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SCHG: Sonic Adventure
2004 PC
2010 PC


In the Dreamcast version, these files are packed inside the SONICADV\EVENT_ADX_US.AFS file.
In the GameCube version, these files are packed inside the EVENT_ADX_E.AFS file.
In the PC version, English voice files are located in the folder SYSTEM\SOUNDDATA\VOICE_US\WMA.

Sonic Adventure/Sound Editing/Voices/5
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File (.wma) File (.adx) Character Contents Notes
1200 e00b7_01_01_eg Eggman "Ahaa. Testing; 1; 2; 3."
1201 e00b7_01_02_eg Eggman "Ah-h-hem."
1202 e00b7_01_03_eg Eggman "You; the elite Egg Carrier crew; are here today..."
1203 e00b7_01_04_eg Eggman "To hear a very special announcement."
1204 e00b7_02_01_eg Eggman "Behold! It's a tailed frog! Very unique!"
1205 e00b7_02_02_eg Eggman "This frog is absolutely vital to my plans."
1206 e00b7_02_03_eg Eggman "I command you to locate this frog immediately! You hear me!?"
1207 e00b7_02_04_eg Eggman "I don't care what it takes to get it. Just bring it to me!"
1208 e00b7_02_05_eg Eggman "We haven't got time to waste; so come to attention!"
1209 e00b9_01_01_e1 E-102 "Must determine location."
1210 e00b9_01_02_e1 E-102 "Accessing data."
1211 e00b9_01_03_e1 E-102 "No data found. Location unknown."
1212 e00b9_01_04_e1 E-102 "This presents a problem."
1213 e00b9_02_01_tk Tikal "No; don't go any closer!"
1214 e00b9_02_02_tk Tikal "(Gasps) I'm sorry. I see you must not be one of them; huh?"
1215 e00b9_02_03_tk Tikal "Did you notice the presence guarding these children?"
1216 e00b9_02_04_tk Tikal "He's a very loving and gentle creature."
1217 e00b9_02_05_tk Tikal "These little creatures are too vulnerable without its protection."
1218 e00b9_02_06_tk Tikal "This protection allows them to continue singing in peace."
1219 e00b9_02_07_tk Tikal "Even I was surprised the first time I saw him."
1220 e00b9_02_08_tk Tikal "Now my father is trying to take their sacred home."
1221 e00b9_02_09_tk Tikal "It seems his heart is closed off to us all."
1222 e00b9_02_10_tk Tikal "My true hope is that someday we'll understand each other."
1223 e00bb_01_01_01_ot E-100 Robot "This frog's the one we want!"
1224 e00bb_01_01_02_ot E-100 Robot "No; here's the real one!"
1225 e00bb_01_01_03_ot E-100 Robot "My frog is the right one!"
1226 e00bb_01_02_eg Eggman "Ah! Dummies; dummies; dummies; dummies!!"
1227 e00bb_01_04_eg Eggman "None of you got the right one!"
1228 e00bb_02_01_eg Eggman "We must find the frog with Chaos's tail!"
1229 e00bb_02_02_eg Eggman "That same frog has also swallowed a Chaos Emerald!"
1230 e00bb_03_01_eg Eggman "Huh?!"
1231 e00bb_03_02_eg Eggman "Ahh! There it is! Right there!!"
1232 e00bb_03_03_eg Eggman "I'm proud of you Gamma!"
1233 e00bb_03_04_eg Eggman "I knew you'd be of use to me!"
1234 e00bb_03_05t_eg Eggman "All you worthless hunks of junk; be gone!"
1235 e00bb_04_01_eg Eggman "You will get a new assignment! This one's easy."
1236 e00bb_04_02_eg Eggman "Go through the room through that last door."
1237 e00bb_04_03_eg Eggman "Once there; you'll find a girl; and a bird. Just get me that bird!"
1238 e00bb_04_04_eg Eggman "Now; go!"
1239 e00bc_01_01_e1 E-102 "Is this the one?"
1240 e00bc_01_02_e1 E-102 "Beta?"
1241 e00be_01_01_e1 E-102 "This is the wrong room."
1242 e00bf_01_01_am Amy "Go away."
