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First seen: Sonic the Comic #1 (1993)
Species: Robot
Gender: N/A (referred to as male)
Series: Sonic the Comic
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Megadroid is a character who serves as the mascot for Fleetway's Sonic the Comic series, posing as the fictional editor of the comic who oversees the "humes who think they're in charge", ensuring the comic comes out, and hosting the Speedlines section.


Megadroid originally appeared as a stocky yellow robot outfitted with a visor resembling a Mega Drive Control Pad back when the comic first began. From issue #58 onwards, he was given a major redesign along with the comic, now sporting a sleeker build based on the Mega Drive 2 with the ability to hover, no longer needing legs, and would remain in this design throughout the rest of his appearances in the comic.

Megadroid would also star in two solo stories of his own in issues #41 and #83.


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