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First seen: Sonic the Comic #30 (1994)
Gender: Female
Series: Sonic the Comic

Metamorphia is a character who appears in Fleetway's Sonic the Comic series. She is a shape-shifting "artifical life form" created by Grimer Wormtongue who makes several appearances during the comic's run.

Character conception

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Personality and traits

As a shape-shifter, Metamorphia has the ability to change her form into virtually any shape she desires, be it a form suited for battle, the appearance of another person entirely to deceive others, or even into liquid and gas forms to incapacitate her foes. Her shape-shifting abilities aren't limited to just changing her whole form, as she is even capable of changing her limbs into different weapons such as a pickaxe, a blade, a sledgehammer and even a laser blaster. Some of the forms she has assumed have even enabled her to use different powers, such as super speed when she assumed Sonic's form. Her true form is a black-eyed bobcat with a purple bodysuit.

Outside of battle, Metamorphia is shown to be very insecure and self-conscious, and had idolised Dr. Robotnik to the point of having self-drawn pictures of him on her bedroom wall, desperate to please the evil dictator and have her feelings reciprocated.


Metamorphia's first appearance in the comic is in the eponomously-titled story in issue #30, where she disguises herself as a bear and tricks Sonic into taking her to the Grim Zone, where she would capture him in a Retro Block, only for him to escape. An attempt to stop him from escaping by disgusing herself as Tails ends with her being thrown into the Grim Zone's fiery pits, though she survives by assuming a fireproof form.

She would return in the next issue under the disguise of a hero named "Cosmic the Hedgehog", a green hedgehog wearing a cape and a "C" emblem, and upstage Sonic in an act of heroism. Cosmic would challenge Sonic to a race to the end of Emerald Hill Zone, only to lose as Cosmic lacked the speed and stamina of Sonic. This was all a ruse to lure Sonic away from his friends so an army of Badniks could attack them, as she revealed her true form and attempted to capture Sonic herself. She assumed Sonic's form to be able to catch up to him, but was attacked by her own Badniks and defeated again.

In issues #51 and #52, Metamorphia would again disguise herself as a spiky brown hedgehog named "Tonic", who claimed to be Sonic's long-lost brother who wanted to join the Freedom Fighters. Tails discovered Tonic contacting Robotnik, forcing Metamorphia to drop the disguise and attack Tails, but was stopped by the Freedom Fighters and forced to escape again, leading to another reprimanding from Dr. Robotnik.

In the "Cybernik Strikes Back" story that began in issue #63, Metamorphia is assigned by Robotnik to permanently destroy Shortfuse the Cybernik, taking larger forms to deal with the Cybernik and Tekno the Canary (Robotnik's former weapons designer) in their attempt to bomb the Chemical Plant Zone. Though she was successful in capturing Tekno, she did not stop the bomb from blowing up a large part of the Chemical Plant Zone. This would be the last straw for Robotnik, who stripped Metamorphia of her shape-shifting powers and ordered Grimer to take her to be processed into a Badnik.

Some time after her conversion into a Badnik, she would attack Tails in the Grim Zone to get her revenge on him and the other Freedom Fighters for what she has become in issue #83, only for her Badnik shell to be destroyed by a collapsing chimney. Following her defeat, she broke down into tears and declared she will never work for Robotnik again. At that point, she changed form one final time into a sweet bear (not much different from the first form she took) and left to live a happy life free from Robotnik, concluding her character arc.

Metamorphia briefly returns in issue #130, where Dr. Robotnik, after having absorbed the power of the Chaos Emeralds, has gained the ability to alter reality. Metamorphia is brought back under the disguse of Tails to fight Sonic, alongside the original Metallix, Megatox, Plasma and Commander Brutus. They are all destroyed when Sonic knocks Brutus into Plasma, causing Plasma's electrical make-up to be disrupted and shock all the villains in the resulting chain reaction.

In other media

Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie comics)

Metamorphia made a cameo appearance as a background character in a single panel alongside Tekno, Ebony and Pyjamas in issue #134 of Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog comic series. She is seen in her first form (from StC #30) behind Big the Cat when Maximillian Acorn gives the announcement that Sally will rule the kingdom in his absence.



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