1243 e00bf_01_02_e1 E-102 "Give me the bird."
1244 e00bf_01_03_am Amy "No way!"
1245 e00bf_01_04_e1 E-102 "Resistance is futile. Give me the bird."
1246 e00bf_01_05_am Amy "I said no!"
1247 e00bf_01_06_e1 E-102 "Why not?"
1248 e00bf_01_07_am Amy "None of your business why not!"
1249 e00bf_01_08_am Amy "I wanna know why you want it!"
1250 e00bf_01_09_e1 E-102 "Data unavailable."
1251 e00bf_01_10_am Amy "You don't even know?"
1252 e00bf_01_11_am Amy "I bet you'd be mean to him; you bully!"
1253 e00bf_01_12_am Amy "Why not help us out instead?"
1254 e00bf_01_13_am Amy "Don't you know how bad I feel?"
1255 e00bf_01_14_e1 E-102 "Does not compute."
1256 e00bf_01_15_e1 E-102 "Why try to save that which is useless to you?"
1257 e00bf_01_16_e1 E-102 "Does not compute."
1258 e00bf_01_17_am Amy "I feel sorry for you."
1259 e00bf_01_18_am Amy "Eggman failed to give you feelings."
1260 e00bf_01_19_am Amy "Wait a minute Birdie!"
1261 e00bf_01_20_e1 E-102 "Get going."
1262 e00bf_01_21_am Amy "Huh?"
1263 e00bf_01_22_am Amy "Why are you letting us go?"
1264 e00bf_01_23_e1 E-102 "It is dangerous here."
1265 e00bf_01_24_e1 E-102 "Hurry. We'll be arriving at the Mystic Ruins base soon."
1266 e00bf_01_25_am Amy "So..."
1267 e00bf_01_26_am Amy "You're not like those other robots; huh?"
1268 e00bf_01_27_am Amy "You truly are a good person inside; aren't you?"
1269 e00bf_01_28_am Amy "I guess we can be friends then. Take care okay?"
1270 e00c0_01_01_eg Eggman (intercom) "Ahem. Testing; 1; 2; 3."
1271 e00c0_01_02_eg Eggman (intercom) "Gamma. Get ready for battle instructions."
1272 e00c0_01_03_eg Eggman (intercom) "Get the Jet Booster from the ammunition room and get up to the deck. The ammunition room is unlocked."
1273 e00c0_02_01_eg Eggman "I see you've got the Jet Booster."
1274 e00c0_02_02_eg Eggman "Report to the rear of the ship!"
1275 e00c0_02_03_eg Eggman "Hurry!"
1276 e00c1_01_01_e1 E-102 "How can I serve you; Dr. Robotnik?"
1277 e00c1_01_02a_eg Eggman "Erradicate all of those menaces!"
1278 e00c1_01_02b_eg Eggman "Give them all you got!"
1279 e00c1_01_03_e1 E-102 "Aye-aye; sir. I will comply."
1280 e00c1_01_04_eg Eggman "I'm counting on you Gamma!"
1281 e00c21_01_01_am Amy "Stop; Mr. Robot!"
1282 e00c21_02_01_sn Sonic "Amy?"
1283 e00c21_02_02_am Amy "Hey; Mr. Robot. I know you're not an evil sort."
1284 e00c21_02_03_am Amy "Wait; remember me?"
1285 e00c21_02_04_sn Sonic "Amy!"
1286 e00c21_02_05_sn Sonic "Auh; I really don't get this."
1287 e00c21_02_06_tl Tails "Sonic; look! The Egg Carrier's losing altitude."
1288 e00c21_02_07_sn Sonic "We gotta split! Take Amy and go!"
1289 e00c21_02_08_am Amy "What will you do?"
1290 e00c21_02_09_sn Sonic "I'll nail that Eggman! He must be stopped at all costs!"
1291 e00c21_02_10_am Amy "Thanks again for saving me as usual; Sonic!"
1292 e00c21_02_11_am Amy "And how are you; my metal friend?"
1293 e00c21_02_12_am Amy "It's dangerous here!"
1294 e00c21_02_13_am Amy "Why not leave Eggman and come with us?"
