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SuperSonic STC.jpg
Super Sonic
First seen: Sonic the Comic #7 (1993)
Species: Hedgehog
Gender: Male
Series: Sonic the Comic
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In Fleetway's Sonic the Comic, Super Sonic is a version of Sonic the Hedgehog who appears when Sonic is under great stress. Unlike traditional forms of Super Sonic seen in the video games and US comic series by Archie Comics, the Fleetway version is a demonic creature fueled by hatred of all living things, and has but one mission - to destroy.

Character conception

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Personality and traits

While the design of STC's Super Sonic is broadly similar to his in-game counterpart, a distinguishing feature is his swirling red eyes and demonic looks, something that was exacerbated as the series went on. Super Sonic can also shoot lasers out of his eyes, is significantly faster and stronger than virtually every other character featured in the comic, and in his final appearance is seen electrocuting Knuckles with Star Wars-style Force Lightning.


Super Sonic is introduced in issue #7, where it is revealed that by absorbing too much "Ring energy", Sonic will transform into Super Sonic - something Tails has only witnessed once (presumably in the events of Sonic the Hedgehog 2, which take place before Sonic the Comic). Under pressure from an Aquis Badnik in Oil Ocean Zone, Sonic transforms into Super Sonic, destroying the Badnik before circling around and aiming at the freed rabbit animal. He is talked out of it by Tails and the story ends. A similar encounter occurs in issue #20.

In issue #27 the cause for the Super Sonic transformation is retconned, with Sonic's first transformation being depicted when coming into close contact with the Chaos Emeralds (prior to meeting Tails). It is later established that any "chaos energy" will do, although in virtually all cases where it is encountered in the series, the Chaos Emeralds tend to be involved. The effect is also always temporary, wearing off before being given the chance to kill any of the main cast.

Super Sonic attacks Amy Rose. Drawn by Richard Elson.

Sonic willingly turns into Super Sonic in issue #50 to tackle the second model of Metallix, though after it is beaten he briefly turns on Knuckles. In issue #66, Super Sonic is used as a last resort to take on Commander Brutus, who loses an arm in the fight. Brutus attempts to use Amy Rose as a human shield but this has no effect on Super Sonic, forcing him to retreat.

A visit to Porker Lewis on the Floating Island in issue #80 marked a turning point for the character. Caught off guard, Sonic falls into the Emerald Chamber and emerges as perhaps the most violent Super Sonic yet, blasting off to destroy Amy Rose, simply because it was the last name mentioned before his transformation. When the two hedgehogs meet, Super Sonic destroys the Freedom Fighters' travelling caravan, and shoots down the Tornado with his laser vision, believing Amy, Tails and Johnny Lightfoot were using it to escape.

Thinking he has murdered his friends, Sonic goes into hiding, only to be provoked in a bar in Metropolis Zone and transform once again. The Freedom Fighters, tracking Super Sonic, encounter the creature once again, but this time have come prepared with a Star Post. With help from the Kintobor Computer, Sonic and Super Sonic are separated, with his Super counterpart sent to the Special Zone.

Sonic travels to the Special Zone to warn the Chaotix Crew of the impending danger in issue #84, but the Chaotix see no reason to panic. Instead, Sonic is caught up in a brawl in New Tek City, arrested and then freed by Lord Sidewinder, who believes he has found and stuck a deal with Super Sonic. This turns out to be false as Super Sonic promptly blows up Sidewinder's residence, taking out Mr. Fry and Bio-Hazard while attempting to destroy Sonic.

The Chaotix arrive to fight Sidewinder's team, during which Sonic and the Omni-Viewer hatch a plan to trap Super Sonic in another dimension. The Omni-Viewer has other ideas however, deciding instead to attempt to trap Super Sonic in time and sacrificing his existence as a means of travel. Unfortunately, it is revealed that it has only succeeded in slowing Super Sonic down, so Sonic and the Chaotix decide to imprison the Omni-Viwer in the "Black Asteroid" with a Graviton Bomb, hopefully delaying the demon's escape for a few years.

Inevitably, Super Sonic escapes in issue #100. The Omni-Viewer manages to transport the Black Asteroid to Mobius moments before its destruction, and a powerful electromagnetic pulse wave caused by its explosion causes every Badnik and computer system on the planet to deactivate, essentially overthrowing Dr. Robotnik from his position of ruler. Super Sonic begins his attack but begins to change - no longer able to effectively store his power, he retreats and begins to suffer from amnesia, no longer remembering who or what he is.

Super Sonic would go into hiding, befriending magician Ebony and psychic Pyjamas and attempting to lead a normal life in Metropolis. He would only return in a full role in the final original story of STC, emerging in a weakened state when Sonic and the Freedom Fighters are fighting the Chaos Creature. Super Sonic, looking for chaos energy just to keep him alive launches into the creature and "heals" himself, but despite Ebony's hopes that he had changed for the better, Super Sonic once again attacks everyone.

In the final act, Ebony manages to cast a spell that reunites Sonic and Super Sonic, returning to the status quo established at the beginning of the series.


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