."
0246 ctp_05_03_bi Big "I wonder if the fish are biting."
0247 ctp_05_04_am Amy "I wonder where Sonic went."
0248 ctp_06_01_sn Sonic "Time for some supersonic speed!"
0249 ctp_06_02_tl Tails "Where's Robotnik?"
0250 ctp_06_03_sn Sonic "Hey; there's no time to relax!"
0251 ctp_06_04_sn Sonic "The cars are so slow! They look like they're not moving."
0252 ctp_06_05_kn Knuckles "The pieces for the Master Emerald must be somewhere in this city."
0253 ctp_07_01_sn Sonic "Where did the Egg Carrier go?"
0254 ctp_07_02_sn Sonic "Whoa! That lava looks really; really hot!"
0255 ctp_07_03_e1 E-102 "E-104 detected."
0256 ctp_07_04_kn Knuckles "I sure don't wanna fall off!"
0257 ctp_08_01_sn Sonic "Whoa whoa! I sure don't wanna fall off from here!"
0258 ctp_08_02_tl Tails "It's pretty high! My legs are shaking!"
0259 ctp_08_03_sn Sonic "Shoot! I hate this wind!"
0260 ctp_08_05_sn Sonic "Hey; what's up with this ship?"
0261 ctp_08_06_kn Knuckles "Okay now; where's the treasure?"
0262 ctp_09_01_sn Sonic "It's mighty quiet here."
0263 ctp_09_02_sn Sonic "Where am I?"
0264 ctp_09_03_kn Knuckles "The emerald is somewhere in this room."
0265 ctp_10_01_sn Sonic "I smell oil."
0266 ctp_10_02_am Amy "Hey; little birdy; are you okay?"
0267 ctp_10_03_sn Sonic "Where does this end?"
0268 ctp_10_04_sn Sonic "Just you wait; Robotnik!"
0269 ctp_10_05_e1 E-102 "Blue hedgehog: enemy."
0270 ctp_11_01_am Amy "I really hate Robotnik!"
0271 ctp_11_02_bi Big "I wonder if Froggy's okay."
0272 ctp_11_03_am Amy "Uh; which way do I go now?"
0273 ctp_11_04_e1 E-102 "E-105 detected."
0274 ctp_12_01_sn Sonic "This area has sure changed a lot."
0275 ctp_12_02_tl Tails "Boy; I'm hungry."
0276 ctp_12_03_kn Knuckles "I hate big cities."
0277 ctp_12_04_am Amy "I wanna go shopping!"
0278 ctp_12_05_bi Big "Everyone seems very busy."
0279 ctp_12_06_e1 E-102 "Multiple life form readings detected."
0280 ctp_12_07_sn Sonic "There's no time for playing around!"
0281 ctp_12_08_tl Tails "What a big city!"
0282 ctp_12_09_kn Knuckles "This place is noisy!"
0283 ctp_12_10_am Amy "This city never changes!"
0284 ctp_12_11_bi Big "I wonder where Froggy is."
0285 ctp_12_12_e1 E-102 "Train to Mystic Ruins confirmed."
0286 ctp_12_13_sn Sonic "This makes me feel like a rat."
0287 ctp_12_14_bi Big "Wow; it's dark in here!"
0288 ctp_12_15_sn Sonic "This station must be the center of the city."
0289 ctp_12_16_tl Tails "Trains are cool; too!"
0290 ctp_12_17_kn Knuckles "So this is Station Square."
0291 ctp_12_18_am Amy "It's nice to have an ocean nearby."
0292 ctp_12_19_bi Big "I wonder if there are any fish here."
0293 ctp_12_20_e1 E-102 "Searching Station Square."
0294 ctp_12_21_sn Sonic "Hey; hey! There's no time to rest!"
0295 ctp_12_22_tl Tails "This hotel is nice!"
0296 ctp_12_23_kn Knuckles "Great; a resort hotel."
0297 ctp_12_24_am Amy "I'd love to vacation here!"
0298 ctp_12_25_bi Big "What a huge house!"
0299 ctp_12_26_e1 E-102 "Combat system disengaged."
Sonic Adventure/Sound Editing/Voices/1
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