1295 e00c21_02_14_am Amy "I told you we'd be friends the next time we met."
1296 e00c21_02_15_am Amy "Even Birdie wants the best for you!"
1297 e00c21_02_16_am Amy "You must ditch that awful Eggman."
1298 e00c21_02_17_tl Tails "Amy; come on!"
1299 e00c21_02_18_am Amy "We'll meet again; my robot friend!"
1300 e00c22_01_01_e1 E-102 "Why do you help me?"
1301 e00c4_01_01_e1 E-102 "Dr. Robotnik: Enemy. Master registration deleted."
1302 e00c4_01_02_e1 E-102 "E-Series: Friends."
1303 e00c4_01_03_e1 E-102 "Must save."
1304 e00c5_01_01_e1 E-102 "E-103 Delta; E-104 Epsilon: Rescue mission accomplished."
1305 e00c5_01_02_e1 E-102 "E-105 Zeta; E-101 Beta: Location unknown."
1306 e00c5_01_03_e1 E-102 "Perhaps... aboard the Egg Carrier."
1307 e00c60_01_01_e1 E-102 "E-Series data: Beginning search."
1308 e00c60_01_02_e1 E-102 "Accessing data."
1309 e00c60_01_03_e1 E-102 "Hot Shelter. E-Series location confirmed."
1310 e00c60_01_04_e1 E-102 "Unlocking Hot Shelter sector now."
1311 e00c61_01_01_e1 E-102 "E-105 Zeta rescue complete."
1312 e00c61_01_02_e1 E-102 "Units remaining..."
1313 e00c61_01_03_e1 E-102 "Gamma."
1314 e00c61_03_01_e1 E-102 "Beta."
1315 e00d0_01_01_bi Big "Huh? U- What?"
1316 e00d0_01_02_bi Big "Froggy; is that you?"
1317 e00d0_01_03_bi Big "You're looking kinda weird; good buddy."
1318 e00d0_01_04_bi Big "What's up with the tail?"
1319 e00d0_01_05t_bi Big "Hey; wait a minute! You swallowed my lucky charm!"
1320 e00d0_01_07t_bi Big "Come back here? What's wrong with you?"
1321 e00d0_01_08t_bi Big "Something's not right. We've always been friends; for years."
1322 e00d0_01_09_bi Big "Froggy; wait up! Oh dear..."
1323 e00d1_01_01_bi Big "Yoohoo; Froggy..."
1324 e00d1_01_02_bi Big "Come out; come out wherever you are..."
1325 e00d1_01_03_bi Big "Oh man; where could my pollywog pal be anyway?"
1326 e00d2_01_01t_bi Big "Froggy; there you are."
1327 e00d2_02_01t_bi Big "Wait; don't run away..."
1328 e00d2_02_02t_bi Big "Whatcha doin' under that car? What's wrong?"
1329 e00d3_01_01_bi Big "Oh no! He's got my little buddy."
1330 e00d3_01_02_bi Big "Whoaaaa!!"
1331 e00d3_01_03_bi Big "Ouh!"
1332 e00d3_02_00_01_bi Big "Glad I found you..."
1333 e00d3_02_00_tl Tails "Oops!"
1334 e00d3_02_01_bi Big "Aw; now what am I gonna do?"
1335 e00d4_01_00_bi Big "Froggy?"
1336 e00d4_01_01_bi Big "Uh oh..."
1337 e00d4_02_01_bi Big "No; hold on there! Come back; please..."
1338 e00d4_02_02_bi Big "Gimme my friend back! I'm beggin' ya; please!"
1339 e00d8_01_01_bi Big "Froggy?"
1340 e00d8_01_02_bi Big "This place doesn't look familiar to me at all."
1341 e00d8_01_03_bi Big (sniff; sniff; sniff)
1342 e00d8_01_04_bi Big "Mm; smells like Froggy's around somewhere..."
1343 e00d8_01_05_bi Big "Think I'll see what's behind this door."
1344 e00d9_01_01_bi Big "Ah; there's Froggy."
1345 e00d9_01_02_bi Big "Looks like he needs my help."
1346 e00da_01_01_bi Big "Yes!"
1347 e00da_01_02_bi Big "We're together again at last; heh?"
