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STC Plasma.png
First seen: Sonic the Comic #78 (1996)
Gender: N/A (referred to as male)
Series: Sonic the Comic
Created by: Richard Elson and Nigel Kitching[1]

Plasma is a character who appears in Fleetway's Sonic the Comic. He is a minor villain who is made of pure energy, claiming to be the "Master of Electrons" (according to an editorial comment by Megadroid he is also the master of positive ions, but he never talks about it). He is not actually a person at all, but a focused energy field generated by his "sidekick", Arnem Abacus.

Character conception

According to writer Nigel Kitching, the idea for Plasma was originally conceived by Richard Elson, with Kitching altering the idea slightly to make it work in a story[1].

Personality and traits

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Plasma and Arnem Abacus were stationed to a district in Metropolis City by Dr. Robotnik, showing up when the Freedom Fighters appear to spring a group of prisoners free from jail in an attempt to stop them. Sonic would fight Plasma directly, but neither of the hedgehog's attacks would have any effect on him due to his body being composed of pure energy, and would retaliate by shooting Sonic with an energy blast. He was defeated when Amy smashed the remote Arnem was using to control Plasma, causing the energy field composing him to instantly dissipate and making it look like Sonic actually defeated him. She and Johnny Lightfoot know the truth, but it was better to let Sonic take the credit.

Plasma (alongside Arnem) briefly returns in issue #130, where Dr. Robotnik, after having absorbed the power of the Chaos Emeralds, has gained the ability to alter reality. Plasma is brought back to life to fight Sonic, alongside the original Metallix, Megatox, Commander Brutus and Metamorphia. They are all destroyed when Sonic knocks Brutus into Plasma, causing Plasma's electrical make-up to be disrupted and shock all the villains in the resulting chain reaction.


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