1348 e00da_01_03_bi Big "Huh?"
1349 e00da_01_04_bi Big "That's strange..."
1350 e00db_01_01_bi Big "Where am I?"
1351 e00db_01_02_bi Big "Froggy?"
1352 e00db_02_01_tk Tikal "Wow..."
1353 e00db_02_02_tk Tikal "Is it alright for me to be here?"
1354 e00db_02_03_tk Tikal "So do you... trust me?"
1355 e00db_03_01_tk Tikal "So these are the seven Emeralds."
1356 e00db_03_02_tk Tikal "(gasps)"
1357 e00db_03_03_tk Tikal "Could it be?"
1358 e00db_03_04_tk Tikal "The servers are... the seven Chaos Emeralds!"
1359 e00db_03_05_tk Tikal "Unified by one that is the controller."
1360 e00db_03_06_tk Tikal "The Seven Chaos..."
1361 e00db_03_07_tk Tikal "The controller itself..."
1362 e00db_03_08_tk Tikal "Could this be the Emerald that controls the Seven Chaos?"
1363 e00dd_01_01_bi Big "Froggy; I don't like the looks of this place..."
1364 e00dd_01_02_bi Big "If something happens now; there's no point to my rescuing you."
1365 e00dd_01_03_bi Big "I don't know who would bother to save us both."
1366 e00dd_01_04_bi Big "We better get going; buddy!"
1367 e00de_01_01_eg Eggman "So; I see you're trying to escape! I'm right on time."
1368 e00de_01_02_eg Eggman "Chaos; grab him! Get that frog!"
1369 e00de_01_03_eg Eggman "And don't forget the Chaos Emerald."
1370 e00de_02_01_2_eg Eggman "The frog is possessed by your tail!"
1371 e00de_02_01_eg Eggman "Alright! And now for the frog."
1372 e00de_02_02_eg Eggman "Once you get your tail; you'll be complete; and ultra strong!"
1373 e00de_02_03_sn Sonic "Unbelievable! Look what happened!"
1374 e00de_03_01_sn Sonic "Chaos has transformed again!"
1375 e00de_03_02_bi Big "Huh?"
1376 e00de_03_03_eg Eggman "Ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
1377 e00de_03_04_eg Eggman "Uh oh. Gotta go!"
1378 e00de_03_05_bi Big "Froggy?"
1379 e00de_03_06_bi Big "I'll save you! Don't worry; pally!"
1380 e00de_04_01_sn Sonic "So; he's your friend; eh?"
1381 e00de_04_02_sn Sonic "No sweat! I'll get him back! Watch me."
1382 e00de_04_03_bi Big "Careful Froggy. Don't worry; we'll get you back!"
1383 e00df_01_01_bi Big "Hurray!"
1384 e00df_01_03_bi Big "Froggy! Huhuhuhuhuhuh! I won't let them take you away again."
1385 e00df_02_01t_sn Sonic "Go! Go on and get out of here! I'll do the rest!"
1386 e00df_02_02t_bi Big "Oh. Okay! Thanks."
1387 e00df_02_03t_bi Big "Come; little buddy. Time to get a move on."
1388 e00e0_01_01_bi Big "Huh? U- What?"
1389 e00e0_01_02_bi Big "Hey; maybe we could use this."
1390 e00e0_01_03_bi Big "But I don't know the first thing about it."
1391 e00e0_01_04_bi Big "Oh well. I'll give it a try anyway."
1392 e00f2_01_01_eg Eggman "Ooh; I hate that Sonic!"
1393 e00f2_01_02_eg Eggman "He always seems to get in my way!"
1394 e00f2_01_03_eg Eggman "But I bet he can't foil my master plan."
1395 e00f2_02_01_eg Eggman "Chaos?!"
1396 e00f3_01_01_kn Knuckles "The Master Emerald is where it belongs..."
1397 e00f3_01_02_kn Knuckles "But Angel Island is still falling."
1398 e00f3_01_03_kn Knuckles "This doesn't make any sense."
1399 e00f3_01_04_kn Knuckles "Maybe..."
1400 e00f3_02_01_kn Knuckles "Those Chaos Emeralds... that I brought back with me..."
1401 e00f3_02_02_kn Knuckles "...Have something to do with what's happening."
1402 e00f3_02_03_kn Knuckles "I'll take them to Sonic for his advice."
1403 e00f3_03_01_kn Knuckles "Eggman!"
1404 e00f3_03_02_eg Eggman "This is terrible! Ch-Chaos is..."
1405 e00f3_03_03_kn Knuckles "Is what?"
1406 e00f4_01_01_sn Sonic (Long yawn)
1407 e00f4_01_02_sn Sonic "Guess Eggman learned his lesson; yep! And maybe I'll take another vacation somewhere..."
1408 e00f4_02_01_tl_fx Tails "Sonic!"
1409 e00f4_02_02_sn Sonic "Hey there; Tails! Did you find the Tornado 2?"
1410 e00f4_03_01_tl Tails "Nevermind that. Get up and follow me."
1411 e00f4_03_02_tl Tails "Angel Island is falling again!"
1412 e00f4_03_03_sn Sonic "Hey; no way!"
1413 e00f4_03_04_sn Sonic "Who blew it this time?"
1414 e00f4_03_05_tl Tails "I don't know; but we'd better hurry!"
1415 e00f5_01_01_kn Knuckles "Sonic! U-uh... Sorry."
1416 e00f5_01_02_sn Sonic "Knuckles! And Eggman! What happened here?"
1417 e00f5_01_03_kn Knuckles "He stole my Chaos Emeralds."
1418 e00f5_01_04_kn Knuckles "And Chaos... is still alive!"
1419 e00f5_01_05_sn Sonic "What!?"
1420 e00f5_02_01_eg Eggman "Augh! He's not gonna get away with this!"
1421 e00f5_02_02_kn Knuckles "Hey Eggman! Wait up!"
1422 e00f5_02_03_kn Knuckles "Sonic... Chaos is a fearsome beast."
1423 e00f5_02_04_kn Knuckles "If he get's that last Chaos Emerald we're done for."
1424 e00f5_02_05_sn Sonic "No need to explain. We'll get on it!"
1425 e00f5_02_06_sn Sonic "Tails?"
1426 e00f5_02_07_tl Tails "Right!"
1427 e00f5_03_01_sn Sonic "Wha?"
1428 e00f6_01_01_sn Sonic "This place... It looks familiar."
1429 e00f6_01_02_sn Sonic "It's not a dream after all!"
1430 e00f6_02_01_pt Pachacamac "Get out of my way!"
1431 e00f6_02_03_pt Pachacamac "Did you hear what I said?"
1432 e00f6_02_05_pt Pachacamac "We need those seven Emeralds to give us total power! It's power for the people!"
1433 e00f6_02_06_pt Pachacamac "And they are your people too; you know! We must get that Emerald!"
1434 e00f6_02_10_pt Pachacamac "Bah!"
1435 e00f6_02_11_pt Pachacamac "I don't listen to the words of a child!"
1436 e00f6_02_12_pt Pachacamac "Ready men? Charge!"
1437 e00f6_03_02_tk Tikal "No way!"
1438 e00f6_03_03_pt Pachacamac "Aahh; it's a monster!"
1439 e00f6_03_04_pt Pachacamac "No!!!"
1440 e00f6_03_04_tk Tikal "I won't obey!"
1441 e00f6_03_07_tk Tikal "Greed is our enemy."
1442 e00f6_03_08_tk Tikal "Once it starts you will always want more!"
1443 e00f6_03_09_tk Tikal "Please don't do this! I beg you!"
1444 e00f6_03_13_tk Tikal "Father!"
1445 e00f8_04_01_tk Tikal "The seven Emeralds are the servers."
1446 e00f8_04_02_tk Tikal "Chaos is power; enriched by the heart."
1447 e00f8_04_03_tk Tikal "The controller serves to unify the Chaos."
1448 e00f8_04_04_tk Tikal "(gasps) ... The seven Emeralds can change our thoughts into power!"
1449 e00f8_04_05_tk Tikal "If this Emerald controls that power..."
1450 e00f8_04_06_tk Tikal "Please; you must stop him!"
1451 e00f9_01_01_tl Tails "Sonic; wake up!"
1452 e00f9_01_02_sn Sonic "Ah... Ahaha... I was on a snooze cruise; I guess."
1453 e00f9_01_03t_tl Tails "Good thing you're okay."
1454 e00f9_01_045t_tl Tails "Knuckles left already."
1455 e00f9_01_04t_tl Tails "You just sorta conked out there."
1456 e00f9_01_05t_tl Tails "Come! We gotta go after the last Emerald!"
1457 e00f9_01_06_sn Sonic "Uh; lead the way!"
1458 e00f9_01_07_tl Tails "It should still be onboard the Tornado 2."
1459 e00fa_00_01t_tl Tails "Look! It's the Tornado 2!"
1460 e00fa_00_02t_sn Sonic "Yeah; so let's get the Chaos Emerald and leave."
1461 e00fa_00_03_sn Sonic "What?!"
1462 e00fa_01_01_sn Sonic "No! He's got the last Emerald!"
1463 e00fa_01_02_tl Tails "Now what do we do?"
1464 e00fb_04_01_sn Sonic "Hey; are you alright?"
1465 e00fb_04_02_tk Tikal (groans)
1466 e00fb_04_03_tk Tikal "I-I think so..."
1467 e00fb_04_04b_tk Tikal "Oh my gosh!"
1468 e00fb_04_04_tk Tikal "No; no; no!"
1469 e00fb_04_05_sn Sonic "Wait up."
1470 e00fd1_01_01_sn Tikal "My heart has always been in the Master Emerald; along with Chaos's."
1471 e00fd1_02_01_sn Tikal "Now he's filled with anger and sadness."
1472 e00fd1_02_02_sn Tikal "And if it goes on; he'll eventually destroy the world like he did before."
1473 e00fd1_02_03_eg Tikal "Look! He's absorbed the Emeralds' power!"
1474 e00fd1_02_04_eg Tikal "He must be sealed in the Master Emerald; now!"
1475 e00fd1_02_05_eg Tikal "What choice do we have?"
1476 e00fd1_02_06_eg Sonic "If I wasn't just dreaming; that monster... is a real menace!"
1477 e00fd2_03_01_sn Sonic "Eggman!"
1478 e00fd2_04_01_sn Sonic "Looks like he's after Chaos too!"
1479 e00fd2_04_02_sn Eggman "This Egg Carrier 2 was made because something like this could happen!"
1480 e00fd2_05_01_sn Eggman "You have defied your master; stupid beast!"
1481 e00fd2_06_03_sn Eggman "Now you must be destroyed at all costs."
1482 e00fd2_06_05_sn Eggman (screams)
1483 e00fd2_06_06_sn Sonic "I've had enough! Who do you think you are anyway?"
1484 e00fd2_06_07_sn Sonic "Oh; it's you!"
1485 e00fd3_10_01_am Sonic "The one... who sealed Chaos... in the Master Emerald!"
1486 e00fd3_10_02_sn Sonic "Tikal!"
1487 e00fd3_11_01_am Sonic "How can that help?"
1488 e00fd3_11_03_sn Sonic "It won't change how he feels inside; will it?"
1489 e00fd3_12_00_tl Sonic "His heart will still remain in turmoil; and his anger just won't vanish!"
1490 e00fd3_12_01_tl Sonic "He'll just be trapped; forever!"
1491 e00fd3_12_02_kn Amy "Hey; Sonic!"
1492 e00fd3_13_01_01_ot Sonic "Amy!"
1493 e00fd3_13_01_02_ot Amy "Here; take this!"
1494 e00fd3_13_01_03_ot Sonic "Hey guys; what's up?"
1495 e00fd3_13_02_04_ot Tails "Chaos only used the negative power of the Emeralds."
1496 e00fd3_14_01_tl Tails "Sonic; you should be able to harness their real power!"
1497 e00fd3_14_02_tl Knuckles "As much as I hate to admit it; I think Tails is right about this."
1498 e00fd3_14_03_tl Man "Go; Sonic!"
1499 e00fd_05_02_tk Man "Yeah; Sonic!"
Sonic Adventure/Sound Editing/Voices/5
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